Teachers get paid very little to teach. Teachers deal with kids who don’t want to learn. Teachers are paid based off how well they teach the kids who don’t want to learn. Teachers want kids to pass by having learned something but are forced to teach them enough so they pass the tests. Some teachers actually care about the students and how much they want to learn. Teachers deal with rude children and talkers. Teachers don’t get paid enough to deal with some students bullshit. Substitute teachers get paid even less, and are hired based on past performance, regardless of how badly the class behaves.
Students are constantly stressed out. Students deal with huge amounts of homework, on average, 4-5 days a week. Students are trying to complete assignments and study for 6-7 classes a day. Students deal with teachers who don’t care whether they pass the tests, because some teachers get paid well regardless of pass/fail numbers. Students don’t get enough sleep at night. Many students suffer from untreated learning disabilities, like ADHD. Students are expected to know what career field they want to be in for the rest of their lives by 18. Some students are in debt just for wanting to learn.


I DID IT!!!!! ✨

You know how I worked my ass off this semester so that I could meet the 3.5 GPA requirement to transfer into my dream degree???? And how I’ve been so anxious and doubted myself all year in anticipation of my results??? WELL I GOT A MOTHEREFFIN 4.0 GPA!!! 😭 i’m shook!!! 

I just submitted my transfer application so it’ll be a few weeks before I find out but aAAhHHhh. I’m so relieved, and I finally feel like I can breathe!!! I REALLY THOUGHT I SLACKED THIS SEM, WTF!!?

the reason for my recent inactivity:

On Friday, February 3rd, I was having a beautiful round in the junior hunters at HITS Coachella in Thermal, CA. As we came to the first jump of the last line of the course, the horse I was catch riding didn’t pick up his feet to jump (likely distracted by a light, shadow, or any number of other things). Instead, he hit the 3'3" jump with his chest, his hind end came up, and he flipped completely over, throwing me headfirst into the ground. (I have no memory of the event or the day that it happened; I know all of this only from descriptions by witnesses and people who watched the video of the incident.)

It’s a miracle that I was thrown far away enough to not be crushed by his body, and that my brain trauma didn’t exceed that of a bad concussion. My helmet (and a bit of raw luck) saved my life.

It was a freak accident unrelated to the horse’s ability, rider error, or jump height. No matter your (or your horse’s) age, level, or experience, please: wear a helmet. It takes so little for a situation to go so wrong. #mindyourmelon

(The horse I was riding is eating, drinking, begging for carrots, and continuing to make stable improvements at the rehabilitation center.)

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Dear Vet Students,

I’ve never had a client ask me about my grades or GPA.

I’ve had clients thank me profusely for checking with expert veterinarians and researchers to get advice about their animal’s case. I’m most often thanked for being kind and gentle with their animal, large or small.
Clients will assume you’re smart and capable. You got accepted to a challenging professional program and made it through. That’s enough for them. Work on your technical skills, yes, but above all…

Try your best. Seek advice when necessary. Be kind. Enjoy the work.
Pass your classes and don’t look back.

Vet Med In Real Life

It’s obviously wonderful if you’re a brilliant, smart person. Graduate with highest honors. Get that Ph. D. Go and achieve your highest, and don’t be reluctant to be proud of your achievements!

But don’t think that it makes you better than everyone else. It does not give you the right to look down upon people. Your achievements are not all that define who you are. Do not think that getting that high GPA, perfect score, job, etc gives you an excuse to disrespect others.