Net neutrality is slipping through our fingertips. A lot of you out there might not even know what the frenzy surrounding net neutrality is about, so let me break it down for you nice and smooth:

  • The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has published a proposal to undo net neutrality regulations, or the “Open Internet Order.” (Title II) For those who are unsure of what “net neutrality” is in the first place, Title II’s main purpose is to ensure an “open internet”, AKA fair access for everyone. Net neutrality protects the internet as a fair and level playing field, meaning that it takes away the ability for internet providers to give specific content higher priority. Without Title II in place, we will lose these internet privileges we take for granted on a daily basis. Prices for the internet will skyrocket (yes. You will LITERALLY have to PAY FOR TUMBLR, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, ECT.) and ISP’s will have the freedom to block and slow websites of their choice, as well as force internet users to purchase “tiers” in order to access specific websites and services. There is also the issue of splitting the internet into “lanes” (granting companies who pay faster service, while slowing down service for the companies who don’t.) The loss of net neutrality will also give ISP’s the ability to charge fees for website delivery, which is damaging to blogs, artists, musicians, nonprofits, and others who are unable to afford to have their voices heard. If the FCC passes their order to have net neutrality taken away, the country will no longer be protected from abuse by internet providers. Not only that, but these ISP’s will have the new given freedom to BLOCK WHATEVER CONTENT THEY CHOOSE, meaning that we will be unaware of the many happenings of the world. Yeah. It’s THAT BAD.

I’m sure, if you have ANY shred of common sense, you may be asking yourself: “how can I help?” Well, the answer to that question is simple! Text “resist” to 50409 and send a letter to your CONGRESS. It takes 5 minutes or less, is free of all cost, and will be making a HUGE difference. Below, I have also included a link to a petition on in favor of saving net neutrality. THANKS FOR READING AND HAVE A SPLENDID DAY.