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Varun, Alia & Sid did not get the Best Debut awards! Whyyy??? Seriously, they are sooo amazingg! How can anyone not like them??? 

Ayushman and Arjun won it instead. I get why Ayush won it, but why Arjun?? If BSEA so wanted a draw why couldnt they do Ayush and Varun, Ayush and Sid or even better Varun and Sid!!

Hope iifa will have some more sense! Sorry for my rant!

No offense to any of Ayush or Arjun fans. 

Waiting for iifa 2013 now! -_-


★ Salman Khan walks the Red Carpet of Big Star Entertainment Awards 2015 (December 13th 2015) !

or FULL Red Carpet Event (Salman Khan walks in at 37:25)