Varnish On the Original ATSF Main by Jeff Carlson_82 on Flickr.

Sure enough, in all of the years that I’ve been shooting around Topeka, this was the first time that I’ve photographed anything pulling down the Wye from anywhere but 10th St. For this view, I was standing just north of 13th St., which is where the tracks end now, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that this piece of track is THE remnant of the original SF main south of downtown. When SF built the new allignment out of town, this became MoPac trackage, right?

Stopping the so-called unstoppable trigger like it’s a euphemism for sex

“Henry,” she whispered. “Miss Swan, what is the meaning of this?” 

She furrowed her brow in confusion as she stared at the small leather bag that Emma was holding. Was it supposed to mean something to her? If Regina hadn’t been trying to delay a self-destruct diamond, she would have said something about it not being the time to bring her old and worn presents. 

A lone tear trickled down her cheek and she bit her lip to keep a pain-filled scream from being ripped out from her throat. “Get out of here now,” she rasped out,  her voice hoarse and weary.

Backing Onto the Main by Jeff Carlson_82 on Flickr.

This morning, I had a few cancellations in my schedule that allowed for some time to swing by the BNSF yard in Topeka, KS. As I pulled up, I noticed the local switcher (BNSF 2909) running back towards the business car shops to pick up a cut of cars. That, is when things got interesting.

After pulling out of the shops on the old Atchison Main as per usual, the train started to shove back onto the Topeka Sub main as seen here, an odd move for how they’d normally just dump cars on one of the yard tracks.


French drivers into junior formulae, 2015 edition:

GP2: Arthur Pic, Pierre Gasly, Nathanaël Berthon, Norman Nato
GP3: Esteban Ocon
Formula Renault 3.5: Tom Dillmann, Matthieu Vaxivière, Aurélien Panis
Formula 3: Dorian Boccolacci, Brandon Maisano
Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup: Anthoine Hubert, Simon Gachet, Amaury Richard, Amaury Bonduel, Valentin Hasse-Clot


(via Frisco 4501 4-8-4 Northern leaving Fair Park in Dallas, Tx. 05/26/2013 ©)