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BOCE - Box Of Corpulent Epicness - v.1

Sorry for being radio silent for awhile, but flickr wasn’t co-operating with what I wanted to post. So today I will be doing a run-down of what I have on order for the BOCE. I should have an unboxing up on the night of the 11th. All of the stuff, with the exception of the Zero Tolerance 0400, were shipped from SKD Tac. Both companies, them and Grand Prairie Knives, were a pleasure to deal with and very efficient at what they do. Just a shout-out to them. 

AR15 Parts

A Magpul AFG2 in Black. No, this is not the stupid PTS version. This is the real steel one made by the actual Magpul Company. I had originally planned for this to be in FDE (Flat Dark Earth), but I think that the black would look good on a tan RIS.

Three Magpul Ladder Rail Covers in Black. These will go on the sides and the bottom. I don’t see a point in having one on the top, as I never put my hands there and I would either have to cut it to length or move it back to accomodate for the front sight.


A Blue Force Gear Double Mag Pouch in MultiCam. I had orginally planned to go with a TAG double magazine pouch, but after seeing how streamlined the Blue Force Gear one was, I decided to go with it. It uses an elastic retention system built into the pouch, instead of a bungee cord wrapped around the top. So it acts sort-of like a cloth FastMag.

A SKD Ballcap in MultiCam. I currently have a PoS Condor cap with velcro all over it. I do like it, but I doubt that it would go with a MultiCam load-out. Hence the MultiCam ballcap. I find that helmets are a bit too clunky for my liking.

A Magpul iPhone Case in FDE. I got this more for the Tacti-Cool factor than anything else, but it is apparently very well made and can stand up to being dropped off of the second story of a building. So, great.

And finally, a Zero Tolerance 0400. This is my first knife I have bought, and one of the best looking ones I have seen. The angular design of it just really appeals to me, as well as the fact that it is built by Zero Tolerance, so you know that it can stand up to just about anything.

So, I guess that’s about as much detail as I can get into without actually having the BOCE in my hands. Also, SKD is having a SUCKIT promotion, where they are subtracting $5 from all orders in 2011 to negate the cost of USPS Priority shipping. So, free shipping from SKD!

Until I get the BOCE in my hands and upload a video, remember,

Overkill is Underrated.