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Giant, Sand

Sand giants are disciplined and honorable beings that dwell deep in the desert. These cautious and lawful giants make worthy guides and allies to those lost in their territory.

Standing stand 12 to 14 feet tall, sand giants have broad, squat features and flat faces; females are slightly larger than males. Their skin ranges from rich mahogany to light beige, and their hair tends to be dark brown or black. They favor loose garments in desert colors such as beige or khaki and avoid heavy metal armor. Sand giants are noted for their use of the sand blaster, a unique weapon that sprays stinging sand at enemies.

Unlike most desert natives, sand giants are not nomads, living in large, well-ordered communities carved into the rock of mountains and hills bordering the desert. Their dwellings are neatly ordered and organized, with strong defenses. Each settlement is ruled by a hereditary king or queen, with each member of the community knowing their place in the order of succession.

Although they live far from civilization, sand giants are not isolationist, and are friendly to travelers with good intentions, often hiring their services as guides to those who pay well. Sand giants consider the nomadic desert giants to be honored cousins, and the desert giants are their main source of news and goods from beyond the wastes. Long ago, human sorcerers forced enslaved sand giants to mate with humans, producing the half-giant race; today, sand giants view half-giants with a mixture of pity and revulsion, as the hybrids are a painful reminder of darker times. On Golarion, sand giants can be found in deserts throughout Casmaron, Garund, Tian Xia, and possibly even Sarusan.

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Last Expiration

By: Kurisu678

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One Year Ago…

Late morning sun shone through the blinds into the bedroom shared by Mitch Mueller and Jonas Wagner, painting thin lines of yellow light against the bright blue walls. The space was kept in a state of comfortable chaos, a delicate balance between order and disarray. As per usual Sunday custom, alarms had been left off and both Mitch and Jonas were left in a blissful state of dozing while snuggling.

It was however, not to last.

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Immortal: Flowers of Ice - Tower of Challenge 

The Tower of Challenge is a solo instance concept imported over from Blade & Soul (it’s almost hard to miss their similarities). Unlike Blade & Soul’s hefty amount of floors however, this one is limited to 40 floors.

The instance is available to high daevas level 66 and higher, entry count is at 3/3 and resets weekly. However, do take note that the instance will automatically use up all it’s entries for that week the moment the 40th floor has been cleared successfully.

(should you die/fail at any floor, subsequent re-entries will spawn you from that last floor you were on)

As daunting as the instance is, the cumulative rewards per floor are extremely attractive:

1st - 40,000,000 EXP
2nd - 2,000,000 Kinah
3rd - 10,000 AP
4th - 20 GP, Reward Bundle x 1
5th - 40,000,000 EXP
6th - 2,200,000 Kinah
7th - 10,500 AP
8th - 40 GP, Vital Recovery Serum x 100, Vital Recovery Potion x 100
9th - 40,000,000 EXP
10th - 2,400,000 Kinah

11th - 11,000 AP
12th - 60 GP, Mythic Supplements x 75
13th - 50,000,000 EXP
14th - 2,600,000 Kinah
15th - 11,500 AP
16th - 80 GP,  Minion Contract Scroll x 1
17th - 50,000,000 EXP
18th - 2,800,000 Kinah
19th - 12,000 AP
20th - 100 GP, 12,000 AP, 50,000,000 EXP, 2,800,000 Kinah, Spinel Medal x 5

21st - 65,000,000 EXP
22nd - 3,000,000 Kinah
23th - 12,500 AP
24th - 120 GP, +7 Manastone Bundle x 1
25th - 65,000,000 EXP
26th - 3,200,000 Kinah
27th - 13,000 AP
28th - 140 GP, Reward Bundle x 1
29th - 65,000,000 EXP
30th - 3,400,000 Kinah

31st - 13,500 AP
32nd - 160 GP, Mythic Reward Bundle x 1
33rd - 80,000,000 EXP
34th - 3,600,000 Kinah
35th - 14,000 AP
36th - 180 GP, +8 Manastone Bundle x 1
37th - 80,000,000 EXP
38th - 3,800,000 Kinah
39th - 15,000 AP
40th - 200 GP, 15,000 AP , 80,000,000 EXP , 3,800,000 Kinah , Reward Bundle x 1

Although there is no time limit imposed for the entire run, the final floor will record your time taken to kill Queen Modor (final boss) as there is a ranking board for player achievements (rewards will be given).

P.S - You can look up TOC video runs on Youtube by typing “도전의 탑”


~Rosalina, guardian of the cosmos, mother of the stars~

List of Idols that are minors

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NYC 5931 11-64 3 by Leon Kay
Via Flickr:
NYC GP-9 5931 (20920 11-55) and GP-7 5783 lead EB SOUTHWESTERN LIMITED @Terre Haute IN 11-64

French GP 7/4/1954: Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 W196 R Streamliner. Important step: Painting on the the starting number.

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