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2020-surgery  asked:

Hello! I came across your iPad post with a photo of your fine-tip stylus! Which brand is that one and how are you liking it? I was actually in the market for one last night! Thanks for your time!

I have answered this previously but this is what I use:

It is Kmoso GP-DD104-01 Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus which I purchased it from not gonna lie and it costs me like around $6 usd so it is an extremely good deal for me.

The one I used before was Adonit Jot Mini, and it is around $19.99 usd (even more expensive here). And it broke like two months later unfortunately.

The Kmoso one, though it is cheaper, is much more flexible. You can hold it in 35° - 90° and it works perfectly fine, so you can write like you usually do. However, for the adonit one, to me it’s more like I have to find a way of writing to accommodate to the stylus (not to mention that it is likely to break with one accidental fall). But after all the adonit one has a better outlook.

+ sidenote when I purchased the Kmoso one they gave me an extra stylus tip, which is amazing.

So yeah I prefer the Kmoso one, definitely recommend it.

          He shouldn’t be here is the thing. He shouldn’t be standing in front of his ex boyfriend’s door in the middle of the night. Milo was probably the last person Kyle wanted to see right now, given, that they weren’t exactly on good terms, even after years of separation, but mostly he shouldn’t be here because his best friends shouldn’t have died in a fucking car crash and making their daughter an orphan. They shouldn’t

          However, things didn’t always go as you’d wish and Milo’s hands were still shaking, when he gave a quiet knock to the door, taking in a deep breath, red rimmed eyes - the only indication that he had been crying, even if he’d deny it to his dying breath - trained on the wooden barrier. He cleared his throat, “Kyle? You’re home?”, finally finding his voice, but it was dryer than he remembered, the slight nervous scuffs of the writers boots sounding through the hall. 

“You will love him, Eli, I promise!” Elijah knew that something needed to be up with this guy judging by the way his friend kept praising him, he could’ve been some kind of serial killer for all he knew. And he really didn’t want to attend this stupid blind date, nor did he need his best friend to play fairy godmother. The day he’d turn to him for help in the dating department was the day Eli would shave off his hair and, honestly, he would rather eat packs upon packs of cigarettes. And it’s not like he was desperate. His friend was just being his usual overbearing, misguided, overprotective self and Elijah, he was a lone wolf. Love, in theory seemed complicated enough but in practice, it was painful, disappointing and more often than not, it was boring. But okay, he would go to that stupid date and he’d decidedly not enjoy himself. Chances were, this date would be a disaster and he could hold that over his head for the rest of their lives. Maybe that would make his best friend butt out of Eli’s love life. So when he arrived at the restaurant at seven, paired in dark jeans and a blue-black checkered flannel, his mood was already dropping to a dangerous level. He checked for the reservation, stating his own name. A woman guided him to the booth, Eli falling slightly behind with the limp he was showing caused by the knee surgery he’d been gone through, he still had to wear a brace. And then he was standing in front of him, the person he was supposed to spend the next hours with and all is his lips escaped was a simple “Hi”.