Vampire High School

I started university yesturday and I thought about how wonderful and cheesy it would be to have a hish school fanfiction based on the VC (I mean there are so many on KH; FF; HP so why not??) Or fanarts.


- Marius: Art Teacher

- Mael: Science Teacher

- Pandora: Latin teacher

- Lestat: The bad boy every school needs

-Louis: The silent clever boy following the bad boy~

- Armand: protagonist of the classic forbidden love story between student and teacher

- Daniel: The new transfered student

- Gabrielle: Sport teacher

- Bianca: maths teacher

- Akasha: Supervisor

- Jess: the cute nerd

- David: English teacher

- Kayhman: History teacher

- Maharet: Director

- Nicolas: Childhood friend of the bad boy disapearing without a world years ago

I would sell my soul for this!