Two for Tumblr Tuesday: Tumblr for Feds: Gifs, Memes, and More

February has been a big month for the Federal Tumblr community.  First we hosted Tumblr’s own Liba Rubenstein at our Federal Tumblr Working Group meetup, then last week four of us presented at DigitalGov University’s Tumblr webinar

On February 19, a group of four federal Tumblrarians — Jessica Milcetich from (usagov) , Darren Cole from the National Archives (todaysdocument) , Katie Gorscak from HHS (stopbullying) and Michelle Thomas from BLM (mypubliclands), joined DigitalGov University to showcase how they each use Tumblr in a different way to support their agencies’ missions, drive engagement and reach their target audiences.

Highlights from the webinar include:

  • Case studies on different ways to use Tumblr to meet your mission
  • Reaching the elusive teen and young adult audience
  • Ways to grow engagement
  • Using Tumblr as part of a larger social media strategy

Read more at Tumblr: A Flexible Social Media Platform | DigitalGov.