Becoming a Do-Gooder

Hello All! My name is Giselle Collantes and I am excited to be a guest blogger! I oftentimes have been able to volunteer my time and make donations. I am determined to continue to support where I can. With the recent anniversary of 9/11, one’s thoughts are imploded with powerful images of firemen, police officers, and medical teams saving others. I have always admired those who risk their lives and wonder, “Why do they do this?” It is so compelling to think that not only are these people honorable, brave, and courageous, but ready to face anything that comes their way. They put their lives on the line to rescue those in need, those who are suffering, dying, unable, and simply those who are helpless. These actions remind me of why my dedication to becoming a professional volunteer is a lifetime goal.
Define the word Brave: ready to face and endure pain; showing courage; one without showing fear.
In my family, we were raised to be giving and to think with others in mind; To put others first before ourselves. I believe volunteering is a brave activity. It becomes so natural to be giving of your time. Dedication to volunteering is a must for me. I have said to myself I do fear the day that I walk in shame of not being able to help someone or that I haven’t completed life if I haven’t done everything I am capable of. I fear that I will not be able to help everyone who needs. I have my fears, but because I am able to volunteer I will over come those challenges and gain a win in my heart. If firemen commit to such goodness, I can volunteer my time or make a donation. It does take courage to even begin volunteering, but once you have taken that leap of faith into the volunteering world it will become easier and you will feel success. Any time given and even the smallest donation will help and go a long way. Sharing my love and my happiness is something I can always give and I know there are people who need it.
Why wouldn’t I volunteer? Volunteering helps give back to the community in so many ways. Assisting someone, contributing to a cause, lending a hand, and simply supporting are ways to help. I enjoy spending time with others who share the same feelings. You meet numerous talented individuals that can teach you something new, exchange stories and share your time to make it even more enjoyable experience. There is always something new to learn and I love learning about others and their history. I feel blessed to be able to see progress in others and it just lifts my soul to be apart in some way.
Everyone has dreams, ambitions, goals, and wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to make them come true? My beliefs and dreams come true for me through volunteering. It shows me that goodness of human behavior is possible. Morals are aligned and there is such positivity around doing good. Volunteering can give you new perspectives in life and sometimes give productive change. You can touch many peoples’ lives in just sharing the same ideas and talking about volunteering and becoming a part of a great cause. You can make dreams come true.
The service men and women who do this for a living are those who I admire and aspire to be like. I find myself wondering if I can do the same as those who lost their lives. Can I really be someone who does service for this country? I share the same passion and feelings as they do. I too want to serve my community, my country, my world; to make it a better place. I can and I will continue to volunteer because I want to make a difference. Volunteering is the the closest thing for me to take my part and in helping those great service figures. I volunteer to help bring positivity to the world, to enjoy life while doing it, and to give back in any way possible! Becoming a professional Do-Gooder is something I never thought I would be doing, but I know I will need help along the way. Join me in becoming a successful volunteer, spreading the goodness and follow me on VID #153. When will our paths cross? =)