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the walking dead

the governor and rick grimes

prison break

michael schofield and alexander mahone


hannibal lecter and will graham

doctor who

eleventh doctor and donna noble

bbc sherlock

sherlock holmes and jim moriarty

agents of shield

phil coulson and leo fitz 

the game of thrones

tyrion lannister and daenerys targaryen


matt murdock and foggy nelson

agent carter

peggy carter and howard stark


adrian monk and natalie teeger

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DuPree campaign needs cash

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With primaries wrapped up after Tuesday’s runoffs, the gubernatorial race is in full swing, with Democratic Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree facing Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant on Nov. 8.

DuPree last week received pledges of support from the national Democratic Governors Association, and from his primary-runoff opponent, Bill Luckett. Democratic political observers are hoping this will bring an influx of cash to the DuPree campaign, which faces the well-funded Bryant campaign.

DuPree has spent less than $500,000 – half what Luckett spent – and had an anemic cash-on-hand balance of only $120,000 at last report. Bryant has spent more than $3.1 million, and had nearly $700,000 on hand at last report.
“The Democratic Governors Association congratulates Mayor DuPree on his historic victory tonight,” said Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, the group’s chair."He has helped move Mississippi forward by becoming the first African-American to run for governor on a major party ticket. We look forward to working with his campaign and Mississippi Democrats in the coming months.”

Luckett’s endorsement statement for DuPree was:"I have come to know Mayor DuPree well. I regard him as a friend and someone who loves this great state as I do.”

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