Remember this comic from over a year ago? Remember how much the bill shocked, outraged, and horrified people, whether they supported abortion or not? Well, Ohio just picked it up and ran with it to its batshit conclusion. In a sense, the comic still works perfectly, just without its punchline concession, because that shit is actually happening.

You can let Rachel Maddow explain to you all of the anti-abortion details in Ohio’s new budget, including defunding any rape counselling service that even mentions the option of abortion, redefining “pregnancy” as the moment a sperm fertilizes an egg and not when the viable egg attaches to the uterus (by the way, that means no picking up Plan B or morning-after pills at the pharmacy, you have to make an appointment and go to a physician), and absolutely no abortions without an invasive ultrasound probe and a lengthy description of potential fetal pain at every stage of pregnancy. 

Oh, by the way, it also mandates that physicians lie to the women:

It compels abortion providers to tell patients that a fetus can feel pain and that a woman who has an abortion can increase her risk for breast cancer. This claim, touted frequently by anti-abortion activists, has little basis in fact. “The scientific evidence,” notes the American Cancer Society, “does not support the notion that abortion of any kind raises the risk of breast cancer or any other type of cancer.” — full article

Also, ignoring any of these new restrictions for the sake of the woman’s health has been allowed only in a “medical emergency," instead of a "medical necessity.” What difference does that make? It means that, even if a doctor can rightly predict that the woman’s life will be endangered by the pregnancy, they must wait until the woman actually begins to die before they perform the abortion. And the penalty to the doctor for not waiting until the Grim Reaper’s appearance? Up to $1 million in fines and conviction of a first-degree felony.

This is beyond politics, beyond empathy, beyond medical reasoning, this is an attack on women.

Governor Kasich has betrayed Ohio, and will cause pain and suffering to countless women across the state because of it. Don’t let his vicious political move go unnoticed. Boost the signal. Let him know the whole goddamned world is ashamed of him, and likewise, any politician who would put a platform ahead of any human being’s rights and health.

Ohio Republican Governor Forces Schools To Partner With Religious Groups If They Want Taxpayer Dollars

Ohio Republican Governor Forces Schools To Partner With Religious Groups If They Want Taxpayer Dollars

In a blatant violation of separation of church and state, Ohio’s Republican governor is literally forcing public schools to partner with religious groups if they want taxpayer funding. Because Ohio voters are apparently gluttons for punishment and chose not to oust incumbent Governor John Kasich, they now have to live with the reality that one way or another, their kids are going to be preached…

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I'm not proud to be an Ohioan

Governor John Kasich failed to veto the bills, that were added to Ohio budget last minute; these bills restrict abortion, which thus restricts a woman’s right to choose. i am tired of old men deciding what women get to do with their bodies. I’m tired of old men  siting  religious  texts  as justification to tell women what they can do with their bodies. This fight is supposed to over, it was supposed to be decided with Roe v. Wade. I want a politician who understands that every person is human, and therefore that every person has inalienable human rights. I was born in the State of Ohio, that should make me an equal citizen of the United States of America, but I’m not. I am a young woman, who happens to be a lesbian. So even with DOMA being overturned i am still a second class citizen.  I am tired of OLD MEN making decisions on things they know nothing about. I wish I had a politician like Wendy Davis, a strong woman who understands the reality of an ever progressing world, and she fights for what is right. It’s time for the rest of the politicians to realize this fact as well, because they are no where near filling her shoes


So this happened. 

Even pieces of shit like Ohio’s governor has supporters, I guess. 

I think my favorite part was when she said “The Constitution gives us the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!” then backtracks when she realizes she’s wrong. I’ll give the tired thing though cause it was 2AM in Ohio… but still…. oops.

Ohio Gov Kasich Misrepresents the Bible to Support Obamacare

Ohio Gov Kasich Misrepresents the Bible to Support Obamacare

Ohio Governor John Kasich believes that Matthew 25 includes a call for more entitlement spending by the government. Really?

Promoting Obamacare in South Dakota, Montana and several national interviews last week, Kasich touted the Bible chapter’s depiction of judgment based on individual charity as a sweeping endorsement of government programs for the poor.

This is a common error among those that…

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Ohio has joined a growing number of states that have introduced or passed legislation opposed to federal gun control initiatives. Ohio Senate Bill 36 was introduced by Republican State Senator Kris Jordan. Fellow Republican Tim Schaffer was noted as an Ohio SB36 co-sponsor when the bill was introduced on Tuesday. (via Ohio Senate Introduces Bill To Prevent Infringement On Second Amendment Rights)

Vienna, OH - Governor John Kasich addressed a packed house Thursday at a Chamber of Commerce luncheon held in an airport hanger due to security concerns. This is his third visit to the Mahoning Valley.

The security concerns arose out of the animalistic conduct of union protestors who took the day off work to protest the luncheon.

Okay Tumblr, I need your help

This is really bothering me.  I’m a resident of Cleveland, OH, and I just learned that yesterday, the Ohio State Budget that had harsh anti-abortion re-definition items included in it, passed both the State House and State Senate, thus making it to the desk of Governor Kasich who has until the end of the day Sunday to line-item veto any parts of the Budget.

He has made it clear that he is pro-life, but even people who are pro-life should find what’s been included in this budget appalling.

I would like to encourage everyone to go here to the "Contact the Governor" Page on the Ohio Governor’s website.

Even if you AREN’T from Ohio, tell him how opposed you are to these line items and tell him that these are just wrong and highly unfair to the women of Ohio and to people in general.  Whether Democrat or Republican, please, please, PLEASE ask him to remove those items!  Tell him that he doesn’t have to be like other Republicans; that he can be Republican and still show that he listens to his constituents and the people around the country.

Thank you.

Ohio Governor John Kasich indicated that internal polls on show Mitt Romney will win the swing state’s 18 electoral votes. Barack Obama’s campaign has focused heavily on what it considers a successful bailout of the auto industry to garner favor with Ohio residents. While such an argument may impress voters in the northern region of the state, those in the eastern, western, and southeastern regions are largely more focused on coal and natural gas industry jobs

“One lesson you’d better learn if you want to be in politics is you never get out on a golf course and beat the president.” - President Lyndon B. Johnson 

 On June 18, 2011, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Governor John Kasich (R-Ohio) will join President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for the highly anticipated “golf summit.” 

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Bob Black’s one-on-one interview with Governor John Kasich. In part #1, the governor talks about doing business in Ohio. Part #2 airs tonight at 11 p.m.

Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich is the single potential candidate in the Republican Killer Clown Car who worries me for 2016. Walker is hilariously unimpressive whatever the gossip pundit fluffing he is getting at this moment and Rubio is brown in a racist party however the pundits try to pretend that doesn’t matter and Randroid Paul is a nut like Dad (no wonder the nutty Base loves him so) even if the pundits want to call him a savvy Idea Man and Jeb has a name literally everybody hates and advocates immigration and education policies the Base running the GOP primary gauntlet hates and he comes off dumb as a stump on the stump however much the pundits declare him the gifted golden child of the satanic imbecilic Bush brood. But what if a Base-friendly union-bashing Medicare-expanding(-but-because-of-Jesus) blandly-electable key swing state governor were to appear out of nowhere to cut through the crap and give Hillary (against whom he is rarely polled in all the slick side-by-sides we’ve already been treated to for months though this thing is two years our) a run for her money?

Ohio’s governor John Kasich certainly won’t be president, nor even receive the Republican party’s nomination in 2016. But if Kasich does throw his hat into the increasingly packed Republican primary ring (as some sources suggest he intends to do), the long-term outcome for American politics could be even better than a hypothetical win. This is because, unlike his Republican competitors, Kasich takes Christian politics very seriously.

Paul Ryan drew large crowds during his Ohio bus tour over the weekend. The Republican vice presidential candidate was ushered around the southern regions of the state while discussing job creation and the economy. Governor John Kasich introduced the man he has reportedly grown to admire greatly and considers the “Paul Revere” of the next generation