There are 52 Americans who have it within their power to prove that dark assessment wrong. Really, it would take a subset of just three of those 52. With the 52-48 current party lineup in the U.S. Senate, a switch of three votes of conscience is all it would take to have this branch of government fulfill its checks-and-balances function.

With three votes, a Senate majority could issue subpoenas and compel sworn testimony from Administration officials. It could empower its own thorough investigation, even re-hiring Robert Mueller to lead it. It could compel Donald Trump to release the tax returns about which he is so evidently nervous. It could act as if America in fact possessed a system of rule-of-law, rather than whim-of-one-man.

Ben Sasse could be one of those three, if he were willing to back up his lectures and essays about ethical public life. Lindsey Graham could, since he and John McCain have kept making the case about Trump’s recklessness. Chuck Grassley, who would be 89 years old the next time he’d have to face the voters. Dean Heller, who is in trouble anyway in a state Hillary Clinton carried, and whom Trump demeans and insults. Rob Portman, who has served in “normal” Republican administrations and could ally himself with his state’s governor, John Kasich, as forces for a principled future GOP.
Genius Period Panties Allow You to Bleed On Politicians Who Don't Support Reproductive Health*
Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin — the choice is yours.

You’ve seen the super innovative period undies that absorb your period blood without needing pads or tampons. Now, another brand is taking the design up a notch, by allowing you to free bleed right onto a picture of politicians who don’t support women’s reproductive rights. Totally genius.

Buzzfeed reports that Cute Fruit Undies is now making a line of underwear called Bloody Marys. They absorb your period blood, and keep leaks from happening. There’s even a detachable heat pack to help soothe your cramps.

All of this awesome-ness WITH a politicians face sewn right onto the crotch. At this time, there are nine politicians to choose from, but the company is happy to consider others. These politicians have notoriously bad records when it comes to women’s rights, including Ohio Governor John Kasich who signed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, and Texas Senator and Republican Presidential Nominee Ted Cruz who opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest and has also called to defund Planned Parenthood and women’s access to birth control all together. 

There is a mountain in Alaska;
it is the tallest peak in North America.

The Alaskan natives who settled closest to the mountain,
have called it ‘Denali’ for centuries.
In their language, it means “the tall one.”

In 1896, a gold prospector named it Mount McKinley.
In English, this means 'Republican presidential candidate William H. McKinley, of Ohio,’
for his nomination was, the first news we received
upon leaving that 'wonderful wilderness.’

How powerful he must’ve felt,
re-baptizing God’s creation for the new, American god.
He called himself Adam, and
gave names to all the lesser creatures
without asking what they already called themselves.

In August 2015, the Obama Administration
officially restored the name 'Denali,’ and
and Ohioan Lawmakers valiantly took to Twitter:

Congressman Mike Turner says, 'I’m certain Obama didn’t notify…McKinley’s descendants, who find this outrageous.’

Governor John Kasich said, 'You just don’t go and do something like that…In Ohio, we felt it was appropriate. A guy saw that mountain when he was one of the first up there … named it after the President. No reason to change it.’

Donald Trump said: '…Obama wants to change the name of Mt. McKinley…after more than 100 years. Great insult to Ohio. I will change back.’

Dear Ohio, on behalf of the rest of your country:
It’s not your goddamn mountain!
You may not know this but
no part of your state includes Alaska!

President McKinley never even made it to Alaska,
let alone climbed that mountain
(not that climbing something conquers it;
not that conquering something strips it of its name.)

'Denali’ means 'the tall one;' 
it doesn’t mean 'yours.’

We understand that this country
that stole its body from the motherland-that-came-before
is still so excited at its birth,
that we’ve forgotten the eons
this land laid on its tectonic plates,
soothed its own tempers,
made scabs over the earth’s wounds,
and called them mountains,
let its people–not your people–
call them 'home.’

We understand that a mountain
cannot care what it is called.

We are not standing at the base of this mountain
to give it back its name.
We are standing here because
you don’t get to declare another people’s heroes;
you don’t get to exoticize a land by calling it a
'wonderful wilderness’
and then white-wash it to match your picket-fence;
you don’t get to decide when the history of a place begins;
because your 100-year majority does not trump
thousands of years legacy, Mr. Trump;
because your colonization is no longer a cause for celebration, Governor Kasich;
because a mountain is not an inheritance, Congressman Turner!

Look, we get it.
You just want everything to stay the same;
to go back the way it was before.

We understand.  We agree.
And since we’re all standing here, anyway,
let’s just go back.

Let’s all go back to where we came from,
and we’ll see who’s left to plant their flag
in this mountain after that.

—  A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On | emryse
Margaret Thatcher

During the ‪Republican‬ ‪debate‬ last night, when asked what ‎American‬ ‪woman‬ should be placed on the $10 bill, ‪Jeb Bush‬ did not think any American ‪women‬ were worthy.  He chose Great Britain’s Margaret ‪Thatcher‬.  Some other candidates said their wives or mother, while ‪Ohio‬ governor ‪John Kasich‬ said Mother Teresa.  Remember that women of America.

Dear Republicans,

I know he isn’t flashy or terribly exciting, but I just finished watching CNN’s Town Hall with Ohio Governor John Kasich, and can you please nominate him? He’s not entirely crazy, he’s trying to run a positive campaign in the midst of an Elimination Chamber match, and he seems like a good man. Please don’t nominate one of the terrible human beings. Let’s try not to destroy our country this year.

The First US Astronaut To Circle The Globe, John Glenn, Has Died
He was a space age hero turned US Senator.
By Dan Vergano

Godspeed, once more, John Glenn. The astronaut whose circling of the Earth restored US pride at the dawn of the moon race, has died at age 95, Ohio Governor John Kasich said.

He was the first American to orbit the Earth, in the Friendship 7 mission in 1962, and the oldest man to ever fly into space, aboard the the space shuttle Discovery in 1998, while still a US Senator.

“He was an American hero and a true public servant,” space historian John Logsdon of George Washington University told BuzzFeed News. “With John Glenn, what you saw was what you got.”

“Godspeed, John Glenn,” intoned astronaut Scott Carpenter as the Mercury 7 capsule ascended into the heavens on its historic 1962 launch, a signature moment of the space race.

This might surprise you:

Because of the recent and intense attacks on women’s health care in Texas, people might assume that Texas is more extreme. But under Governor John Kasich, Ohio has signed 17 anti-women’s health bills into law. And now, he’s trying to take his bad policies nationwide with his run for president. 

Why is John Kasich not your candidate?

After Tamir’s death, the county prosecutor, Timothy McGinty, an elected official, responsible for seeking justice for Tamir, instead blamed my 12 year old boy for his own death. All of this happened under the administration of Ohio governor, John Kasich, a 2016 presidential nominee. Ohio’s state government has shown me repeatedly that the people elected to serve have no interest in justice. The loss of Tamir has made it clear to me that Cleveland is deeply invested in a system of injustice. No one has been held responsible for any part of this entire traumatic experience. No one has at least apologized for killing my son. Not a single politician has offered me some substantial support.

 While I’ve continued to push my state’s officials towards real changes, several Presidential candidates have said my son’s name in their mouth, using his death as an example of what shouldn’t happen in America. Twelve year old children should never be murdered for playing in a park. But not a single politician: local, state or federal, has taken action to make sure it doesn’t happen again […]

True community oversight of the police is one that evens the balance of power and allows the communities police serve to judge how well they are doing their job. My experience has let me know that the system is working just the way the people in power want it to. That is why I refuse to accept plans or support politicians that offer what they propose as solutions, not informed by us, the community. It’s why I won’t accept plans for more “community police” as positive solutions when it was the police that killed my son. I cannot settle for partial solutions and lip service. I know we need real action, and I refuse to endorse any candidate that offers less.

I'm not proud to be an Ohioan

Governor John Kasich failed to veto the bills, that were added to Ohio budget last minute; these bills restrict abortion, which thus restricts a woman’s right to choose. i am tired of old men deciding what women get to do with their bodies. I’m tired of old men  siting  religious  texts  as justification to tell women what they can do with their bodies. This fight is supposed to over, it was supposed to be decided with Roe v. Wade. I want a politician who understands that every person is human, and therefore that every person has inalienable human rights. I was born in the State of Ohio, that should make me an equal citizen of the United States of America, but I’m not. I am a young woman, who happens to be a lesbian. So even with DOMA being overturned i am still a second class citizen.  I am tired of OLD MEN making decisions on things they know nothing about. I wish I had a politician like Wendy Davis, a strong woman who understands the reality of an ever progressing world, and she fights for what is right. It’s time for the rest of the politicians to realize this fact as well, because they are no where near filling her shoes


Governor Kasich’s biggest adversary? Pizza.


So this happened. 

Even pieces of shit like Ohio’s governor has supporters, I guess. 

I think my favorite part was when she said “The Constitution gives us the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!” then backtracks when she realizes she’s wrong. I’ll give the tired thing though cause it was 2AM in Ohio… but still…. oops.

Ten Reasons Why Melania Trump’s Speech Will Have a Lasting Impact

 Since Sunday, every journalist at this convention has been collecting examples of the Trump campaign’s failures and incompetence: the quarrel with Ohio Governor John Kasich, the absent senators and governors, the no-show donors, the convention’s financial embarrassments, the floor fight over rules, the lack of a proper schedule, and the defective apps and other technology. Suddenly, there is one easy-to-understand incident that encapsulates in one grim joke all this convention’s cavalcade of derp.

-David Frum

So let’s take a look at these … guys … and their credentials for president in historical perspective:

–Chris Christie. Governor of a large state. Classic credential for being taken seriously. Probably has no chance, however. Too moderate by current GOP standards.

–Marco Rubio: Senator from a large state. Much less common credential than Governor … but it worked for Obama. Probably will be hurt by not hating immigrants enough to make conservative GOP voters happy.

–Ben Carson. Neurosurgeon. Apparently a good one. As Congress has no brain – literally, as it is made up of 535 independently-elected, independent contractors, it is not at all clear why being a neurosurgeon qualifies one to be President.

–Scott Walker: Governor of a mid sized, middle west alleged swing state. Republican elected statewide three times despite being in a core Democratic state. Ought to be a contender by historical terms. Is so boring paint complains it listens to HIM dry.

–Donald Trump. Blowhard and charlatan; deal-maker and deal-faker. A deeply established archetype in American culture: the bounder who refuses to see he did not, in fact, do it on his own. No one like him as ever been elected President. There is no connection between his job and the job of President. Is, accordingly, dominating GOP polls.

–Jeb Bush: same as Christie and Walker – Governor’s credentials a key; Florida is a large, actual swing state (unlike Wisconsin, which is D at the presidential level). Would likely be leading race by big margin if Trump wasn’t sucking all the air out of the room. And his last name wasn’t Bush.

–Mike Huckabee. Governor of a small state. No real help there: small state governors don’t usually win nomination. (Of course, there is an Arkansas exception … but Huckabee is no Clinton.) Amiable and engaging even for “normals,” his total appeal is to the Christian right. It is not enough to win the Republican nomination.

–Ted Cruz: Senator from a big state; like Rubio, much less common credential than Governor … but it worked for Obama. Trump-like capacity to get media attention. Trump-like ability to annoy colleagues. Desperate appeal to the hard core right will likely prove a failure.                                                     

–Rand Paul: Senator from a smaller state. Views at core are outside the mainstream of his party. Seems to be unmaking himself in an effort to appeal to the mainstream … which is destroying his appeal to the people who originally supported him,

–John Kasich: Governor of the major swing state of Ohio. Positions fairly much in the historical heart of the Republican Party. Ohio has provided the US with many of its presidents. Naturally, he got in the debate on statistical noise.

I see something of a gap between who Republican voters say they currently like, and who usually gets elected President of the United States. Which usually doesn’t work out so well …

anonymous asked:

Do you think the reports are true that Kasich turned down the offer to be Trump's VP?

My understanding is that the Trump campaign – particularly some of the leading aides and Trump’s kids – were pressing hard for Kasich to be Trump’s running mate. They understood the importance of Ohio, and the potential that Ohio could have to Trump’s campaign, but Kasich refused to consider it. Governor Kasich is a mild-mannered person, but he was clearly put off by Trump throughout the process, almost to the point of not acknowledging him in some of the debates. I think Kasich saw more than most of his fellow GOP rivals that attacking Trump was just as useless as cozying up to Trump, and did his best to neutralize Trump by pretending that Trump wasn’t on the level of the serious candidates. In a way, he was right, but that didn’t work, either. 

But Kasich recognized that he still had a job to go home to, and his gubernatorial term isn’t finished until 2019. Of all the 2016 GOP candidates for President, Kasich arguably set himself up better for 2020 than anyone else, especially after how Cruz’s non-endorsement of Trump was received in Cleveland. Kasich didn’t pull a Rubio and support Trump in the wake of the primary, and he skipped the GOP convention itself (while attending and hosting parties and events outside of the convention hall) despite the fact that it was held in the state where he is the incumbent Governor. I think the Trump campaign absolutely was hoping to get Kasich to join the ticket and Kasich flat-out refused. There was talk that Kasich was being offered the opportunity to be the “most powerful Vice President in history”, and that the Republican National Committee was working to try to heal any wounds between the two sides and bring them together because they also recognized that Kasich was perhaps the perfect running mate for Trump. People will criticize Kasich (and Cruz) for not following through on that “pledge” to support the eventual GOP nominee, but I have respect for both of them for standing up for what they believe in and refusing to support someone who is so wrong for the country.