You know, something may go down tonight, but it ain’t going to be jobs, sweetheart.

That’s Governor Chris Christie’s response to a heckling protester at a Mitt Romney rally in New Hampshire. Christie continues to perpetuate the New Jersey tough guy jerk stereotype more than any boozing, overtanned guido at the shore. (Or as he calls it, “Jersey Style.”)


I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage. I really am. …I don’t think there’s a mother or a father sitting around the kitchen table tonight in America saying, ‘You know, honey, if our son or daughter could just make a higher minimum wage, my God, all of our dreams would be realized.

New Jersey governor and compassionate Republican CHRIS CHRISTIE, who by the way pulls down $699,000 a year along with his wife.

The New York Daily News calls him out and dares him to try living on $17,000 a year – or what a person making New Jersey’s minimum wage brings home annually.


1. Eliminating the Income Tax Would Stop Outsourcing.

Former Governor Mike Huckabee criticized outsourcing practices that have eliminated much of America’s industrial base. But his solution was bizarre; he promoted the FairTax, which would eliminate the income tax and place a large sales tax on all purchases. The number one reason companies outsource is for wage costs, not taxes. It’s unclear  why Huckabee thinks spiking the costs of all purchases, which is what a national sales tax would do, would impact their behavior.

2. Fantasy Tax Rates. 

Governor Chris Christie claimed that the Democrats plan to raise tax rates to 70 to 80 percent. Yet no one running on the presidential ticket or in Congress has proposed such a plan.

3. We Don’t Give People Reason to Marry.

Rick Santorum said we have incentivized people to “cohabitate” and not get married. In reality, there are between several hundred to a thousand legal rights and even some tax incentives for people who get married.

4. Obscuring Louisiana’s High Unemployment.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal says there are a record number of Louisianans working. This is technically true; however, it obscures the fact that the number is largely a function of changing population; the unemployment rate is still higher than the national one, and persistently higher than where it was pre-recession.

5. Only America Is Dealing With Syrian Refugees.

Huckabee claimed that America is the only county being asked to deal with the refugee issue, ignoring the millions of refugees in countries neighboring Syria and the hundreds of thousands in Europe.

6. Islamic Terrorism is the Nation’s Top Threat.

Jeb Bush named Muslim terrorists as our biggest challenge. In fact, terrorism kills very few Americans; dog bites are a bigger threat to public safety.

7. Christians Are Beheaded…In Lebanon.

Bush also claimed that Christians are being beheaded in Lebanon. Lebanon is actually one of the countries in the region where Christians are best integrated into society and government.

8. Flip-Flopping on the Minimum Wage.

In a move that moderators failed to call him on, Ben Carson said he is opposed to raising the minimum wage, claiming it would harm workers (which is false). But Carson has supported raising the wage for months. It appears he decided to change his mind and pretend he never supported doing so.

9. Telling People the TPP Includes China.

Donald Trump said that the Trans-Pacific Partnership was designed to have “China come through the back door.” China isn’t even part of the TPP, as even Rand Paul seemed to know.

10. Inflating the Number of Much-Maligned Philosophy Majors. 

Senator Marco Rubio implied that too many kids are studying philosophy and not enough are studying welding. As the Atlantic’s David Graham noted, there are “23,210 philosophers in the U.S. And 357,400 welders.”

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In early May, Gov. Chris Christie arrived at the Liberty National Golf Course in New Jersey for a political fund-raiser. Donors, many of them longtime backers of his, enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and views of the Lower Manhattan skyline while he spoke of the important work to be done on issues like jobs and the economy.

Not a single check was written to Mr. Christie’s campaign. Indeed, some of those in attendance were legally prohibited from doing so, because they had sizable contracts with state agencies and were therefore barred by New Jersey law from making large contributions to the governor.

Instead, the donors wrote checks for as much as $100,000 to the Republican Governors Association, an organization Mr. Christie helps lead that has collected $1.65 million from New Jersey donors during the first six months of the year.

The association has, in turn, poured $1.7 million into Mr. Christie’s re-election effort, with television advertisements attacking State Senator Barbara Buono, his Democratic opponent in the election this year.

Mr. Christie’s close relationship with the association provides a playbook for how carefully choreographed independent spending campaigns can undermine the rules meant to curtail the political influence of government contractors; New Jersey’s pay-to-play law strictly limits the participation of state contractors in political giving.

According to an analysis by The New York Times, a third of the $1.65 million the association raised in New Jersey came from people and businesses who had significant contracts with the state, or from utilities, which are prohibited from making any contributions to candidates for governor.

Did I say on topic? Are you stupid? On topic, on topic. Next question.
—  Gov. Chris Christie • To a reporter who asked an “off-topic” question during a press conference. New Jersey Governor Christie held a press conference Saturday to speak about a major problem at a local water treatment plant. When a reporter asked a question about a different topic (regarding the state legislature), Christie sort of yelled at him. “Thank you all very much, and I’m sorry for the idiot over there. Take care,” Christie said to end the press conference as the aforementioned reporter tried to follow up his question. source (viafollow)
Chris Christie vetoes NJ bill to prohibit gun ownership by carjackers and terrorists

New Jersey governor Chris Christie used to be a supporter of gun control measures. But he is running for president, and the only way he can get the Republication nomination is to win over conservatives who can’t forgive him for shaking hands with President Obama a few years ago. His latest stunt was vetoing a bill that would have prohibited “persons who have been convicted of carjacking, gang criminality, racketeering, or terroristic threats from purchasing, owning, possessing, or controlling a firearm.” Not a single member of the Senate or Assembly voted “no” on the bill. reports that Christie initially denied that he supported gun control, but eventually conceded, “I’ve changed my mind” on guns: