governor reston

Spoilers for ep. 14 of Scandal. Mainly case of the week AND Ukranian mobster guest stars being killed by one of the regular/recurring guests (zzzz) and Mellie at a photoshoot making a deal she has no authority to make with someone who wants to vote for Reston instead of Fitz.

The episode is filming from Jan. 27 to Feb. 7, so we’re back to being over the normal number of filming days as it’s 11 days, but it’s still far better than the constant 13 or 14 they had in part 1 of the season.

There is nothing particularly interesting, because it seems to be about ridiculously bad B613 dealings mainly. Two regulars, man and woman with guns, thus most likely Charlie and Quinn, go to the garage of a man who has liver cancer to make him “an offer he can’t refuse” at gunpoint. They want him to take blame for a murder that happened the night before (no doubt one of the B613 many screw-ups, SMH) and in exchange he will get a new liver etc… IN PRISON. (I kid you not…they tell him that because of his low income and his bad insurance he can’t afford proper care but as an inmate they will make sure he gets it). Man has 6 months to live. And he does accept as there’s another scene with him being interrogated where he has clearly admitted to things and the “interrogator” tells him that he’s trying to help but he’s giving him nothing. A female guest star detective isn’t quite buying it and smells the set-up.

In another scene a regular (Charlie or Marmaduke I would guess) is dealing with two guest star “Russian mobsters” about a deal they must make. The two have doubts about him because they haven’t heard about him before. When they don’t accept his proposal immediately and make a counter proposal, he takes his gun out and shoots both in the head (literally. That’s the scene).

Finally, stupid Mellie (yes she is freaking stupid) is at a photoshoot and overhears one of the main people there saying he’ll vote for the governor (Reston) instead of Fitz this time, so she is all well what if the President made a big speech about your cause from the White House? And dude is all “south lawn or Oval office?” . I can’t even be bothered to comment. Not only they don’t write new stories but they REPEAT the same “Mellie who is the First Lady thus has ABSOLUTELY ZERO POWER OR AUTHORITY to say something like this, instead says it” stupidity. Whatever.

I’m sure what’s interesting about the episode is in the rest of scenes, obviously. This is just a minimal part of it. And I’m certain Fitz, Cyrus and Olivia will have to make up for and pay the price for Mellie’s stupidity once again. Granted, they’ll make up for it, but this is SOO trite. Find something else. At least Mellie’s alone in the scene which is good. But still… ZERO originality and really, this again? As long as it brings to another “you’re ornamental, not functional” scene I’m fine with it. She needs to be reminded of it, evidently. She doesn’t understand that SHE CANNOT HAVE POLITICAL POWER AS FIRST LADY, PERIOD: Either she starts doing something HERSELF OR NO POWER, Mellie. NONE. You can’t have power by being a leech and exploiting Fitz. Get that into your head.

OK, So Who Thinks Fitz Is Going To Win The Election?

My prediction is that Governor Reston might have his own Defiance shenanigans. What if Hollis decides to back him and points him in the right direction of the voting machines? The difference is this time, they get caught, and the presidency goes to Fitz, because Shonda Rhimes isn’t quite bold enough to not have Fitz  in the White House.  I can totally see that happening…