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Disney Villain Sentence Starters

Evil Queen

“Silence! You know the penalty if you fail.”
“I’ll share a secret with you. This is no ordinary ____, it’s a magic wishing ____.”
“One bite, and all your dreams will come true.”
“Now, make a wish, and take a bite.”
“I’ll fix ya! I’ll crush your bones!”
“All alone, my pet?”


“There! This will be your home - where I can find you always!”
“You will make lots of money… For me!”
“QUIET! Shut up before I *knock* you silly!”

Lady Tremaine

“Well, I see no reason why you can’t go… if you get all your work done.”
“Get up. Quick, this instant! We haven’t a moment to lose!”
“You clumsy little fool!”
“Oh. Well, don’t just stand there. Bring up the breakfast trays at once, and hurry!”
“Hold your tongue! Now, it seems we have time on our hands.”
“Wouldn’t you prefer to eat when all the work is done?” 
“What on earth have you’ve been doing?”
“It would be an insult to take you to the palace dressed in these old rags.”
“I forbid you to do this!”
“How charming, how perfectly charming.”
“Why? Because YOU are *young*, and *innocent*, and *good*, and I…”
“And so, I lived unhappily ever after.”

Queen of Hearts/Red Queen

“I warn you, child… if I lose my temper, you lose your head! Understand?”
“Your way? All ways here are my ways!”
Curtsy while you’re thinking. It saves time.”
“How would you like to have your head hacked off?”
“Never mind him/her. (S)he’s mad.”
“It is far better to be feared than loved.”

Captain Hook

“Thank you, me dear, you’ve been most helpful.”
“So passes on a worthy opponent.”
“Good, then let’s have at it!”
“And that’s why I asked you over, my dear.”
“A jealous female can be tricked into anything.”
“Oh, a little persuasion might be in order.”


“Why so melancholy? A wondrous future lies before you - you, the destined hero(ine) of a charming fairy tale come true.”
“Oh, they’re hopeless. A disgrace to the forces of evil.”
“Touch the spindle. Touch it I say!”
“You poor, simple fools. Thinking you could defeat me.
Well, here’s your precious *(prince)ss*!”
“Are you sure you searched everywhere?”
“I must say, I really felt quite distressed at not receiving an invitation.”
“Oh dear! What an awkward situation.”
“This curse will last till the end of time! No power on ____ can change it!”
“I like you begging. Do it again.”

Cruella DeVil

“You can’t possibly afford to keep them. You can scarcely afford to feed yourselves.”
“Come now, I’m being more than generous.”
“Do as you like with them! Drown them!”
“But I warn you, ____, we’re through. I’m through with all of you! I’ll get even. Just wait.”
“I’ve got no time to argue. I tell you, it’s got to be done tonight!”
So they thought they could outwit ____?”
“What kind of sycophant are you?”
“We lose more women to marriage than war, famine, and disease.”
“Darling, red isn’t your color.”
“Be sure to let me know when the blessed event occurs.”
“My faith in your limited intelligence is momentarily restored.”

Madame Mim

“Now, first of all, if you don’t mind, I’ll make the rules.”
“Sounds like someone’s sick. How lovely.”
“So, my boy/girl, I’m afraid I’ll have to destroy you.”
“Yeah, I-I’ll give you a sporting chance. I’m mad about games, you know.”
“And (s)he must see something good in you.”

Shere Khan

“I can’t be bothered with that, I have no time for that nonesense.”
“Perhaps. But at the moment I’m searching for a ____.”
“Why should you run? Is it possible that you don’t know who I am?
Precisely. And you should know that everyone runs from ____.”
“Ah, you have spirit for one so small.”
“Now, I’m going to close my eyes and count to ten. It makes the chase more interesting… for me.” 
“Does my face not remind you of what grown man can do?”
“All I ask for is one thing and you denied me. Well that ends now.” 


“You’re going to ____ if it’s the last thing I do.”

Sheriff of Nottingham

Now, take it easy, ____, I’m just doing my duty.
Listen, ____, you’re mighty preachy and you’re gonna preach your neck right into a hangman’s noose.

Prince John

“____, with you around, who needs a court jester?”
“You’re never around when I need you!”
“I told you never to mention ____’s name!”
“Get out of that if you can.”
“I sentence you to sudden, instant, and even immediate death!”
“My dear, emotional lady, why should I?”
“Young love, your pleads have not fallen upon a heart of stone. But traitors must die!”
“This crown gives me a feeling of power! Power! Forgive me a cruel chuckle. Heh-heh-heh. Power.”
“Stop sniveling and hold still.”

Madame Medusa

“You must gain their confidence… make them like you.”
“Now, I’m going to let bygones be bygones. Do you know what would make Auntie/Uncle ____ very happy?”
“Of course, you have. But we must try harder, mustn’t we?”
“Adopted? What makes you think anyone would want a homely little girl/boy like you?”
“Not until you get the diamond!”

Amos Slad

“Watch it, that thing’s loaded.”
“____, get back in there before I break your other leg.”

The Horned King

“You’ve interfered for the last time!”
“Perhaps it would interest you to see what fate has in store for you.”


“Oh, my dear ____. I’m afraid that you’ve gone and upset me. You know what happens when someone upsets me.”
“You don’t know what a delightful dilemma it was, trying to decide on the most appropriate method for your demise.”
“Oh, I had so many ingenious ideas I didn’t know which to choose. So I decided to use them all.”
“You should have chosen your friends more carefully.”
“All will bow before me!”


“Three sunrises. Three sunsets. Three days, ____.”
“So, ____. Did we bring something green and wrinkly to make ____ happy?”
“If you don’t have my money…”
“Now, I lent you some money, and I don’t see it. Do you know what happens when I don’t see my money, ____?”


“So much for true love!”
“My dear, sweet child. That’s what I do. It’s what I live for, to help unfortunate ___, like yourself, poor souls with no one else to turn to.”
“It’s she who holds her tongue who gets her man.”
“Oh, and there is one more thing. We haven’t discussed the subject of payment. You can’t get something for nothing, you know.”


“It’s not right for a woman to read. Soon she starts getting *ideas*, and *thinking*…”
“How can you read this? There’s no pictures!”
“This is the day your dreams come true.”
“Say you’ll marry me.”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had *feelings* for this monster.”
“It’s over, ____! ____ is mine!”


“You will order ____ to marry me.”
“____ *will* marry me!”
“You’re speechless, I see. A fine quality in a wife.”
“I am your master now!
“Trust me, my friend. You’ll get what’s coming to you.”


“Life’s not fair, is it?”
“And you… shall never see the light of another day.”
“Ahh, so you haven’t told them your little secret.”
“Oh, no, ____. Perhaps *you* shouldn’t turn your back on *me*.”
“Well, I suppose you’d have found out sooner or later, you being so clever and all.”
“And remember… it’s our little secret.”
“Oooh… I quiver with *fear*…”
“I’m *surrounded* by idiots.”
“Run. Run away, and never return.”

Governor Ratcliffe

“I’ll have your head for this!”
“How dare you!”
“Well, I’ll just have to take it/you by force then, won’t I?”
“This is my land!”
“I make the laws here!”
“That’s what guns are for.”
“A mans not a man unless he knows how to shoot.”


“How dare you defy me!”
“Mark my words, —, you will pay for this insolence.”
“Look at that disgusting display.”
“I know you helped him/her escape.”
“You idiot! That wasn’t kindness, it was cunning!”
“Dear boy/girl, whomever are you talking to?”
“I think… you’re hiding something.”
“I’ll find her/him. I’ll find her/him if I burn down all of ____!”
“And this my thanks for taking you in and raising you as my son/daughter?”
“These people are traitors, and must be made examples of.”
“I can save you from the flames of this world, and the next. Choose me, or the fire.”
“You’ve chosen a magnificent prison, but it is a prison nonetheless. Set one foot outside, and you’re mine.”
“You don’t know what it’s like out there. I do. I do.”


“So you took care of him, huh? “Dead as a doornail.” Weren’t those your *exact* words?”
“Okay, fine, fine. I’m cool. I’m fine.”
“I need somebody who can… handle him/her as a (wo)man.”
“Well, you know, that’s good because that’s what got you into this jam in the first place, isn’t it?”
“You sold your soul to me to save your boyfriend/girlfriend’s life. And how does this creep/bitch thank you? By running off with some babe.”
“(S)he hurt you real bad, didn’t (s)he, ___? Huh?”
“We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy. What do you say? Come on.”
“____, ____, ____, my sweet deluded little minion. Aren’t we forgetting one teensy-weensy, but ever so crucial little, tiny detail? I own you!”
“____, listen. Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of your freedom, fluttering away, *forever*!”
“I can’t believe you’re getting all worked up over some “guy/chick.””
“Now you now how it feels to be like everyone else. Isn’t it just peachy?”
“____, my little flower, my little bird, my little *nut*-____. What exactly happened here?”


“I tire of your arrogance, ____. Bow to me!”
“Looks like you’re all out of ideas.”
“You took away my victory!”


“Go ahead. Shoot me. Be a (wo)man.”
“Why? For 300 pounds sterling a head.” 
“Actually, I have you to thank, old boy/girl. Couldn’t have done it without you.”


“Excellent. A few drops in his/her drink, and then I’ll propose a toast, and (s)he will be dead before dessert.”
“Just think of it as you’re being let go, that your life’s going in a different direction, that your body’s part of a permanent outplacement.”
“I know. It’s called a “cruel irony”, like my dependence on you.”
“It is no concern of mine whether or not your family has… what was it again?”
“Take him/her out of town and finish the job now!”
“Why do we even *have* that lever?”
“____! Why did I think you could do this? This one simple thing! It’s like I’m talking to a monkey.”
“Fired? W-W-What do you mean, “fired”?”
“Why, I practically raised him/her.”
“That is the last time we take directions from a ____.”
“This had better be good!”
“_____ is dead, right? Tell me ____’s dead. I need to hear these words.”

Commander Rourke

“What’s to know? It’s big, it’s shiny, it’s gonna make us all rich.”
“It’s called natural selection. We’re just helping it along.”
“Looks like all our chances for survival rest with you, ____.”
“Well, as usual, diplomacy has failed us. Now, I’m going to count to ten, and you’re going to tell me where the crystal is. One, two, nine…”
“I love it when I win.”
“I consider myself an even tempered (wo)man. It takes a lot to get under my skin, but congratulations, you just won the solid-gold kewpie doll.”


“____ should learn to mind their own business.”
“Maybe your ears don’t work so well.”
“The girl was sniffing about.”
“It’s that boy/girl. Methinks you have a soft spot for him/her.”
“I say we kill ‘em all now.”

Oogie Boogie Man

“Well well well. What have we here?”
“So you’re the one everybody’s talking about?”
“It’s much more fun, I must confess, with lives on the line.”

Dr. Facilier 

“Gotta hand it to you, ____. When you dream, you dream big.”
“Don’t you disrespect me, little man/lady!” 
“You’re in my world now, not your world.”
“Y'all should have taken my deal.”

Mother Gothel

“Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful/handsome young lady/man. Oh look, you’re here too.”
“I distinctly remember, your birthday was last year.”
“YOU are not leaving this tower! EVER!”
“Great. Now I’M the bad guy.”
“____, please, stop with the mumbling. You know how I feel about the mumbling. Blah blah blah blah blah, it’s very annoying!”
“Dear, this whole romance that you’ve invented just proves you’re too naive to be here.”
“Why would (s)he like you? Come on now, really. Look at you! You think that (s)he’s impressed?”
“Please speak up, ____. You know how I hate the mumbling…”
“Oh, ____, do you even hear yourself? Why would you ask such a ridiculous question?”
“Everything I did was to protect YOU.”
“Where will you go? (S)he won’t be there for you.”
“Now, now, it’s all right. Listen to me. All of this is as it should be.”
“You want me to be the bad guy? Fine. Now I’m the bad guy.”
“The world is dark and selfish and cruel. If it finds even the slightest ray of sunshine, it destroys it!”

King Candy

“Sad as it is, ____ can not be allowed to ____.”
“I’m not against her/him! I’m trying to *protect* her/him!” 
“Welcome to the boss level!”

Prince Hans

“Can I say something crazy? Will you marry me?”
“Oh, ____. If only there was someone out there who loved you.”
“I, on the other hand, am the hero who’s going to save ____ from destruction.”


“It’s still my word against yours.”
“It really is too bad, I… I did like you!”
“I framed ____; I can frame you too!”


Disney Villains: Seven Deadly Sins

After I read that the seven main characters of SpongeBob SquarePants are each meant to represent the seven deadly sins, and after having written a couple of analyses about Hans and rewatching older Disney films again, I wanted to figure out which Disney villains best fit each sin.

I wanted to choose only Disney villains that were animated and the main antagonists of their films. No live action villains, no sidekicks, and no villains that were from direct-to-DVD movies or others from films released by DisneyToon Studios. I just wanted to choose those from the Disney animated canon.

So without further ado, here are my seven choices of Disney animated villains that I think best fits each sin and their quotes that reflect how they fit each respective sin:

  • Envy: The evil queen of Snow White is the first Disney villain ever created, and among the most evil. She definitely fits the sin of envy so well because of her extreme vanity and insane jealousy over the fact that Snow White is the only one whose beauty surpasses her own. Vainly determined to remain the fairest one of all, she sets out to have Snow White killed to ensure this. After the huntsman tricks her by providing her with the heart of a pig, the queen disguises herself as an ugly old woman in order to visit Snow White at the dwarfs’ cottage and eliminate her herself. (Her disguise is an extremely ironic method for her to make sure she remains the fairest one of all.)
  • Lust: Another one of Disney’s darkest villains, judge Claude Frollo best fits the sin of lust. A cruel, prejudiced, and hypocritical judge, Frollo despises gypsies, but develops lust for Esmeralda, due to her beauty. Although he feels shame that his lust is turning him towards sin, he does not see any evil in his past deeds, instead blaming his lust on witchcraft and the devil. After Esmeralda escapes Notre Dame, Frollo ruthlessly hunts Paris for her, arresting and harming innocent people. When he is about to execute her, he offers to spare her life if she becomes his mistress, which she refuses.
  • Sloth: It was tricky figuring out which villain best fit the sin of sloth, but in the end, I chose Lady Tremaine. While she is jealous of her stepdaughter’s beauty much like the evil queen, it is more for the sake of her own daughters, and she does not physically harm Cinderella. Rather, she does it indirectly by forcing Cinderella to do all of the housework, giving her orders and loading her with chore after chore each day while she and her daughters act lazy and do none whatsoever. Such an example is the scene where Lady Tremaine punishes Cinderella with more chores: as she lists them, she is sitting in her bed, stirring and drinking her tea. Even though she says Cinderella can to go to the ball, she keeps giving her more chores so that she will not have time to fix up a dress. This proves that she never wanted Cinderella to attend the ball in the first place.
  • Wrath: By far one of Disney’s most popular villains, Maleficent fits the sin of wrath well. Having declared herself “the mistress of all evil,” she is all bad and exhibits nothing but anger and hatred towards others. After not being invited to Aurora’s christening, Maleficent takes revenge by putting a curse on her that will cause her death when she turns sixteen. Although the curse is weakened so that Aurora will fall into a deep sleep, Maleficent makes sure that it still happens. Afterwards, she does everything in her power to make sure that Phillip does not get to Aurora, becoming furious when she seems to have failed after doing everything. Thus, she is forced to take him on herself as a dragon.
  • Pride: Gaston’s narcissistic nature is why he best fits the sin of pride. He is extremely vain and egocentric due to his handsome appearance and the fact that he is the most admired man in his village. As shown in the song appropriately named “Gaston,” he takes great pride in all of this, especially when people say that no one does something like how Gaston does it, which means that he does it the best. He wants to marry Belle purely for her beauty, and to him, that means she is the best, which he thinks he deserves. By being married to the most beautiful woman in his village, that would only inflate Gaston’s pride and ego.
  • Greed: There is no doubt in my mind that the sin of greed best fits Governor Ratcliffe. This is best shown by his intense craving for gold and desire to be a wealthy man. He leads John Smith and other sailors on an expedition to Virginia to find gold and other riches, but he fails to tell this to his crew since he wants to keep all riches for himself. When he and his crew cannot find any gold around their settlement, Ratcliffe’s intense greed makes him believe that the Native Americans have all the gold. To get it from them, he decides to attack the Powhatans and refuses to believe John’s claim that there is no gold around the land.
  • Gluttony: The sin of gluttony seems to connect that of greed well because it includes an excess of something. My choice as the villain to best represent this sin is Cruella De Vil. Although it seems that she fits greed more than gluttony, which usually refers to the excess of food, I chose this one due to her obsession and indulgence with fashion and furs. She even tells Anita that she cannot live without furs. When Cruella learns that Perdita is expecting puppies, she takes an interest, solely because she wants to use their skin to make a new fur coat. She hires Jasper and Horace to steal the puppies and then acquires eighty-four others just so she can have her desired spotted coat. When the puppies escape her mansion, Cruella, along with Horace and Jasper, goes on an obsessive hunt for the puppies, determined to catch and kill them.

The gifs of these villains and their quotes were made by my best friend Stephanie (letitgoleviosa), and I could not have made this post without her help and encouragement. Thank you, Steph! :D

The Signs & Disney Villains

Aries - The Evil Queen, Snow White

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Taurus - Stepmother, Cinderella

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Gemini - Cruella De Vil, 101 Dalmations

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Cancer - Governor Ratcliffe, Pocahontas

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Leo - Izma, Emperor’s New Groove

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Virgo - Frollo, Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Libra - Gaston, Beauty and the Beast

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Scorpio - Hades, Hercules

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Sagittarius - Gothel, Tangled

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Capricorn - Shan Yu, Mulan

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Aquarius - Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty

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Pisces - Ursula, The Little Mermaid

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Disney’s Pocahontas MBTI

ISFP [The Composer]

Reserved, intensely private, and unobtrusive, it can take many encounters to get to know the incredible warmth, generosity, kindness, playful humor, and often impressive skill set of an ISFP. First impressions do not do them justice; ISFPs are the type least likely to “advertise” their own strengths. They are one of the most sympathetic types who genuinely care about and enjoy people. However, being in highly social environments tends to drain their energy - they crave time inside their own head to process and recharge. . Highly averse to conflict or tension, ISFPs focus a lot of energy on maintaining harmony and avoiding confrontation. As one of the more sensitive types, ISFPs take criticism very seriously (and often to heart), and tend to withdraw, not engage. Intensely private, they are the least likely type to share that they had a negative or hurt reaction, leaving others totally unaware of the damage done. ISFPs have strong personal values, and while they do not discuss them much with others, they have a large impact on the ISFP’s actions and decisions.

John Smith
ISTP [The Virtuoso]

Stoic, quiet, great under pressure, and logic-driven, ISTPs would much rather just DO it, then TALK about it. In fact, they speak the fewest words on average of any type. Unlikely to interrupt others or fight for the floor, ISTPs often think best when alone. They typically prefer to gather information, come to a conclusion, and then (sometimes) share their thoughts. Often seen as mysterious, ISTPs are the type most likely to surprise others with their actions and decisions, because they don’t naturally keep others in the loop. However, when the situation calls for persuasion, ISTPs can turn on the charm and have a fun way about them that lets others to relax, smile and get on board. Keenly observant of their physical surroundings, nothing gets past an ISTP. They find it easier than most to live completely “in the moment” most of the time, not as distracted or stressed as types who focus on the past or future.  

Governor Ratcliffe
ENTJ [The Commander]

Enthusiastic, direct and charismatic, ENTJs are one of the most high energy, talkative types. They are typically very comfortable sharing about their lives and are much more likely than their INTJ colleagues to “think out loud.” Highly articulate, ENTJs have a naturally bold and dynamic presence that tends to command the attention of the room. Often their tremendous outward self confidence and excellent verbal skills draw others to them, but can at times overpower or intimidate certain personality types.  ENTJs are the type that have to work the hardest to not interrupt others (usually in an effort to fight for “the floor” or avoid hearing excessive details). They don’t necessarily check in with their own emotions when making decisions, and can at times overlook others’ emotional reactions. Strategic visionaries, ENTJs excel at objectively analyzing and planning for the long-term needs of an organization. Much less sensitive than their ENFJ colleagues, ENTJs usually would rather be “right” than be “liked,” and can be very direct (to the point of being blunt).

ESFJ [The Supporter]

Warm, high energy, talkative, friendly and highly emotionally intelligent, ESFJs are the quintessential “people” people, and tend to develop instant rapport with and bring out the best in virtually everyone. Energized most by a highly social environment, ESFJs tend to require very little alone time. They are perhaps the easiest type to get to know, usually sharing lots of detailed information about themselves early in conversations, and drawing the same out of others. Often feeling things more deeply than others, they have immediate emotional reactions that show up on their very expressive faces. They may have to force themselves to wait before responding when they feel emotionally charged. ESFJs are also the type most gifted at “reading” the emotional state and style of others – and adapting their style to be most pleasing to whomever they are with at the moment, being exceptionally diplomatic and cautious to avoid unnecessarily offending anyone.

ISTJ [The Duty-Fulfiller]

ISTJs tend to value what has worked well in the past and find comfort in the “known,” making them one of two types that most desire structure, routine and planning ahead. ISTJs are some of the most dependable, organized, responsible, and meticulous people on the planet, and often live by the rule: “my word is my bond.” If an ISTJ has made a commitment to do something (no matter how insignificant), they will do everything in their power to get it done - and on time. ISTJs are exceptionally playful and highly closure-focused, and when it comes to decisions, and they have a tendency to want to “get down to business” and “cut to the chase” quicker than most other types. ISTJs are highly logic-driven, and tend to make decisions based on what makes the most logical sense from an objective viewpoint. They are not nearly as aware or as swayed by how they themselves or others personally feel about a decision as their ISFJ colleagues. ISTJs would rather be respected and thought of as fair than thought of as nice. 

ISFJ [The Defender]

Warm, patient, loyal, and exceptionally kind, ISFJs take great pleasure in helping others in concrete, practical ways, and tend to put other people’s needs before their own. In fact, the ISFJ’s generous disposition, combined with their sense of duty and discomfort with conflict or confrontation, makes it very difficult for them to say “no.” As a result, it is common for others to over-rely on them. ISFJs are also one of the types MOST highly attuned to the emotional reactions of others (and their own feelings as well), and they focus a lot of energy on maintaining harmony. As one of the more sensitive types, ISFJs take criticism very seriously (and often to heart), and tend to withdraw, not engage. They do their very best every day to please others and exceed expectations, and they thrive on private positive feedback.

Descriptions from Type-Coach.


Project Disney Week 5 [Team Bjorgman and Flynn Rider]


Colors of the Wind

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?
Gramander Pocahontas AU

So, my Disney AU’s tend to be either Cinderella or The Hunchback of Notre Dame…. so i’m mixing it up a bit. Would anyone be interested in reading a Gramander Pocahontas Au?

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Newt Scamander as Pocahontas

Percival Graves as John Smith

Theseus Scamander as Chief Powhaten (Is that his name?)

Credence as Thomas

Grindelward as Governor Ratcliffe (disguised as Picquery)

Jacob as Nakoma

Tina and Queenie as… other members of Ratcliffe’s crew

Would anyone read this?

The Signs as Disney Villans
  • Aries: Scar (The Lion King)
  • Taurus: Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
  • Gemini: Prince Hans (Frozen)
  • Cancer: Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Leo: Evil Queen (Snow White)
  • Virgo: Mother Gothel (Tangled)
  • Libra: Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
  • Scorpio: Horned King (The Black Cauldron)
  • Sagittarius: Yzma (The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Capricorn: Governor Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)
  • Aquarius: Hades (Hercules)
  • Pisces: Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians)