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Governor Burrell’s statue of himself in his garden bears an uncanny similarity to the old Lenin statues found in Eastern Europe as the one above from Csepel, Memento Park in Budapest (-picture from wiki). Is the resemblance just to remind us of dictatorships or is there another reason for choosing this look as it seems unlikely a modern American politician would have anything in common with Lenin but when you scratch the surface, you find all sorts of things that you’ve never heard about, like the Decossackization

The Decossackization between 1917 and 1933 was aimed at the elimination of the Cossacks as a separate ethnic, political, and economic entity and was initiated by Lenin as he saw them as a military threat. It is also very similar to how Nazi-Germany then acted against the Jewish population and how TB’s governor Burrell acts against the vampires.  

And let me just add that having a statue of yourself in the garden is kind of OTT if you ask me. 

Governor Burrell in a bottling plant might not lead you to think about WW II or Germany, but there is a link, Krones, or rather the town where Krones was founded. 

Krones AG is a German packaging and bottling machine manufacturer that was founded in 1951 in Neutraubling, Bavaria. During the Second World War Neutraubling was used as an airbase and factory for the Messerschmitt aircraft manufacturing company, which during the war had slave labour, and inmates of Flossenbürg concentration camp were held there until forced into a ‘death march’ to Dachau concentration camp between 20 February, 1945 and 26 April, 1945. 

After the war, many of the factories used for wartime production were converted to civilian use, even if Krones isn’t one of those. And, as we pointed out after the release of the Burrell’s address promo, governor Burrell’s ideas and actions closely mimic those of the Nazi government. Our post about this can be read here