I knew something was suspicious when we didn’t have a SOPA/ACTA bullshit thing this year.

In case you read the title wrong, Corrupt Chief Judge Mark Mahon, issues an order preventing anyone from saying the he, or any of the other sitting judges in Duval County, are corrupt.

This all started because of Michale Hoffman, a PINAC correspondent, took to the courthouse steps saying the judges were corrupt. It’s a battle that has been building since last year, when Hoffman, who was standing on public property, was arrested on misdemeanor charges of trespassing.  When he was arrested, he was holding signs that said:  “Police State,” “Liars Investigating Liars,” “F??K THE TSA,” and “IRS = Terrorist.”.  Corrupt Judge Mahon ruled that Hoffman cannot use Freedom of Speech as a defense in that trial. The corrupt judge also ruled that Hoffman cannot inform the jury that he was standing on public property when he was arrested for trespassing.  It’s important to note that Hoffman was arrested for trespassing while on public property at the Jacksonville International Airport, which under Florida Law, is owned by the Florida Government.

What kind of world do we live in, when a corrupt judge can issue an order, banning anyone from saying that he is corrupt?

This case is significant. You do not need to be a lawyer to understand what is happening and understand the problem. Everything is very simple. A police state is not obliged to protect people, but has a right to defend itself. Cops for example, physically defend themselves and the government, which gives them power. The government defends itself and the cops legally. There is no need to explain to you the intricacies of what is happening, everything is simple and clear af …                   /source/

I think Californian deserves to be in “their” drought…

Cali has to be one of the most wasteful desert states when it comes to water.Nevada,Utah,Arizona,(some of) Colorado and New Mexico are all in the same Drought and we all do out part to conserve water,well actually we just live our lives because it was thought to us not to be fuck heads with our water usage like…

-Dont leave the water running while brushing your teeth.

-Dont take super long showers/dont fill the bath tub all the way.

-Wash your car with a sprayer rather then an open hose.

-Dont water plants in the middle of the day.

-Fix leaky swamp coolers/faucets 

Nevada,Utah,Arizona,(some of) Colorado and New Mexico All have water heavy industries (farming,mining,food production .ect) all have parks and golf courses all have cities with substantial populations, no one has issues no one has problems with it.But for some reason the population of California is making a huge deal of all the crazy “newfangled” water saving methods (Pretty much proving that most of them watered the street to see if cars would grow) and the worst part is that most Californians talk as if water conservation is something temporary and when the drought blows over they can leave their taps running all night once again,Unfortunately saving water in a desert is not something that you do till the water comes back.

So yeah screw you guys and welcome to the South west!   

At the time the Constitution was passed, between 50% and 75% of male property owners had guns. We know this because sometimes state governments, and sometimes counties, would go house to house conducting a census. Not infrequently, one of the questions asked would be if the homeowners had a gun, what kind it was, and if they could see it. Historians went back, averaged and guesstimated, and came up with those numbers. Interestingly, between 6% and 38% of female-owned estates had guns too.

Censorship in Japan

A lot of things on Japanese TV bother me; the lack of channels, the lack of variety, the lack of real content, etc. All of those are mainly based around the fact that Japanese people don’t like to rock the boat too much when it comes to personal opinion. People will never outrightly disagree with you, unless you are close friends perhaps, but my Japanese friends have always used polite…

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I hate how people who try to help the less privileged get shitted on every turn. When they go to protests and marches, people are like “lol good job??? do u want a cookie??? ur obviously just doing this for attention!” Yet when they don’t go, they’re met with the same disdain like “u dont care about them at all, u r just capitalizing off their oppression.” Obviously, there needs to be more work done for to resolve injustices, but demoralizing those who are making an effort to be allies is not going to get us there.