Why Call Centers Might Be The Most Radical Workplaces In The Philippines
You may not realize it, but the person on the other side of your customer service phone call might be transgender.
Par Meredith Talusan

On calls, Filipino workers can safely adopt women’s voices, names, and clothing, all while earning a decent wage. But their success at work doesn’t protect them from the discrimination they face outside of it.

Anonyme a demandé:

Do you think the Iranian state will ever become secular and/or completely free of Islam? It sounds like many Iranian people are, but the government is still so theocratic...

Unfortunately, the politics of this world is a dirty game! Yes, it is true that Iranian people are very secular and that government is no representative of the general Iranian population, but the fact of the matter is, some things are beyond the control of ordinary people. I am not conspiracy theorist but having religious theocracies or brutal dictators in some cases in the Middle East is in the best interest of some bigger powers out there. There are obvious facts out there that we cannot deny, and there are groups that gain from chaos financially. Iran, not only had secular, but a democratically elected secular government in the 1950s, and you know who decided to get rid of that? The British and U.S government (See this post I made about it: Iran’s short lived and only ever secular democracy)

Anyways, back to your question, I personally don’t think the 1979 revolution was the result of a bunch of people protesting. Think about it, if it was that simple, how has there not been a counter-revolution in 35 years? The population of Iran is much higher than in was in the 70s, and the people today are a lot more fed up with their government, especially the youth. A government that hardly has any international support, unlike the pre-79 government that was “supposedly” backed up by the West. So in reality, this is a mess and to answer your question I, and most Iranians you talk to, would love to have a secular democracy in Iran, but as far as when that will be, it’s honestly anyone’s guess.

“There has never been so much regulation on speech in the world as we have now.”

There are dangers to censorship – even self-censorship:
Cities with anti-LGBT laws can't host NCAA tournament events anymore
The NCAA Board of Governors voted Wednesday to require cities to prove they can provide an environment free of discrimination before they can host any event, including the men's and women's basketball Final Fours.
Par Los Angeles Times

NCAA Board of Governors voted Wednesday to require cities to prove they can provide an environment free of discrimination before they can host any event, including the men’s and women’s basketball Final Fours. The move is a response to several states establishing laws that allow business owners to deny services to individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity, the NCAA said in a statement.

“The higher education community is a diverse mix of people from different racial, ethnic, religious and sexual orientation backgrounds,” said Kirk Schulz, president of Kansas State University and chairman of the Board of Governors. “So it is important that we assure that community – including our student-athletes and fans – will always enjoy the experience of competing and watching at NCAA championships without concerns of discrimination.”



It’s been easier to convince people to hand over half their income, their children to war, and their freedoms in perpetuity - then to engage them in seriously considering how roads might function in the absence of taxation.

Without the state’s incredible, Heaven-mandated, virtually godlike concentrated power, “Who would build the roads?”

The debate:
Pee At Home: Alabama City Bans Trans People From Using ALL Public Bathrooms
This one is even worse than North Carolina & Mississippi's bigoted "bathroom laws."

Religious extremist and doomed Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently said that transgender Americans shouldn’t be allowed to use public bathrooms at all – and now a town in Alabama has turned that bigoted talking point into law. The city council of Oxford has just unanimously approved an ordinance that effectively bans trans citizens from using any public bathroom that doesn’t match the sex noted on their birth certificates.

Since it’s extremely difficult to change the sex on a birth certificate, the law effectively bans trans citizens from using public bathrooms at all – punishable with a fine of $500 or up to six months in prison. The move is apparently in response to retail giant Target’s decision to allow anyone to use “the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity,” which provoked a firestorm of criticism and a fruitless boycott among conservatives online.


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