Proposed Law Would Require Mothers To Look At Pictures Of Congressmen She Disappointing Before Having Abortion 

“What this bill does is show women that, hey, these congressmen aren’t just faceless legislators; they’re real politicians whose agendas are being destroyed. Once they see the actual eyes and ears and other features of the lawmakers whose spirits they’re breaking, I believe they’ll rethink what they’re about to do.” 


I just heard that the democrats lost over 1500 seats from the local, state and federal government level last year. The media is painting the liberals as a steamroller with unstoppable momentum. The truth is that conservative values are on the rise, and more and more people are saying no to bigger government. America a is a great place to be right now.

Tumblr makes you anything BUT calm. 

it makes you a hateful, narrow minded person, it takes things you never thought to mean anything before, like certain genders, sexualities, races, and religions, and makes you associate negative ideas with them. Even if you don’t believe every post you read, your still exposed to the idiot, ill informed, emotionally fueled ideas written by the idiots on here

this site is mostly used by dumb teenagers and young adults. If you want to be more informed, read stuff written by impartial professionals, use anything BUT tumblr. 

Those people who claim that learning mathematics, science or literature are “worthless” and are of “no purpose” are out of their minds.

Without understanding how to interpret language, or the reasons and ways of choosing certain words, phrases and so on, how can you really communicate or comprehend anything above the ruthlessly functional (I hungry) or put into words what you think and feel, or understand what somebody else is saying, or what a book or a poem is or could be saying?

Without maths and science, how would you even be able to air your complaints about how “pointless” they are? Maths and science have applications in everything everywhere, largely because they are explanations and descriptions of everything everywhere. It might not be immediately obvious what purpose topology (for instance) has - but without it, if nobody were taught it, would you have videogames, cgi, photoshop?? (Listing only non-academic uses…) A practical application of a single aspect of quantum physics allows GPS to work…

Similarly, art (as in drawing, painting etc) relies heavily upon the more abstract (described as “worthless”) ideas and topics. Where is art without understanding? Where is it without history or cultural context? Where can it go without even the most basic grasp of maths and science (ie, the understanding of the physical world)?

I’ve seen people, as well as saying nobody should learn Chemistry (goodbye industrial business and medicine) Biology (goodbye veterinarians, doctors, conservationists) Physics (goodbye satellites, engineering,  electricity, cars….), people should also not learn carpentry (goodbye house, cupboards, chairs…) or history (goodbye understanding of your culture and people and so on…) 

The reason you have to go to school and study these things is because they are important to understanding and getting-by in the world in which you live. Knowing things, learning, understanding - these are wonderful things. The world is a rich and interesting place. Just because you can’t determine the immediate worth of something does not mean it is pointless. (A lot of advances come from work that is decades old, which somebody somewhere, through looking and learning has realised they can employ to make sense of or to improve X).

Just because you have no particular drive or ambition or interest, doesn’t mean other people don’t. You cannot blame your teenage malaise and ennui on the “uselessness” of the information you are being given. The information you are being given is a privilege. It is an expensive and time-consuming thing for a country to provide, yet it is essential as a means of safeguarding your mind and your future. There are people in places that don’t have half the opportunity nor range of subjects open to them that willingly suffer (and get maimed and persecuted) because they see how important it is to know and to look and to engage, as a means of empowerment but also (as you really need to realise) as a means of enjoyment. (Understanding is appreciating. When you appreciate something, you can see its beauty.)

I am from a very deprived background and have been to some shockingly bad schools, have had truly appalling teachers (including one who turned out to be a child molester, and one who frequently head-butted students….) and yet I and, quite happily, a fair chunk of other students have gone onto do the things (some attending Oxford and Cambridge) we’ve always wanted to because of the flawed yet vital education system and its range of topics.

It’s the height of 1st world bratty privilege to say that because you cannot see an immediate and easy reward for study that there is not point to it and that public schools should teach only “useful” things. If the poor or underprivileged (or even average) child is not given a chance to learn, then what are you doing to them? You are wishing upon them a curse of illiteracy and servitude and exploitation that has taken centuries to even begin to be rectified. Without school, without maths and physics and literature, what are we and what can we achieve?

I am not going to be a serf in a shit hole toiling and suffering for the benefit of the one person in the village able to read.

Knowledge and understanding are beautiful.

Education is empowerment and freedom.

Throughout the world, governments always profess to be forward-looking. In practice, they are always backward looking, either protecting the industries that exist, or making sure that whatever ventures they have decided to undertake are encouraged and developed. This occurs at the expense of the kind of healthy development of new, dynamic, adaptive industries that would surely occur if the market were allowed to operate freely, if it were allowed to separate out the unsuccessful ventures from the successful ones, discouraging the unsuccessful and encouraging the successful.

Health Care: Sanders vs Paul

Will have to revisit this very accurate overview of the Montreal economy, as we’ve been receiving reports that vape stores are closing as quickly as they opened, all across the Plateau. Will report back with more details as soon as possible (hahaha no, just more photos of garbage).

While I believe in the textbook definition of feminism and believe that it is necessary in the world. I hate this new version of “tumblr feminism”. Women have come so far in the past century that now all we have to complain about is the excessive use of photoshop on magazine covers, it is ridiculous. Literally no attention is ever focused on the suffering that women face in poor, developing countries or just the plight of women of low socioeconomic status. Not only that, it doesn’t concern anyone about the lack of representation of WOC because it doesn’t involve them directly so they don’t care. If models stop being photoshopped or whatever else, this pseudo-feminism will fucking disappear because the problems of affluent white women will finally be solved! Hooray!

Feminism has become more about problems that concern those who are a part of the “movement”. Feminism has become the movement to end the plight of those who look like you or are similar to you. While body positivity and the treatment of eating disorders, etc. are important, equal access to education, healthcare, family planning, and ending wartime conflicts that disproportionately affect women are what this “movement” should base itself off of. 

Alan Milchman, in the days when he was a brilliant young libertarian activist, first pointed out that libertarians had misled themselves by making their main dichotomy “government” vs. “private” with the former bad and the latter good. Government, he pointed out, is after all not a mystical entity but a group of individuals, “private” individuals if you will, acting in the manner of an organized criminal gang. But this means that there may also be “private” criminals as well as people directly affiliated with the government. What we libertarians object to, then, is not government per se but crime, what we object to is unjust or criminal property titles; what we are for is not “private” property per se but just, innocent, non-criminal private property. It is justice vs. injustice, innocence vs. criminality that must be our major libertarian focus.
—  Murray N. Rothbard, “Confiscation and the Homestead Principle”
It is difficult to understand the depths of his political and strategic myopia.
—  Christopher A. Preble, Cato Institute VP for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies discussing Marco Rubio’s foreign policy. Read the entire Newsweek op-ed. 





The great achievements of the nineteenth century came by departing from the kind of system that you now want to re-impose. You want to take us back to the 18th and 17th century when we had a corporate society, when we had government controlling things. The whole issue is not Is what somebody is proposing from the 20th, or the 19th, or the 18th [Century]? The whole issue is: What is the best thing to do? What is the best way in which we can widen our opportunities, preserve our freedom, maintain our prosperity? And it seems to me the kind of solutions you would propose involve more of the same measures that have failed over and over again to achieve the objectives.