U.S. diesel margins to drive refiner profits for third quarter and beyond
U.S. refiners are set to blow past quarterly earnings expectations after margins surged to a two-year peak on the back of a crippling hurricane season that squeezed already tight gasoline and diesel supplies.

U.S. diesel margins to drive refiner profits for third quarter and beyond

Fucking russian political circus

In March 2018 in Russia will be presidential elections. Putin and his vile government are already preparing for this event. After 17 years of Russian rule Putin expects to remain in power for another 6 years. And, most likely, it will happen.

There is no politics in my country, no political competition, no democracy. There are no serious opposition forces and parties which could influence the population of Russia, 70% of whom still get all information only from TV or newspapers - which are full of propaganda and controlled by the government. There is a very severe censorship: in mass media it is possible to speak only about what the state allows. Unfortunately, independent opposition media have really small audience.

However, even in this such difficult conditions, a person appears, with is supported by his loyal team, is ready to challenge all this criminal power which occupied Russia for 17 years. The name of this person is Alexey Navalny. Once beginning as a lawyer, he later focused on creating compromising videos which expose the fraudulent and criminal nature of the Putin regime. Videos about corruption and luxurious lifes of officials, ministers, close Putin’s friends (what a coincidence, what all his friends are amazingly rich!)

The most resonant video-investigation is about the head of the government of Russian Federation – about Dmitry Medvedev. About his cool sneakers, bright shirts, and of course about a duck’s house… Plus about his palaces, yachts, and vineyards in Tuscany… but it’s trivia. The government didn’t react to this video in any way. The media also didn’t say any word. This angered Navalny and he appealed to his audience and followers to go out to streets and ask the government to give any real comment about the video and reproofs. Almost 93000 people in whole Russia went out to streets with peaceful protest, almost 2000 people were arested. Mass media described these protests as the action of traitors to the homeland, the participants were called schoolkids, who were promised money if they come to the action and if they be arrested. Just lie and shame…

Finally in december 2016 Alexey Navalny declared what he will participate in presidential elections as a candidate. Were opened accounts for receiving donations. Thanks to like-minded people and followers, campaign headquarters were opened in many towns of Russia. Navalny visited to these headquarters, met with potential voters, met with ordinary people who don’t trust him and continue to believe Putin - he tried to give to them his thoughts, tried to open their eyes.

The headquarters were often attacked by Putin’s groups and also shut down by the police. But time goes… more people get know about Navalny, more and more people recognize the truth what Russia has serious problems and the current government needs to be changed. Putin and his thieving friends are afraid of this. A fake criminal case is being filed against him for, ostensibly, fraud when he was an entrepreneur. He is given a suspended sentence of two years’ imprisonment. European Court of Human Rightsthe calls this verdict illegal and demands to cancel it, but the Russian government does not worry about it – Navalny has a suspended sentence and cause of this he can’t participate in elections.

For create the illusion of democratic elections Putin and Co decided to expose “sort of an independent opposition candidate” – TV presenter, journalist, publicist Ksenia Sobchak. This woman, of course, is trying to convince everyone what this is her own decision, what she is determined to replace Navalny, what she acts as a candidate “against all”. But the facts of her biography turn all these her words into “blah-blah-blah”.

She is the daughter of Anatoly Sobchak, he was the mayor of St. Petersburg in the 90s, and Putin at that time was a minor assistant to Anatoly Sobchak, wore suitcases behind him. Putin always was next to Sobchak’s family at the time and Ksenia grew up in front of him, he was for her as God father.

She is known as a TV presenter of few dumb reality shows, as a bad actress, as a not bad interviewer, as a public figure whose opinion changes as quickly as the direction of the wind. And also known for having close ties with the Kremlin.

It is obvious what Putin and Co allows her to participate in elections to create the appearance of competition and rivalry. It is clear what she will pull on herself some of the opposition votes, which would be intended for Navalny. It is clear what just very few people will vote for her because she’s bored and not interesting to all: for lovers of Putin and for opposition. And it is obvious what this is being done to legitimize the elections. Soon there will be a couple or more “pet” candidates - just for quantity. And Putin in all this “fight” will win. Great scheme, bravo!

Now the whole more or less educated and intelligent population of Russia, who wants to live humanly, could try to move out this country, to make revolution or just to make mass suicide.
New cancer drugs help Johnson & Johnson top profit estimates
Johnson & Johnson posted better-than-expected third-quarter earnings, raising its full-year forecast due to growth from new cancer drugs and high-margin treatments picked up in its $30 billion acquisition of Actelion earlier this year.

New cancer drugs help Johnson & Johnson top profit estimates


some government notes from this week~

I only took pics of the more colorful ones :) but I’m really loving these black-pen-over-colored-marker headings rn (the federalism one) .. thoughts?

Mt. Hood Timberline Tucker Double IPA

MT. HOOD BREWING CO. - TIMBERLINE TUCKER DOUBLE IPA The Timberline Tucker Double IPA celebrates innovation in Oregon hop growing and the Mt. Hood Brewing Co.’s long time relationship with Timberline Lodge. A heaping dose of Oregon State’s latest aroma variety hop, Strata (formerly X-331), is used to brew the Timberline Tucker. At this point, Strata is only being grown in very small quantities. Timberline Lodge and the Mt. Hood Brewing Co. supports Oregon State’s breeding research to develop new varieties with interesting qualities by showcasing this promising hop. Oregon State is doing stellar work with this project. The Tucker Snowcat, an iconic image that has been associated with the lodge for many decades, is worthy of the label. The classic machine embodies the rugged, harsh conditions of Mt. Hood but also the playful nature of the mountain. Timberline Tucker Double IPA is a massive punch of grapefruit and pine, with a solid platform of rich malt to balance. Available in cans and on tap, Timberline Tucker can be enjoyed at the Mt. Hood Brewing Co. in Government Camp and at the Y’Bar and Phlox Point Cabin at Timberline Lodge.


Minority Service Disabled Veteran Owned Hubzone Government Contracts pr…

Government Shareholders?

               Whether or not you want to admit it, the government runs itself as a business entity. Which is both good and bad, don’t get me wrong. It keeps them a little more responsible for their decisions but also stops them from interfering with actual business. Looking at major companies, ones like the government, you can find a lot of similarities: hierarchy, departments, decision makers, teams, supervisors, finance side, a marketing side, and the list goes on and on. But I’d to try and show a connection between one important thing I feel is often overlooked. Shareholders! In major businesses who makes big decisions? Shareholders. People who have bought into a company, people who give the money, the highest bidders, and those who have the most to lose. Is it possible that a government has shareholders too?

               I’m not talking about tenured life long career politicians or government bond holders or even lobbyists who probably make one of the best examples. I’m talking about the person being taxed the most; the rich, the one percent, the people who supposedly need to be taxed the most. It’s good in theory, tax them the most and the trickle down will help people below. But is it so? If you were paying thirty percent, forty percent, or even fifty percent of your earnings into something wouldn’t you want a say in where that money goes? If you’re paying that much wouldn’t you want the school in your neighborhood to be fixed up first? Or the pothole on your commute fixed first? I mean if not then what are you paying these guys for?

               Don’t get me wrong, we have ways of combatting this, proper redistribution techniques but at the same time you also have to appeal to your strongest customers, the one you tax the most. If they don’t get what they want they can move, a government can’t. We see it with businesses, high tax rates will make a company lay off employees or move states altogether so why wouldn’t this mirror off on people?

               So then why would a party, a person, want to tax the wealthy if really it moves more power into their hands. The more a person is bought in the more power they gain as in any business. The top one percent in the United States pay almost forty percent of federal taxes, 39.48% to be exact. They pay more in income tax than the bottom ninety percent combined. Does that not mean that the rich are making more decisions? Or have at least more power when it comes to making decisions? Have we not seen, even those who preach higher taxes on the rich, that the rich are still rich and powerful? Taxing them more isn’t going take them out of power as we are so told. And in fact taxing is a fine for doing well in life. Rich create wealth and jobs? Why punish them? Why not make a universal tax? Yes they’d still be paying more but if you made taxes for every one let’s say thirteen percent wouldn’t that even the playing field? Now it’s definitely not the same as same as everyone paying the same amount which would really create an even field but an even amount would be either too low or too high for a tax bracket or government needing money.

               Whatever the right answer is, I don’t believe taxing the rich more is going to solve any problems in hindering corruption or creating equality. In fact, it has an inverse effect. I’ve never seen anyone with this point of view though and so I am curious as to what you might think. Please let me know! Share your facts, your insights. Is there a resemblance? Is there a problem with this? Is there a solution to better equity or equal say in government?