government weed

I blame

  • white people
  • the black voters that gave Trump the largest share of our vote since Nixon
  • James Comey
  • Vladimir Putin
  • the news media for giving Trump $2 billion in free advertising
  • Jill Stein and the Green (Get Republicans Elected Every November) Party
  • every “progressive” that voted for Gary Johnson because they don’t understand economics or the role of government and/or think weed is more important
  • everyone who stayed home because they thought it was a lock or because “they’re the exact same”

I don’t think enough people realise that if alcohol was discovered now it would be classified as a Class A drug.
That shit is poison. Your body literally throws it back up if you drink too much and people have died from drinking a bottle of it.
It’s in the same category as fucking heroin and crack and has been rated the 5th most harmful drug.

But weed, which is the 9th most harmful, used as medicine and you would need to smoke 2 tonnes of it in 45 minutes in order to die, nah, that’s illegal.

This man deserves a seat at the 2016 Debate Table - Gary Johnson (Former Gov. of New Mexico) Ladies and Gentlemen! #seatatthetable

white people think freedom is having your titties out on a 1970′s themed love bus on your way to burning man while you hit an ice bong and get topped of by someone of the same gender while wearing a ”make cupcakes not war” patch on your fucking forehead. white people cant see past their simple outdated freedom ideologies, niggas is really getting killed out here i do not care about when the government will legalize weed

I was to be a bride, but whose? My father had assured me that the Council of Citizens would let me know the moment they decided.

THE YEAR IS 2124, AND THE UNITED STATES HAS CEASED TO EXIST AS WE KNOW IT. After a plague swept across the nation over a hundred years ago ( some said it was a government conspiracy, to weed out the poor and feebleamong them. Some said it was a biological accident, a chemical leak from some underground lab that spread like fire amongst the people. Some said it was biological warfare, a toxic and invisible killer sent in from the Middle East, from Russia, from Cuba, from anyone who wasn’t us. Some said it was an act of God, a second coming, a new flood. Whatever it was, there was one thing everyone agreed on –– it was EFFECTIVE. ) the country had to reinvent itself. There were too few people to ever return to the way things were at the start of the nation, especially given that the plague had targeted a rather suspicious amount of women, and so those remaining, those left behind, banded together to form the Council of Citizens. Anyone over the age of eighteen was allowed to petition the Council for a seat amongst them. Anyone over the age of eighteen had the right to demand a say in the way they were governed. As the years went on, the Council became more and more elite.

The new laws were simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward. They centered around and focused on being a good and productive human, on contributing to the new society and world, on being O B E D I E N T. The most important law, the only one that really mattered, was officially titled ORDINANCE NUMBER SEVENTEEN. Unofficially, it’s referred to as THE MARRIAGE LAW.

The ordinance is thus: At the age of eighteen, a young woman shall be paired and partnered with an eligible young man, wherein they will have thirty days to be wed. Their new home shall be provided for them by the government, and a stipend shall be allotted to the female and her parents for her service and loyalty to her country. The couple shall have one year to produce a child, or face the consequences, including but not limited to –– ( the following lines have been blacked out of all public records and texts, and do not pick up until after the consequences are explained in absolutely no detail. ) After a fourth child is produced, or after three female children have been produced, the couple will then be free to part ways if desired. The female, however, will once again be contracted into a marriage within the bounds of another year. Any and all questions about this ordinance can be directed to the Secretary of the Council.

There are stories, of course, of girls who were matched up to men twenty years their senior, of girls who tried to run off in the night. Those girls were always dragged back into the marriage, or never heard from again.

The day the letter arrives for you is a simple day, unlike any other day, save for the irregular mail delivery, for the letter in a pristine white envelope, addressed to you from the Council. Inside this envelope, you know, is the name of your match. Inside this envelope, for good or for bad, is your future.

The Council of Citizens thanks you for your service.

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