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Remembering the Black Panther Party

They stood up to police brutality and fed poor kids. They were hated by the FBI.

They were unfairly demonized by our “democratic” government and preyed on by law “enforcement”, and sent to jail for trumped up (no pun intended) charges.

2017 and we are still fighting the same fight!

Not much has changed. They still stand watch over their communities. A person might not know it. But they are there and strong. They have passed the torch on to their children and grandchildren and I am grateful they are there. .

ignore this rare showing of bitterness but like

Bellamy: the ice nation brutally killed my girlfriend and we’re at war, I have to protect my people.

Bellamy: *grabs gun*

Lexa: the ice nation brutally killed my girlfriend and we’re at war, I have to protect my people.

Lexa: *establishes an unprecedented coalition of previously warring clans, establishes a representative system of government with a democratic method of the removal of religiously ordained leaders, creates a weapons-free neutral zone with a flourishing local economy, ignores her personal desire for revenge to allow the Ice Nation into this coalition in order to prevent more war, becomes a popular leader responsible for the first period of peace and unity since a nuclear apocalypse*


97 major tech companies file amicus brief against Trump’s travel ban

  • Think of a major technology company. There’s a decent chance that whichever one you thought of was among the 97 firms filing an amicus brief on Sunday — against Trump’s travel ban.
  • The brief, which has since been widely shared online, argues that the 90-day ban is illegal and that it will discourage foreign workers from seeking employment in the U.S.
  • “The Order represents a significant departure from the principles of fairness and predictability that have governed the immigration system of the United States for more than fifty years,” the brief reads, and “inflicts significant harm on American business, innovation, and growth.”
  • Companies listed on the suit include Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft, among others. Read more

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“Fascism does not require revolution to exist in capitalist society: fascists can be elected into office (though their disdain for elections usually means manipulation of the electoral system). They view parliamentary and congressional systems of government to be inefficient and weak, and will do their best to minimize its power over their policy agenda. Fascism exhibits the worst kind of capitalism where corporate power is absolute, and all vestiges of workers’ rights are destroyed.”

Define Fascism

Hundreds of dwellings - all painted in a vibrant red color - make up Larung Gar, the world’s largest Buddhist institute. The settlement is located in a remote valley in Tibet and contains a population that has grown to approximately 20,000 people since its founding in 1980. In recent years, the Chinese government has started to systemically demolish homes and force thousands of occupants out of Larung Gar, claiming the settlement is too crowded and unsafe. They have also closed off the area to all foreigners. Many Tibetans fear the erosion of their language, traditions, and ways of worship in the midst of these incursions by the Chinese government.

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me: jk rowling’s “fantastic beasts and where to find them” depicts a whitewashed version of the american world with an extremely questionable magical governance system that fails to take into account the usa’s complex, immoral, and diverse history. in addition she continues to use david yates as the director when yates made several changes in the harry potter films that took away from the themes of the books and it is likely that he will do the same here. furthermore,,
also me: *hears hedwig’s theme**starts crying* jk rowling i owe you my childhood

a voting skeptic: I find issue when our entire system of governance revolves around choosing between two candidates who bundle a wide range of nuanced policies and issues under a single platform, virtually ensuring that you are forced to elect someone who will exercise political power opposite to your wishes, when for many elections the result is already decided because of decades of gerrymandering and corruption and a bizarre form of voting structure that gives the vast majority of americans a powerless vote based on living in certain states.  I dislike the plethora of lobbyists and special interest groups that are able to fork over more money a day than I will earn in my lifetime, how I am unable to contact my representatives and receive any sort of response whatsoever, and that I am pressured and shamed into thinking that this is anything more than a dystopian smokescreen to keep the masses from demanding actual representation.

me getting my sticker and posting on social media about it: nah

What school forgot to teach me:
  • How to balance a check book
  • How to pay a mortgage
  • How to cook meals from scratch 
  • How to aquire a TV license
  • How to survive on a students budget 
  • How to have dreams

But hey- at least Mitochondria is the power house of the cell…


You are being watched.
The government has a secret system,
a machine that spies on you every hour of every day.
I designed the machine to detect acts of terror but it sees everything.
Violent crimes involving ordinary people.
The Government considers these people “irrelevant”
We don’t.
Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.
You’ll never find us.
But victim or perpetrator.
If your number’s up.
we’ll find you.

The system is fucked

Ok so here in Australia a lot of things are trying to kill you and ATAR is one of them. ATAR is like SATs but Australian. Basically I just realised the system is designed to make you fail. Coz with ATAR out scores are ranked in all of Australia and that determines what universities we can attend. So if you have a 70 ATAR score you are in the top 30%, 80 ATAR then you are in the top 20% and so on… now in Western Australia the minimum you can get to be offered a place in the universities is a 70 ATAR. that means you have to be better than 70% of the rest of everyone. Which means only 30% can attend uni. It doesn’t matter what overall grade you got (this is what annoys me) it only matters how many people you are better than. This means you could achieve a great grade but because you aren’t in the top 30% means you can’t be offered a Uni course. And this shits me. Like the course is made so 70% of hardworking students who have sacrificed 5 years of “the best times of their lives” for nothing. Like there are courses to help you get into you uni if you fall short but not all unis have them. But unlike the students who chose to do a trade or hone their talents in an area those who chose to do ATAR don’t have a lot to fall back on. Like this all makes no sense…sorry for the grammatically incorrect rant. It’s ok now. It’s over