government shutdown 2011

What the Government Shutdown means:

The IRS will shut down, but the tax deadline will not change. Mailing of refunds will be postponed.

The State Department will freeze all passport operations.

All national parks, public museums, and monuments will close to the public but necessary operations (such as feeding animals in the national zoo) will continue.

Approval for business and housing loan guarantees (through the U.S. Small Business Administration and Federal Housing Association, respectively) will be suspended.

If the shutdown is prolonged, funding for and the operations of Medicare will be affected. 

Critical functions, such as border patrol, air traffic control, and food inspection will continue out of the necessity of public health and safety. Mail delivery will continue because the U.S. Postal Service operates independently of direct federal funding.

Certain side-effects during the ‘95-'96 shutdown (That will hopefully be avoided this time) include:

-Shutdown of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

-Curtailing of benefits for military veterans.

-Halting of toxic waste clean-up. 

Lets hope History doesn’t repeat itself.