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So Anya and I have been ~discussing~ this ~theory~ that Riverdale makes more sense if you assume it takes place in an AU where Scientology is the dominant/default religion.  Thinks that make a lot more sense include:

  • The 1950s names:  We can assume that in a Scientologist America the equivalent of Elijah or Mary or Peter would be names like Cheryl, Betty, Reggie, or most importantly, Ronnie
  • The general 1950s vibe. In a theology where heaven looks a lot like post war American suburbia, of course Pops Diner is the most important local institution and of course the razing of the local drive in would be a genuine scandal necessitating government bribes.
  • It makes a lot more sense for Emo Intellectual Jughead Jones to get a lot of his references from Tarantino films in a world where genre films are the highest form of art.
  • A world where children are just considered small adult thetans there’d be no need for decent social services or for anyone to give a shit that a 15 year old boy is living at the drive-in. 
  • The fucking redhead thing.  I mean, this is where the theory started.  If the Blossoms are high ranking Scientologists then OF COURSE they are engaging in incest eugenics to breed more red heads, the most evolutionary advanced version of humanity. OF COURSE, they look at Archie likes he’s a perfect husband/stud material. 
  • Just to amuse myself I did a google image search of L Ron Hubbard’s family and tell me these aren’t some creepy as fuck Blossom family looking photos:

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Wait I don't understand the TIME post, can you explain it for me?

It shows the white house (an important American symbol) transitioning into Russia’s St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow (an important Russian symbol)…. this symbolizes how american politics and recent government-related scandals are starting to revolve around russia’s involvement more and more, rather than being based off American issues. everywhere you watch on the news and hear about trump’s scandals, the word “Russia” or “Putin” gets thrown around a million times. this is absolutely not normal, and the only time we should be hearing another country’s name get thrown around like this with a president is if he met with another world leader. 

World-Building 102 - Creating a Culture

Hey y’all, Abby here with another writing post! Today, we’re going to be talking about culture and how to create one for your world. (Lots of questions today.)

Consider the social hierarchy.
Is it based on wealth? Race? Political favor? How complex is it, and can a person easily move through its levels? Do people of higher levels within the society get certain privileges? Can people between different classes marry (if so, what happens to their rank?)? How easy is the system to understand? Can anyone understand it, or is it something that must be studied? Are there common jobs among each class? Are these ranks instituted?

What about government?
How complex is that? What form is it? Democracy, republic (there is a difference), monarchy, socialist, communist, totalitarian? (Of course there are more forms than the ones listed here.) Or is it one you created yourself? How does it work? How many people are in charge and how did they get there? What role to the common people play in the government and what is it? Are there often government scandals? If so, are they widely known or kept on the down-low? Is political power more associated with wealth or popularity? What are the most common/popular political opinions? How strongly do people feel about them?

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Miriam Defensor Santiago (1945-2016) is a Filipino politician, known for serving in all three branches of the country’s government: executive, legislative, and judicial. She was the first Filipina to be elected as a Judge on the International Criminal Court.

As a senator, she authored more bills and laws than anyone else in the Philippines. She exposed various government scandals, being praised and internationally rewarded for her fight against corruption. She was a presidential candidate in 1992, but lost despite great popularity.
The Trump Presidency Falls Apart
After an extraordinary 10 days, the tenure of the chief executive may have deteriorated beyond his ability to repair it.
By David A. Graham

May 8: Yates testifies and calls out WH/Flynn/Trump lies
May 9: Trump fires Comey, at the reported recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein and Sessions
May 10: White House retracts recommendation “Trump did it on his own”
May 11: Trump admits the Russia probe was a factor in Comey’s dismissal in an NBC interview
May 12: Trump twitter-threats Comey re: tapes of their convos
May 15: Trump shares sensitive classified intel with Russian foreign minister and ambassador
May 16: a memo from Comey leaks — quotes Trump as asking him to drop the FBI investigation into Flynn “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go”

Be sure to tune in tonight for another episode of, Trump’s a Shitshow

…but it seems like when it comes to President Trump, he’s always approaching the end of the line but it never seems to come, as if for him and him alone, the end of the line is drawn by MC fucking Escher.

05/2016 Madness - America’s agitator Donald Trump
38/2016 Five minutes to Trump - Hillary Clinton’s weakness is a danger to the world
45/2016 The next President - script of a tragedy (That was the one published on Saturday before the election.)
46/2016 The end of the world (as we know it)

Not surprised at all about the new title this week.

Der Spiegel is known to be fierce and always puts harsh titles. The articles inside are no less scalding, but they are among the best you can get in German language. They are well researched and hardly ever unfair. One of the best investigative political magazines in the world.

They claim to be the control of the wealthy and powerful by exposing corruption, mis-management, scandals, and plain idiocy. And it is not that they look for dirt to make someone look bad, they simply point out where powerful organisations/institutions/persons fuck up. And they do a lot. In Germany and elsewhere.

Or in the words of the Encyclopaedia Britannica: “The magazine is renowned for its aggressive, vigorous, and well-written exposes of government malpractice and scandals.”

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if you're still taking prompts, malcolm x clara coffee shop au!! thank you 💕

Just for you Greyscale, since I’ve already had a Malcolm/Clara coffee shop AU here.

9897 words (20 PAGES IN MSWORD); while I like the smell of coffee, I’ve utterly failed at acquiring a taste for the drink, so parts of this might be a bit more vague than most coffee shop AUs since those places are useless for me; contains some of the following: obligatory swearing, a semi-treatise on Shoreditchification, Malcolm Tucker making goat noises, gratuitous sex, yet another possible family situation for our favorite Weegie, a channel for my personal unease about glitter while not condemning it outright, semi-slow burn, and other random things; some things may change later, since I am tumblr-posting at 4am and I need to edit this with a clear mind before heading to FFN/AO3 but need this also out there too


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I don’t give a flying fuck about TOP smoking weed. I’m pissed that they just released it now instead of back in February because you know they drug tested him before he went into the military. South Korea has been known to release idol scandals to distract from government scandals. It just makes me wonder what they are trying to distract people from now.

Why ZOG?

One of the reason neo-nazis, K.K.K. and other far right people love the idea of a ‘zionist occupation government’ is because it means that the actual mainly white, mainly incompetent, mainly guilty governments are a) not to blame and b) not incompetent. 

Any conspiracy theory ever fabricated relies on the premise that people are a) inherently capable of pulling off a conspiracy without effing it up and b) capable of keeping a secret. What is clear from every government scandal of the past hundred years is that neither of these are true. 

If you are telling me that the white governments we can see are just a front for a secret (so tactful and diplomatic) Zionist occupation government then it should be noted that - the white government we see are open about their failings in; public expenditure, moral use of force at home and abroad and ability to follow the path of science, education, social care etc. If the ZOG is more capable, diplomatic and effective without ever taxing or making an international ripple, perhaps they are the ones who really should be in charge. 

Why would you favour the government we see - incompetent and immoral - over the ones who are really keeping the clocks wound? Neo-nazis and KKK and far right already hate the white governments we see, why not hand it over to the ZOG? They get it done.

Unless you think they’re not real of course.


Do the people of 30th Century Earth know that Chibi Usa turned into Black Lady and served their enemy’s will for a time there? Or did the White Moon Court manage to hide that secret away?

Cause, like, I feel that would cause a pretty big scandal through out the world. The only heir to the throne–an unpopular one, if we’re taking Chibi Usa’ memories into account here–fell under the whims and ideals of a creature that had managed to kill everyone and nearly kill the Queen. How would that not send shock waves through the world? They won’t have the full context of Chibi Usa’s brainwashing, her depression, of her life story: they’ll see a girl who took the dark power of their enemy and tried to kill them all.

We currently start scandals over what kind of sandwich our political leaders eat and you’re telling me that the threat of BLACK LADY wouldn’t cause a major government scandal?????