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Canadian Scientists Explain Exactly How Their Government Silenced Science
It wasn’t just climate research. Rock snot, sharks and polar bears: All were off-limits during the Harper administration
By Joshua Rapp Learn

“A survivor’s guide to being a muzzled scientist.”  

Get a personal e-mail address, start your own blog and make sure there are multiple copies of your datasets. “Get anonymous, get online. Let people know what’s going on,“ Rennie says. “Folks that are in academia, that have tenure, that have a bit more job security and have more of an ability to speak their mind can help those in the public service that are challenged with these situations.”

“Disservice is too mild a word” to describe the effect of this muzzling, says Steven Campana, a shark scientist who spent 32 years working for Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans:

 “It’s a cheat for the taxpaying public because it’s the taxpaying public that is funding this government research. When that research leads to very positive things, or even if it’s negative, the people that paid for it deserve to hear about it.”

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

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BULGE SCIENCE (one of the more PRESTIGIOUS sciences) 

Bulge Science an Anthology




DARPA wants to hack your brain to make it easier for you to learn new languages

  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has doled out more than $50 million to fund research which could potentially hack your brain to facilitate learning.
  • The four-year program, called Targeted Neuroplasticity Training, will explore electrical stimulation of the nervous system to find safe ways to make learning languages easier.
  • Eight university research teams at seven institutions across the nation  — Arizona State University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Florida, University of Maryland, University of Texas, University of Wisconsin and Wright State University — have been awarded multimillion dollar contracts from the government to research the nervous system and how people learn. Read more (5/1/17)

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The f'n FBI came to my place of work (badges and everything) to ask me about my brother over some facebook posts. Like, I cannot make this up. This sounds like a joke, but I'm kinda scared. Like, what do I do now?

lmao likes it’s not a joke, the feds really do take interest in social media. border patrol is looking through people’s facebooks for political opinions, feds are looking through peoples facebooks to see like what their protesting plans are and shit, the government invests millions in researching communist memes, they’re putting communist professors on watchlist lmao … like… they really are… doing this shit 

saving this for posterity forever because I seriously cannot stop laughing at it.

“give me a CREDIBLE source! not that government biomedical research facility source, that isn’t credible! 

my sources are and! Checkmate pro choicers!”

The Ningen is said to be anywhere from 60 to 90 feet in length. The first time it was seen, Japanese sailors on a “government whale research ship” thought that the creature was a submarine before they got closer to it. After a few moments, the gigantic creature submerged itself and vanished from the sailors’ sight.

NASA and NASCAR both started off as the same branch of the government focused on high speed propulsion named the National Autonautics Research Division, or NARD. But an internal feud caused a rift between two groups of employees. One group was focused on rocket propulsion, and the other was focused on hitting land-speed records for fame and fortune and thus the two groups split and formed the respective institutions we know today.


Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jackson

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,074

Summary:  You’re a medical intern, always a perfectionist and used to being the best at everything you do. Jackson Wang is the male nurse beloved by everyone and constantly on your nerves. When you two are brought together, it could be the best or the worst thing that’s ever happened.

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Ningen are a cryptid found in the waters of Antarctica. The creatures are very large, with white skin and large fins. They look like mermaids to some. The first recorded sighting of it was described on a forum by a Japanese government research ship. The creature is called ningen after the Japanese word for human.

**** FYI 人間(ningen) is human, and 人(hito) is person. Lmao I now know three kanji, and they all relate to people.

lms if you think the federal government should fund research on how to get the city of boston to float four inches above the ground and make it so “lightning crashes” by live plays on an infinite loop from speakers so loud no bostonian can ever escape it, even if they trap themselves in the thickest bank vault

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Hey, can you explain that graph you just posted a bit more? It's pretty unclear, and it's difficult to make sense of.

Sorry, someday I’ll take the time to summarize and link to the articles I screenshot graphs from, but yesterday was not that day. It’s a bad habit.

So on the left is what percent of Republicans and Democrats think the federal government is “spending too little” on the list going down the left side of the graph. For example about 43% of Democrats feel the government spends too little on law enforcement, while almost 70% of Republicans feel that way.

On the right is what Democrats and Republicans think the government spends too much on. For example,down there on the bottom of the right graph, about 70% of Republicans feel the government spends too much on “welfare”. As compared to about 35% of Democrats.

Link to the Economist article.

Taken as a whole I find this data pretty interesting, specifically because it shows in a lot of instances voters want pretty much the polar opposite of what Trump’s proposed budget would bring. That said, to the degree the budget does line up with what Republicans want, it paints a pretty dark picture of American priorities.  In Trump’s budget Republicans get the cuts to welfare and foreign aid they want. They’ll also probably get the increases in defense spending some 60% of them want. They’ll also get increased spending to “fight crime” (which is at a record low basically everywhere in the country). They won’t have to deal with government spending on scientific research or infrastructure they don’t support.

What they won’t get is the increased spending in addiction treatment, education, health care, social security, “assistance to the poor” (which probably points to some racial overtones in what Republicans consider “welfare” because they all want to cut that), investment in alternative energy, or any number of other things.

I think this kind of shows there are a lot of similarities in what people want, but that’s not where the government spends it’s money and Trump’s budget, in my opinion, puts most of the government spending into disastrous programs. We don’t need more money going to prisons when over half of Republicans agree we need to spend more on alternative energy and health care.

It just shows that the divide between the average American, of either party, and the people making policy, hasn’t changed much at all. No matter how great the wave of populist anger that fueled Trump and to a lesser degree Bernie Sanders, might have been.

can i rant about something that i feel like is super important yet extremely understated? ok here goes:

heath care givers, scientists, and other health advocates oftentimes overlook the obstacle that poverty has on cancer prevention. i’m not talking about treatment, which we all know can absolutely devastate a family’s finances. i’m talking about the “simple” and “easy” day-to-day lifestyle actions that can dramatically decrease one’s risk of certain cancers, and how they can be hard to achieve when money is tight. 

take sunscreen for example. sun protection is the #1 best way to decrease one’s risk of skin cancer, the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer. but sunscreen can be a luxury when that ~$6/bottle needs to be spent on food, or saved up penny by penny for utilities or rent. and take into consideration that many low-wage jobs are spent outdoors, like farm workers. 

diet and exercise–other great ways to lower the risk of certain cancers (and other diseases). but the ratio of fast-food places to grocery stores with fresh produce can be extremely skewed in poorer neighborhoods. and then think about how much $5 can buy in terms of fresh vegetables and fruits (and then other ingredients to cook them with, along with the utilities to keep them fresh/cooked well) vs items from the dollar menu at mcdonalds. i see so many ads calling for the “mediterranean diet” to prevent cancer, and i always think… ok that’s pricey. fish is pricey. also if i was someone who worked a labor-intensive job, and only had $3 to spend on lunch, would i go for a low-calorie salad, or a high-calorie high-protein burger? 

and trying to jog through unsafe streets, without access to nearby and well-maintained parks? not easy. 

and then there’s cancer prevention routines at the clinic–like mammograms and pap smears and visits to the dermatologist to get a mole checked out. covered by insurance or not, these procedures involve having that time off from work/other responsibilities, and having the transportation to get to the clinic. again, very real obstacles for those who can’t afford them. 

none of what i’m saying here is new, nor is it isolated to just cancer prevention. talk to anyone experiencing or has experienced poverty about these concerns and they’ll say “well duh”. but the thing is that we–the people advocating for these “simple” cancer/other disease prevention strategies–are not listening to them and making the necessary changes to society. all i hear from scientists and doctors is “prevention is key!!!” and yes, that’s true, but i want to yell back “well what are you doing to address the societal and financial barriers to that!! your fancy DNA test to detect cancer early is neato and all but can everyone afford it!!!” 

and i get it. sometimes we as scientists and doctors can’t really have control over this (money has to come from somewhere, and we all have mouths to feed). but as a society, a community of people who can care for others, there are things we can do: raise minimum wage. have better employee benefits like more personal time off (to go to clinics). expand public transportation. have affordable universal healthcare. aliquot more government spending on scientific research to offset costs. promote neighborhood gardens, parks, better infrastructure (without gentrification). end the cycle of poverty and crime by means other than prison (like reaching out and understanding mental health needs, improving public education, etc). basically make the fundamental changes to society so the downstream effect is that people can realistically afford positive impacts to their health. 

bottomline: we can’t hope to prevent or cure cancer–or any other disease–until we address affordability and accessibility. a new diagnostic test is sweet and all, but it does absolutely nothing if it can’t actually help people

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I am always so curious in learning new things, but I get so concerned in where I get my information. I always end up diving into constant Google searching. Google's great but I want something to give me exactly what I am looking for, instead of having to rearrange words and sentences to find what I am looking for. I need an easier way to gather information, opinions, and facts, what do you suggest?

good for you!! I totally agree with questioning information and finding reliable sources. So much “information” out there today is fake, misinterpreted, misrepresented or under researched  

Whenever I’m researching something I generally do the classic google search but make sure I’m using websites that i trust (government, university, peer reviewed journals) and identify if the source I’m using has a reason to be biased (e.g. has a food company made donations to government research regarding diet?) I also like to make sure the same idea can be found in multiple souces

this is a great way to make google more effective 

I’m also a big fan of google Scholar where you can find peer reviewed (mostly) scientific journal article on the key words you search (just google “google scholar” to find it

and don’t forget your google tools where you can filter your results

:) does anyone else have any tips tricks or ideas???

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Since 1990, the FDA mandates that all packaged food in the U.S. must feature nutrition labels. We still eat like crap, but at least we know where, or what, that crap comes from. Well, we think we do, at any rate. See, the FDA knows that no two cookies are exactly the same. That means the nutrient content can slightly vary even between two packages of the same product. So naturally, they allow nutrition labels a small margin of error to account for these differences. These “small” margins? They can be up to 20 percent.

Although this doesn’t automatically mean everything you eat has 20 percent more calories than it says on the packaging, we have an inkling which side most companies err on. If these lax standards bother you, perhaps you’ll be comforted by the fact that it doesn’t matter. There’s no process in place for regularly auditing food nutrition labels, so it could all easily be lies.

Yes, using the honor system to police an industry that has repeatedly shown a serious deficit on the honesty front has gone roughly as well as you’d assume. In 2008, the Government Accountability Office researched how often manufacturers’ vitamin and mineral claims fell within the FDA’s 20 percent rule. Of the 300 products tested, 47 percent were outside of the accepted range for vitamin A, 31 percent were outside of the accepted range for iron, and 12 percent were outside of the accepted range for vitamin C. The FDA allowed five different methods to determine a food product’s calories, all of which yielded wildly different results.

6 Common Myths About Healthy Eating You Probably Believe


The Ningen is a strange humanoid creature that is often seen in Antarctic waters by Japanese government operated whale research ships. The creature is commonly reported as being 20 to 30 meters long and completely white; typically they are a human-shape with arms and legs that are easily seen which caused them to get their name. Its skin is usually described as smooth and sometimes blubbery. Ningens are mostly sighted at night. Many people try to dismiss the Ningen as a deformed whale or a large ray. Some even say it could be an alien being as many UFOs are found in Antarctica. The people that have witnessed them, however, claim that these beings are definitely alive considering they were first thought to be submarines before getting closer to them.

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Do you have any suggestions on what we can do as men to resist Trump and help protect others and ourselves? I feel so powerless and afraid and the women around me are afraid too and afraid of US.

it seems like you and the people around you have been taken over by the mass hysteria created by the media and others. What you and the people around you can do is:

1.) Calm down, and write down everything you are afraid of that you believe trump has the power to actually do. Then look those things up, research, and find out if trump can actually do it (if it’s within his authority), and/or if it’s something he actually said he was going to do, or is it something you heard from somewhere he was going to do.

2.) Research how the U.S government works and exactly how much power you as “the people” have compared to trump as “the government” . Research non-biased, (direct and quoted) promises trump has said/made. try to look find something that tells you direct quotes from trump and the others that are now in office, and do not look at what other people has to say about those quotes. Research Trump’s platform and do the same thing. 

3.) Think about how you feel after reading those things trump has promised to do/ his platform. try and decipher them into your own words (and incorporate the limits of the power you now know trump has, as well as the power you know the people have, as you logically comprehend/paraphrase his platform/promises.)

4.) Avoid media and sensationalized outlets for information about your government. Don’t look to other people’s paraphrased words or other people’s understanding of what your government has promised to do. Look at it yourself, directly, and make your own judgement. 

5.) Educate yourself and others on the power you have over your government, and also the limits your government has. Try and stop the spread of fear and the hysteria. This will reduce violence on the streets as well as the many many many false hate and discrimination stoires going around (that has only added fuel to the fire.) 

6.) Accept different views, and be open-minded to others as long as they aren’t hurting another person/people. 

7.)  Keep being the lovely person you are, and encourage others to keep being the lovely people they are. 

America = power to the people. Don’t panic. Don’t worry. He’s just another president. 

Stay calm, and keep up with the politics as directly as you can. 

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There’s about 12 little stories or “episodes” of the main Stanton Creek story so I thought i’d draw some stuff for them all! In order…

WELCOME TO STANTON CREEK- Reporter Trond Oftebro begins his new assignment interviewing the human and alien residents of Stanton Creek

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT- Trond goes on a ride along with the Forest Rangers and ends up on a high speed chase with two radioactive waste-stealing criminals

BEACH BLANKET INVASION- When a 10,000 year old terraforming device rises from the lake, Ramos and Trond head inside to shut it down

TOURIST SEASON- Intergalactic tourists arrive in time for the town’s anniversary and bring a whole new set of problems for the Rangers

THE VIOLENT VISITORS SUPPORT GROUP- Daya lets Trond sit in on a VVSG meeting and all hell breaks lose (on Thursdays at 6:00 pm like always)

BABY’S DAY OUT- When Daya and Gaz go out for a day trip, it’s time for Dryoma to cause as much trouble as she can before they get back

GAZ AND TROND’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE- After getting kidnapped by rogue agents,  Gaz and Trond must escape a government research lab or risk dissection and lobotomy 

KARAOKE TANGO- It’s up to Heimdall and Farrah to take on Stanton Creek’s resident karaoke champs or risk losing their jobs forever…

FROG NIGHT- Mattie discovers pets are disappearing from the volunteer shelter, so he takes on the role of vigilante to track down the culprits

REUNION OF THE PLANET OF THE APES- Daya’s family comes from the moon to visit, but it spells trouble for Gaz when they meet her mom…

MACCREADY WAS RIGHT- A freak snowstorm, a strange excavation, and people transforming into horrifying monsters.Looks like Man isn’t the only warmest place to hide….

GAZ’S BIRTHDAY- Gaz’s 24th birthday is coming up, but it looks like there’ll be more than one surprise at the party…