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After Protests, Polish Legislators Vote To Reject Abortion Ban
Mass strikes and demonstrations on Monday objected to a proposal to outlaw abortion with no exceptions. On Wednesday, one member of the conservative government said the protests "caused us to think."

”After mass street protests in Poland, legislators with the country’s ruling party have abruptly reversed their positions and voted against a proposal to completely ban abortion..

Thousands of women went on strike on Monday, wearing all black and demonstrating in the streets of Poland’s cities to protest the proposal.

Before the vote on Wednesday, Jaroslaw Gowin, the minister of science and higher education, said that the protests “caused us to think and taught us humility,” the AP reports. “There will not be a total abortion ban,” Gowin said at the time, according to the AP.

Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, who had previously expressed support for an abortion ban, also distanced herself from the proposed law after the protests.

“I want to state very clearly that the [Law and Justice] government is not working on any legislation changing the rules on abortion in Poland,” she said Tuesday, according to the BBC.

And on Wednesday night, a “chaotic and emotional session” resulted in a majority vote against the proposal, the AP writes.

The proposal for a total ban was in a parliamentary committee when the “Black Monday” mass action was carried out.

Now, The Guardian says, the proposal “appears to have collapsed.”

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Sonic for Real Justice is actually an allegory for the Russian Revolution.

Think about it.

Silver (the proletariat) is used as a martyr figure against Amy (the bourgeoisie). Amy, by kicking Silver, changes the Original Rules (the traditional Russian government) drastically. Knuckles is brought in to keep peace (the institution of the provisional government). Eventually, Sonic (Stalin) tears down the government and says, “We’re going to revamp the blog now” (transition to communism). He finally becomes a tyrant and rules the blog with an iron fist (Stalin’s dictatorship).

It just makes too much sense.

Masked Palestinians peek from the inside of Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites, on September 27, 2015, as they plan to remain inside to protect it in case of clashes. (Ahmad Gharabli/AFP)

Muslims have been alarmed by an increase in visits by right-wing Zionist Jews as well as attacks by Israeli occupation forces and fear rules governing the compound will be changed.