• Liberals:I support a woman's right to choose
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to have healthcare
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to serve someone at her business
  • Liberals:unless she chooses to be a Republican or pro-life
  • Liberals:unless she chooses to own a gun
  • Liberals:unless she chooses not to be a feminist

What this dentist did was bad- (if you don’t already know, he poached/ killed a famous lion)

But why isn’t there more national outrage focused on the dentist on the bottom, Howard Schneider, who tortured and choked children, took advantage of his position of the only dentist in the city who accepted Medicaid to specifically target poor families who had nowhere else to go for dozens of miles, and pulled out their healthy teeth without anesthesia to collect medicaid reimbursements? Who law enforcement did nearly nothing about, even as tens of thousands of people posted on social media and signed a petition? Who was allowed to continue practicing legally until citizens finally took action? Where is the outrage for this?
Canadian Elections-NDP

The federal elections are coming up and it’s time to finally rid ourselves of Stephen Harper. I will suggest that you take a look at each parties Commissions as well as their Principles and Policies to see what Party represents you best but I also highly recommend looking into the NDP . 

In their Commissions  the NDP show that they will have an Aboriginal Commission (a nice change from Harper ignoring the issue of our missing aboriginal women), an LGBT+ commission, a Persons Living with Disabilities Committee, a Visible Minorities Committee, a Women’s Council and a Youth Council. Though I know wikipedia is not the most reliable source, the Principles and Policies section of the NDP Wikipedia page states that they wish to expand on human rights including: gender equality, equal rights for LGBT citizens, rights for people with physical and mental disabilities, workers’ rights, and Aboriginal peoples’ treaty, land, and constitutional rights, they advocate expanding health care, raising the minimum wage to pace the cost of living, a foreign policy that emphasizes diplomacy, peacekeeping, and humanitarian aid instead of offensive military action and more.

Please take some time to look into this and see what party you’d like to vote for. Remember that Canada is made up of a lot of different people with different needs and struggles which should all be paid attention to by our government and that your vote can affect the lives of many others. Happy election!


“The Burke-Wadsworth Bill is a bill to Hiterlize America.”

Letter from Allen Fonoroff, Dorothy Bich, and Gladys Epstein, 8/1/1940

From the series: Papers Accompanying Specific Bills and Resolutions, 1901 - 1946Records of the U.S. Senate, 1789 - 2015

The representatives of the American Student Union argued in their petition that a draft as proposed in the Burke-Wadsworth Bill was incompatible with democratic ideals.  Ultimately the bill would be approved as the Selective Training and Service Act in September 1940.

Grant Our Request For A Meeting At The White House Regarding Police Misconduct | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Shot Dogs, False Arrests, Mass Beatings, Unjustified Killings – This needs to stop.

This petition is a formal request for a meeting & interview with the White House to finally address the underlying cause of the problems we are having with law enforcement, as part of an effort to establish an overall remedy that will ensure that the public is no longer victimized by the police.

In the end, this will help to create a safer & more functional arrangement for the public, and their pets, as they come in contact with law enforcement.

Help us to help you. Sign the Petition.

Please sign, boost, and spread this like wildfire!! This needs 100,000 signatures by August 11th, and it’s currently at 43,536.

~ Sera

Honestly what  is up with all these so called gender identities?! It’s getting out of control and becoming too much. Gender fluid? Bigender? AGENDER?! Seriously though how the fuck do you not have a gender; just because you don’t identify with typical male or female characteristics and roles does not mean you don’t have a gender.

Many people say these identities are stupid, fake, and just a plea for attention and to be “different”. I 100% agree with them, the only ones I believe are true are cisgender and transgender. Everything else is a load of horse shit, sorry if I offended you. And don’t label me as “edgy” you SJW freaks.

uuuuuuuuugggghhhhhhh people who are all like

“i don’t know why ppl bother voting it isn’t like voting matters omg the system is rigged omg everything is terrible always and we’re all going to die”


voting is not that hard
and it takes like 15 minutes  m a y b e
and if you ARE right and the votes don’t count at all
nobody is gonna give you a cookie for being SUPER SMART AND NOT GULLIBLE

so why not vote? 
why would you not?
do you care that much about that 15 minutes?

bcus i think you are gonna spend more than 15 minutes griping on the internet about how ppl shouldn’t bother to vote, and i think if you are that interested in telling ppl they shouldn’t vote then you are probably a little shit and/or someone pissed in yr corn flakes

whichever it is i’m sorry but you gotta not take that shit out on the rest of us who are just trying to make the best use we can of our time

Much money goes into producing glorification of the armed forces–“the few, the proud, the marines,” blah, blah, blah–and reports of those forces’ stupidities and brutalities in exotic climes are dismissed as nothing but the fabrications of leftists and appeasers or, if they cannot plausibly be denied, are alleged to be nothing more than the isolated misbehavior of a few ‘bad apples’.
A Spanish social media town

I am a big fan of Twitter.

I use it more than any other social network and any other app on my phone (according to my battery usage). In fact, I’m such a fan that I recently started buying shares. I don’t own a lot and the Canadian-US exchange is awful right now, but I do plan to continue buying (I like dollar cost averaging).

Twitter isn’t the darling of Wall Street like Facebook is. And I think the biggest weakness of Twitter is that it’s difficult for new users to really “get it.” Facebook solved this problem early on by recognizing that new users had to connect with X number of friends right away so that they received value immediately and the next time they visited.

But I digress. That’s not the focus of this post.

This morning a friend shared a Medium article with me that was written by the Laboratory for Social Machines at MIT. The article is about a small town in Spain called Jun (pronounced “hoon”) that has transitioned to using Twitter as the dominant platform for communication between government and citizens.

The initiative first launched in 2011 and since then the mayor, José Antonio Rodríguez Salas, has been trying to get every resident onto Twitter. All 3,500 residents are even encouraged to go into the town hall to have their Twitter accounts verified. This way government employees know for sure that they’re dealing with an actual resident of the town.

Here’s a simple example of what this means for government-citizen relations (the folks at MIT translated everything to English):

In the above example, a citizen tweeted the mayor informing him that a street lamp was out. The mayor then responded, tagged an electrician, and said it would be fixed the following day. Sure enough the electrician went and fixed it the following day, and then tweeted out a photo of the lamp.

This is great. And Twitter was made for these kinds of interactions. Facebook was not.

Here in Toronto we have @311Toronto, which I have tweeted many times before with problems and they do respond quickly (far quicker than if you try and call them). But I still think there’s room for us to improve transparency and engagement across the board.

All of this is a perfect example of how technology and cities are colliding in a big way. In today’s world I really think you need to be able to think across disciplines.

One of the central arguments is that the FCC cannot impose common carrier rules on Internet access because it can’t be defined as a “telecommunications” service under Title II of the Communications Act. The ISPs argued that Internet access must be treated as a more lightly regulated “information service” because it involves “computer processing.”

“No matter how many computer-mediated features the FCC may sweep under the rug, the inescapable core of Internet access is a service that uses computer processing to enable consumers to ‘retrieve files from the World Wide Web, and browse their contents’ and, thus, ‘offers the ‘capability for… acquiring,… retrieving [and] utilizing… information.’ Under the straightforward statutory definition, an ‘offering’ of that ‘capability’ is an information service,“ the ISPs wrote.