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Also tbr for a moment but take it from someone that literally got visited by the Secret Service when i was 13 but dont fucking make assassination jokes they actually do seriously investigate those and sometimes it doesnt even matter if you “weren’t planning anything” because its still considered a crime and even if youre not charged they can do things like put you under temporary house-arrest if a major government official is visiting nearby like this is basically “making a bomb joke in an airport” territory at least


Badlands National Park defied Trump by tweeting climate facts — and was quickly silenced

  • On Tuesday, the official Twitter account of the Badlands National Park went rogue amid the efforts of Trump’s administration to impose a communications blackout at several major government agencies.
  • The account posted several facts about the role of mass human industrial activity on the global climate, a link that is near-universally agreed upon by scientists.
  • The Trump administration’s blackout has so far only been reported to apply at the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Agriculture, Health and Human Services Department and National Institutes of Health,
  • But the tweets from the Badlands account disappeared several hours after they were posted.
  • The Daily Beast’s Kelly Weill that when she called the Badlands National Park the “main phone line repeatedly failed,” while emails bounced back.
  • Other agencies, such as NASA’s climate division, have continued tweeting about the climate unabated. Read more

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December 14th 1780: Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Schuyler marry

On this day in 1780, Founding Father Alexander Hamilton married Elizabeth Schuyler. Hamilton was born to a troubled family in the British West Indies, and moved to America as a teenager for an education. However, as the American colonies teetered on the brink of revolution, Hamilton found himself drawn to the Patriot cause. Soon into the war, Hamtilon became the assistant and adviser to General George Washington. It was during this time that he met and married Elizabeth Schuyler, who came from a prominent New York family. Elizabeth, or Eliza, was known for her sharp wit, and Hamilton was immediately smitten with her. The couple married in 1780, and went on to have eight children. As Hamilton’s career progressed, Eliza was his chief companion and helped him with his political writings. Hamilton was a fierce advocate of a strong central government, penning the majority of the Federalist Papers which supported the ratification of the Constitution, and became the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton and Schuyler’s marriage was not without its trials; in 1797 the so-called Reynolds Pamphlet was published, revealing Hamilton’s affair with a woman named Maria Reynlds. In 1801, their nineteen-year-old son Philip was killed in a duel defending his father’s honour. Just three years after losing her son, Elizabeth was widowed when Alexander was killed by Aaron Burr in a duel. Elizabeth then devoted her life to philanthropy and preserving Hamiton’s legacy; in 1806, she founded New York’s first private orphanage. By the mid-nineteenth century, Elizabeth was one of the last living links to the revolutionary era, making her a very famous figure. In 1848, during the cornerstone-laying ceremony for the Washington Monument, Elizabeth rode in the procession with President James K. Polk and future presidents James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton died in 1854, aged 97, fifty years after her husband’s death.

“With my last idea; I shall cherish the sweet hope of meeting you in a better world. Adieu best of wives and best of Women. Embrace all my darling Children for me.”
- Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Schuyler, just days before his death

Hey Americans

Sorry this is going to be a long boring political rant but if you have time please give it a read. All of you by now seem to be familiar with our current Prime Minister, the dashing Justin Trudeau.

It was just a year ago in October when we elected him to office, and I’m not sure if any of you were following our election, so I’ll remind you the the circumstances were not unlike the situation that you are in right now.

Okay well, they weren’t at all like this Trump mess (nothing is), but there was a similar sense of urgency in much of the population. It was because of this guy, PM Trudeau’s predecessor, Stephen Harper who was pretty much as Conservative as mainstream Canadian politicians get.

 He held his seat for a whopping 10 years, through 3 elections, since for some reason Canada doesn’t put a limit on how long a PM can lead for, he was running for a 4th time. After suffering through a majority government under this joker (who was defined by inactivity regarding first nations’ rights, racist policies, poor environmental policies, muzzling of canadian scientists, overspending on military, and covering for seriously corrupt party members, and much more) Canadians across the board were understandably ready to ditch the dick

The general atmosphere leading up to the election was amazing. And I live in the largest city in probably the most left-wing province, so it was downright ELECTRIC. It felt like the whole country was truly united in their desire to Stop Harper.

And you know what was different? There was a huge amount of energy invested in getting young people hyped to vote. On my campus professors were encouraging us in all of my classes, there were advertisements and rallies everywhere, people were having discussions openly about the issues, the candidates made a visible attempt to appeal to the youth (except Harper who straight up didn’t bother speaking at many schools because he’s a douche.) Mostly people seemed to all agree that the way to go was to vote strategically

Strategic voting meant that we all needed to vote for the candidate that would be the most likely to beat out the undesired party, even if it wasn’t the candidate that we supported most individually. This was necessary because Canada has more than two parties. We have five parties that make it onto the radar, the Conservatives, the Liberals, the NDP, Green, and Bloc Quebecois (basically conservative french separatists) The first 3 are really the only ones that ever stand a chance of winning. But the issue is that the Liberals and NDP are both ‘left wing’ parties, while the Conservatives are the only ones on the ‘right’. So vote splitting is a very real issue that happens every single election. See the parallel with your current situation? 

And you know what?


We elected Trudeau by a landslide. I got to watch as one by one, east to west, the liberals basically swept the board. To give you some idea of how huge it was, the east coast can sort of be considered our south - a lot of old white christian farming/fishing people who tend to vote conservative. And yet the map steadily turned red!! (Red is the colour of our Liberal party while blue is conservative, opposite to y’alls) It was the most beautiful sight, and we suddenly went from a conservative majority to a liberal majority. 

So I know it’s hard to vote Clinton if there’s a third party candidate who you personally like more, but please TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM AND DO IT! We are living proof that it works! We are proof that fear and hatred of what could be, can unite a country and save the day. And our youth turned out to vote in unprecedented numbers, as did new citizens (people who’ve been citizens less than 10yrs) which really made a difference. We got rid of our conservative clown and you can too! 

We have our happy ending who gives us wonderful things like the most diverse cabinet ever, and the early foundations for some very promising social changes. You deserve the same. Please, on Tuesday do what we did. VOTE

i’ve been to enough therapists that i decided to just ask myself a bunch of basic ass questions that they always ask, write the answers down, and save em so we can cut through like 3 sessions of bullshit next time


January 11th 1755/57: Alexander Hamilton born

On this day in 1755 or 1757, future Founding Father Alexander Hamilton was born in the British West Indies. Hamilton’s early life was troubled, and he was left parentless at a young age after his father left and his mother died. He found work as an accounting clerk, and his employer, impressed by Alexander’s abilities, paid for him to move to America for an education. However, as the American colonies teetered on the brink of revolution, Hamilton found himself drawn to the Patriot cause. Soon into the Revolutionary War, in which he served in the army, Hamilton became the assistant and adviser to General George Washington. It was during this time that he met and married Elizabeth Schuyler, who came from a prominent New York family. After the Revolution, Hamilton was a fierce advocate of a strong central government, penning the majority of the Federalist Papers which supported the ratification of the Constitution, and served as the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury from 1789 to 1795. In 1801, Hamilton and Elizabeth’s nineteen-year-old son Philip was killed in a duel defending his father’s honour. Just three years later, Alexander himself was killed in a duel by his long-time rival Vice President Aaron Burr.

The major problem—one of the major problems, for there are several—one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them.
To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it.
To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.
—  Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Today, the Turkish police took eleven HDP, (Peoples’ Democracy Party) parliamentarians, including the co-chairs Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yuksekdag, into custody in after-midnight raids.The MPs’ houses and the party’s headquarters were raided, doors were broken and the parliamentarians were forcefully detained.

HDP is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and progressive umbrella party representing over six million voters across Turkey, including Kurds, Armenians, Alevis, Ezidis, leftists, feminists and LGBTIQ.

In June 2015 elections, HDP won a historic success and became the third biggest party in the Turkish parliament. Failing to win enough votes to form a majority government, the ruling AKP, (Justice and Development Party) abandoned the Kurdish peace process and launched a comprehensive crackdown against the opposition, especially the Kurdish-led HDP. Since then, the Turkish government’s authoritarianism has escalated. The opposition has been criminalized; a massive military campaign was launched in the Kurdish cities that HDP had landslide victories in the June 2015 elections; towns were razed to ground by the Turkish security forces, hundreds of thousands of civilians were forcibly displaced and thousands were killed.

In the past several months, the government has been using the coup attempt on July 15th as an opportunity to consolidate its rule by eliminating every single oppositional voice in the country, especially the HDP, which halted the authoritarian project of a presidential system both in the June and November elections in 2015 by preventing his AKP to win sufficient number of parliamentary seats to make the necessary constitutional changes.

About 30 democratically elected Kurdish mayors are in prison now and about 70 of them have been dismissed by the central government. The freedom of expression has been almost entirely undermined. With government decrees with the power of law, over 170 media outlets have been banned. More than 130 journalists are in prison, also including some world-renowned authors and intellectuals.

Most recently, two Kurdish news agencies and several Kurdish dailies were closed and the chief-editor, columnists and journalists of the pro-Republican People Party (CHP) daily Cumhuriyet were detained. Tens of thousands of teachers and academics have been dismissed or suspended.

A significant number of these are either Kurdish or in solidarity with the Kurds and they have absolutely nothing to do with the coup. And as you know, many academics, including myself, are under criminal investigation for signing a peace petition.

Friends from around the globe, these are dark days indeed, days when we most need international solidarity.

A democratic framework implies that citizens should have access to decision-makers, institutions of government, and so on. This implies that citizens need to know something about the major institutions, government or otherwise, that affect their lives. Most members of complex societies and certainly most Americans do no know enough about, nor do they know how to cope with, the people, institutions, and organizations which most affect their lives.
—  Laura Nader. 1972. “Up the Anthropologist - Perspectives Gained from Studying Up.” Reinventing Anthropology, p. 294. 
I Don’t Want a Government Job

My current tax rate is about half of my income when you add up all of the various taxes. I don’t have many deductions. Clinton proposes an estate tax that would take about half of what is left. In effect, Clinton wants my tax rate to be around 75% for every dollar I earn today.

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callistable  asked:

I have a question about electoral reform. I know that it was something the Trudeau government promised to do and the fact that they went back on their promise is making a lot of people (rightly) angry, but how exactly do people want it to be reformed? Like what parts of the election process are people protesting against?

The vast majority of people & experts want a form of proportional representation; i.e. that the percentage of the vote is roughly reflected in the percentage of seats that are elected. Right now this does not happen, and it can allow a majority government to form (with 100% of the power), to be elected with 39% of the vote (Justin Trudeau’s & Stephen Harper’s majorities were false majorities). This also gives us only 1 seat for the Green Party, despite getting over 600,000 votes nationally.

Read more here:

Consultations Provide Strong Mandate for Proportional Representation

cakeiagood replied to your post “the way in which trudeau shook trump’s hand does not matter one single…”

Do you know of Trudeau publicly does something about america there will be a trade war. It’s gonna take some time and in my opinion the he is doing the best he can. Sure he can rush it but it’ll cost a lot of jobs. It not easy to run a country

if trudeau was doing anything at all to help refugees and migrants coming from america then his lack of criticism would not be a big deal. he has a majority government. he could immediately pass laws to welcome people fleeing the states, and instead he’s doing nothing at all so refugees and migrants are risking their lives crossing the border illegaly. it’s not easy to run a country but trudeau’s doing a pretty crappy job of it.

Adorkable Twilight & Friends - “Moving Forward.”

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So there’s a national HR society that’s sending info to my work about needing to read up on new changes to HR policies, regulations, etc. It basically started out with, “Now that government is majority Repulican: X, Y, Z will be negatively impacted in the workplace.” I just thought it was great that these societies are blasting how they’re not okay with “Trump’s America” and are trying to keep people informed of the shit his goons are looking to impose.