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25 awesome Christmas episodes to watch over the holidays!

We’ve been #blessed with so many amazing Christmas episodes over the years, but just in case you don’t know what to watch over the holidays, here are some great suggestions courtesy of the TGON staff (in no particular order)! 

The Office 2x10 “Christmas Party” 

Seeing the party is headed for disastrous boredom, Michael breaks corporate policy to buy alcohol for the staff.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer 3x10 “Amends” 

Buffy hopes for a quiet Christmas, but Angel is troubled by visions of his past and the ghost of Jenny Calendar.

Community 2x11 “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” 

When Abed wakes up to discover that everything is in stop motion animation, Professor Duncan and the study group help him try to discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Veronica Mars 1x10 “An Echolls Family Christmas” 

Veronica searches for a thief when Weevil’s poker winnings disappear after a game at Logan’s place.

The Mindy Project 2x11 “Christmas Party Sex Trap” 

Mindy plans a Christmas party in order to spend more time with Cliff; Brendan’s date steals Mindy’s thunder when she performs a sexy dance.

Seinfeld 9x10 “The Strike” 

George and his father celebrate an alternative holiday; Kramer goes back to work after a long bagel strike.

Parks & Recreation 4x10 “Citizen Knope” & 5x09 “Ron & Diane” 

Citizen Knope

: Leslie forms a citizen action group in hope of getting some work done; everyone in the office tries to plan a Christmas gift for Leslie.

Ron & Diane: Tammy shows up at an awards ceremony to sabotage Ron’s new relationship, and four of Jerry’s co-workers are shocked that he’s throwing a Christmas party without them.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 1x15 “Deck The Halls” 

Will realizes that Ashley has never experienced a real Christmas before and goes out of his way to let her have one. He decorates the inside of the mansion and also the outside fully, upsetting some of the neighbors.

Bones 1x09 “The Man in the Fallout Shelter” & 3x09 “The Santa in the Slush” & 5x10 “The Goop on the Girl” 

The Man in the Fallout Shelter: While trying to identify remains from the 1950s, Zack cuts into a bone and accidentally releases deadly fungus spores, causing the whole team to be quarantined in the lab over Christmas.                                The Santa in the Slush: Three days before Christmas the body of a bearded man in a tailor-made Santa outfit turns up in a sewer; Brennan visits her father in prison and plots a nontraditional holiday reunion.                                               The Goop on the Girl: When a man dressed as Santa Claus blows himself up during a botched bank robbery, Brennan and Booth work to identify the bomber and determine his motives. Meanwhile, Brennan makes plans to spend Christmas in El Salvador, but her father convinces her to spend the holidays with him and Margaret Whitesell, a newly discovered distant relative.

Friends 6x10 “The One with the Routine” & 7x10 “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” 

The One with The Routine: On the set of “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”, Joey tries to kiss Janine at midnight and Monica and Ross resurrect their dance routine from high school. Meanwhile, Rachel, Phoebe and Chandler look for Monica’s Christmas presents.                                                                           The One With The Holiday Armadillo: Ross wants to introduce Ben to Chanukah. In order to entice Rachel to move back into their refurbished apartment, Pheobe must drive a wedge between Rachel and current roomie Joey.

Will & Grace 5x11 “All About Christmas Eve” 

On Christmas Eve, Grace is torn when she has only two tickets to “The Nutcracker” musical and can’t take both her best friend Will and new husband Leo but her back-and-forth indecision leaves Will spinning like a Hanukkah dreidel between a dithering Grace and his previous holiday plans with Jack and Karen.

The OC 1x13 “The Best Chrismukkah Ever” 

Seth combines Christmas and Hanukkah to form his own holiday; Ryan worries that the holidays will once again lead to family fights and drinking.

Doctor Who Christmas Specials: “The Christmas Invasion” (Season 2) & “A Christmas Carol” (Season 6) & “The Snowmen” (Season 7) 

The Christmas Invasion: It’s Christmas Eve, but this is to be a far from silent night - the cruel Sycorax have come to Earth to enslave mankind and, as ever, only The Doctor can stop them. Unfortunately, he’s lying in a coma in Jackie’s home…                                                                                                                     A Christmas Carol: It’s Christmas and once again the good Doctor comes to the rescue. Amy and Rory are aboard an intergalactic cruise ship that is about to crash and the only person who can do anything about it is completely disinterested.                                                                                                           The Snowmen: London, 1892. Snow is trying to evolve, feeding off of the nightmares of a little girl. But the Doctor has given up on saving the world. It is up to a young governess named Clara to convince him, with just one word, to save the day.

Chuck 2x11 “Chuck vs. Santa Claus”

A car crashes into the Buy More, everyone inside, including Ellie and Devon are taken hostage. Chuck does his best to protect everyone. The real goals are not evident, and it will lead to some very hard choices.

Supernatural 3x08 “A Very Supernatural Christmas” 

Sam and Dean investigate a series of murders in which the victims were pulled up through chimneys; Dean wants an old-fashioned Christmas.

Smallville 5x09 “Lexmas” 

Lex is shot on Christmas Eve by a murderous car-jacking couple and has to undergo life-threatening surgery to prevent permanent paralysis. While he is under, Lex dreams of a possible future life in which he is happily married to Lana with a young son and a baby daughter on the way. Meanwhile, Clark helps Chloe to deliver some donated Christmas presents to under-privileged children.

New Girl 1x09 “The 23rd” 

The gang attends Schmidt’s holiday office party and Jess frets when she receives an expensive gift from Paul.

South Park “Mr. Hanky, The Christmas Poo” 

The town is forced to remove anything that either has anything to do with Christmas or is offensive in the least bit to anyone. And Kyle tries to convince everyone of the existence of “Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo.”

Arrested Development “Afternoon Delight” 

While Buster looks for ways to get out of serving in Iraq, Lindsay’s quest to score a date at the Bluth Company Christmas party backfires after GOB’s sexual harassment speech. Michael and Maeby get in trouble singing Afternoon Delight, but are quickly overshadowed by Oscar and Lucille’s afternoon delight.

knlfeparty  asked:

You think that we'll probably meet Harry in s4 or s5, right? It occurred to me recently that it would be wonderful if her and Clara got back together and were an another parallel/foreshadowing for Johnlock, aside from Sherlock's parents. They went through a lot of trouble and split up at some point, but eventually they would find each other again and spend the rest of their lives together. Harry would be fem!John and Clara - fem!Sherlock (John used to look at her 'like that' after all).

I think we’ll meet Harry in 5x2 - as the client. It’ll be something like: Harry and Clara haven’t spoken in five years, but Harry just found out that Clara has been accused of some crime and she knows Clara didn’t do it. So she goes to Sherlock and John. Of course, it’s actually not Clara that committed this crime, and Sherlock proves it.

(Possibly the crime is based on “The Problem of Thor Bridge,” in which this married guy is in love with his kids’ governess and his wife is so jealous that she kills herself in a way that frames the governess. With Clara being the governess character, obviously. There are also some possible similarities to Harry and John with “Lady Frances Carfax”: Frances is what Watson describes as a “modern woman” - independent/adventurous/free-spirited, possibly even bordering on flakey - and her brother John is stern, grumpy, and very conservative. There are no even vaguely important Claras in ACD, so that’s not where they got the name.)

I think Harry will be there to really clarify John’s bisexuality and help him come out. We know from Sholto etc, but pretty much 90% of the viewers do not know, so Mofftisson have to do something about that. But I don’t think they can clarify John’s sexuality until after they get rid of Mary because until they get rid of Mary, the surface level will still be “John is happily married and not interested in Sherlock.” Since I think Mary will die in 4x3, I don’t think Harry can be in S4. That’s why I don’t think Harry will appear until 5x2.

We know John’s mother is dead:

And it seems extremely likely that his father was in the military - a Major.

Possibly Harry will bring up Sholto in a way that makes it clear what happened between him and John; possibly they’ll use some other lead-in. It might be similar to Battersea in that she and John get into some kind of argument and Sherlock overhears. I’m guessing it might be pretty nasty: from the little we know about Harry from the show and John’s blog, if she thinks John is making himself miserable by not coming out and therefore being with Sherlock, she might be pretty vicious.

“You’re a repressed bisexual. And your life is spent overcompensating for this cowardice.”

I’m not saying I think it’s cowardice; I’m saying despite the fact that Harry obviously wanted to keep in touch in ASiP, she could feel abandoned by John if she came out to their parents and it went badly and she felt like John should’ve supported her more. I think Harry and John will likely get pretty angry with each other, possibly lots of yelling. We know that why Harry and John don’t get on isn’t just the drinking:

JOHN: Harry and me don’t get on, never have.

My theory is that it’s because Harry is always trying to make John open up about things and John hates it - possibly particularly over John’s sexuality. I’m getting this impression from their interaction on John’s blog.

I definitely think it’s likely that Harry and Clara will get back together because this show is romantic and soppy and because they’ll be the female versions of Sherlock and John. And you know who’s going to help set them up? Sherlock. Because Sherlock is a romantic little sap.

(I suspect that Clara is going to look like Sherlock to make a Harry/John Clara/Sherlock romantic mirror, so my guess is that - as TPTB like to keep things in the family - she might be played by Sophie Hunter:

I mean, they definitely don’t look dissimilar.)

We know that Harry left Clara, not the other way around. My best speculations on why they split up are:

  • Harry was uncomfortable with her sexuality
  • Harry felt that Clara was “married to her work” / “doesn’t feel things like that”
  • Clara lied to Harry to protect her

Whatever the reason that they split up is, I think it’s probably something where they can get back together again.

Because think about this: let’s say Harry and Clara are ridiculously in love. They’ve split up very close to when John and Sherlock first meet. 5x2 is very close to the last episode, when Sherlock and John finally get together. That means that Harry and Clara have spent the whole time (that John and Sherlock have been not together and pining for each other) not together and pining for each other. Could Mofftisson really get anymore pointed about two people who have been in love this whole time but couldn’t work it out, but they were still in love the whole time and finally do work it out? I think a big part of the Harry/Clara Johnlock mirror could be to say that John and Sherlock have been in love all along, and the reason they weren’t together wasn’t that they didn’t love each other but that they couldn’t communicate. So it’s not just a “new phenomenon” for S5 that they’re in love because Mofftisson “couldn’t think of anything to do this season” or “ran out of mysteries,” but that they were always like this from the beginning.

Given the in-show timeline I’m predicting, I think that at least part of 5x2 will be set during Christmas 2015 (their time, obviously). I think it might be pretty unabashedly romantic. I also suspect that Molly and Greg will get engaged in this episode - and you know who sets them up? That’s Sherlock, too. Molly and Greg (like Harry and Clara) are an extremely pointed Johnlock mirror: the detective that couldn’t hold down a relationship because of his work and the doctor who’s always dated all the wrong people.

I also suspect that Sally will tell us that Sherlock has become “a good man” in this episode. In fact, I think that’s pretty much the narrative point of Sally - to tell the audience about Sherlock’s weaknesses, and to tell us when he’s overcome them. We’ll know he’s actually completely succeeded in becoming a good person when Sally (someone fair but doesn’t particularly like him) thinks he’s a good person. I suspect he’ll do - not something clever, but something nice for the victim (Clara) - and Sally will say something to John like “He’s changed. He’s better.”

Other minor things:

  • If Sherlock and John get a dog, I’m betting they get one in this episode. If they get a dog, they’ll probably get one because the case involved a dog and now the owner is in jail and the dog needs a home. The ACD cases with dogs are mainly “Silver Blaze” and “Shoscombe Old Place.”
  • Eventually I assume Hopkins is going to turn up (in ACD, Hopkins is the one young policeman who reveres Holmes and wants to be just like him). This could be a good place for Hopkins (though of course there are lots of others) because presumably the police think Clara did it, so the police are “bad guys” in this episode, which makes me think it’s not Greg. So this could be Hopkins’s very first case. John will probably be jealous of Hopkins.
  • Speaking of John being jealous, I think Sherlock might try to impress Harry (for John) - and of course John will get jealous of Harry. Since I think that Mycroft will die in 5x1, I think Sherlock could be on a “fix John and his sister’s relationship” kick.

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what went wrong with doctor who series seven? (part one)

(part two)  (part three)

The latest Christmas special, the Time of the Doctor proves it. There’s no way to sugarcoat it, series seven was probably the creakiest run of Doctor Who episodes since the show hit its nadir in the 1980s. It hasn’t just been noted by tumblr fans or reviewers for the sci-fi section of websites; casual fans when asked just didn’t warm to Clara - “she’s cute but doesn’t do anything,” “she’s just there to be pretty for the doctor” and “she’s the impossible girl but the doctor does everything.” These are genuine complaints from fans who aren’t on tumblr; some watch the show religiously whilst others are more casual viewers. So what went wrong with series seven? Was it the split in episodes? Was it the departure of Gillan and Darvill, both of whom had magnificent chemistry with Matt Smith? Is it the (apparently) gargantuan boner Steven Moffat has for convulsion, paradoxes and overcomplicated plot threads?

Let’s have a look shall we, and ask - what went wrong with doctor who series seven? And then, how do we fix it?

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Got Doctor Who #469 magazine today and I’m eye-rolling through the Moffat interview. Some bits others have already pointed out in separate posts (messing with clara, what she remembers from the other bits of herself, the characterisation of twelve, ‘good boyfriend’ eleven) but a few other things that caught my eye:

  • Not telling the other writers for series 7B that he was revising the character of Modern!Clara/Oswin/Governess!Clara until they had finished their scripts now makes it obvious why she was written so OOC or sketchily throughout (see Nightmare in Silver).
  • Matt Smith and Alex Kingston looked 'strange’ as a couple (because she was so much older than him *gasp*. Whereas Twelve and River would look like a couple). He seems to be wrestling with the idea of bringing River back, even though he acknowledges that there probably isn’t anything new he could do with her (leave her in the Eleven era please Moffat!).
  • A lot of stories under Moffat’s era focuses on the Doctor as this important figure and Moffat says “I think I quite liked it…” “And I think I probably should now stop it!”. God help us.
  • “The great thing about Doctor Who is that you can have your cake and eat it.” Erm…
  • “Why do some facts of continuity change in Doctor Who? Well, the ultimate answer is because it’s made up. It just is.” (Sounds like the Moff doth protest too much.)
  • When the Doctor slips away from his companions to go on adventures alone for hundreds of years its because the Doctor doesn’t want to see them die yet. He thinks: “I’m using them up so fast”. Using them up? Barf.
I just thought about all the times Clara dressed nice and the Doctor didn't notice. I thought it was meant to be a joke but he saw her as an old woman and honestly doesn't care. Whenever he looks at her he sees his Clara, no matter what she's wearing, no matter her age. Whether it's Oswin, the Governess, or Clara Oswald, she will always be his Clara. Excuse me, I just have a TARDIS in my eye...

They were too late.

The Doctor could tell, even before they came in, that it was going to be too late. 

Clara was gone. Nothing anyone could do.

The footsteps pounding up the stairs behind him barely made an impact in his head. Something was said. Then John was in front of him, snapping his fingers, trying to get a reaction. 

“He’s in shock,” was the diagnosis.

“Why? What happened?” came a voice behind him that he identified as Dean’s.

“You think I know? I’m an army doctor, not a mind reader!”

“Look around,” the hunter replied, and four more figures came into the Doctor’s line of sight.

The words echoed through the Time Lord’s head, sticking for a moment before getting caught up in the haze. 

Oswin the Dalek.

Clara as a governess.

The Clara he had traveled with, the mystery girl, a meter and a half of pure spirit.




Clara is dead.

Clara is dead.

“Clara is dead.

He glanced up as he realized that the last thought had actually been said aloud. It was Sam, Sam had found her first. 


“Not now, Cas,” Dean cut the angel off, crouching next to the Doctor. “What happened, Doc?” Dean inquired as gently as was probably possible for him.

The Doctor swallowed, then muttered, “He shot her.”

“Who?” John asked.

“The man who just jumped out the window.” Sherlock sounded bored, as always. 

The older Winchester was back on his feet almost immediately, gun raised, and he ran to the window, then swore. “He’s gone.”

“I tried to tell you, Dean,” Castiel muttered, but the hunter wasn’t in the mood.

The Doctor managed to stand up, if a bit shakily, and instantly Watson was by him again. “It wasn’t him. It’s not the one we’re after.” Clara died for nothing.

We lose people all the time, Doc. You get used to it.” Dean was tired of having sympathy for people. He was no stranger to death. None of the group was.

The Doctor shot him a fiery glare, although it was strongly tempered by grief. “I would appreciate it if you would leave me to my grief with no comment.”

“She’s gone. Nothing’s going to bring her back,” Sherlock monotoned.

“We’re going to catch him, though,” interjected Sam.

The Doctor froze momentarily, “All I can say is that we’d better.”

Comparing New Who companions and destroying the belief that Moffat companions have no lives outside The Doctor

I constantly see fans say that Moffat era companions have no lives outside The Doctor and I have to say this. I am annoyed by this notion. They do have lives outside The Doctor.

  • Amy and Rory  have always had a life outside of the Doctor - Amy and Rory grew up together, and without knowing it they grew up along with their daughter - and had perfectly ordinary lives

    The Doctor met Amy as a little girl, and made his impact - but she still kept her accent - she was always Amy, and even though getting left behind by the Doctor affected her, she still managed to find love on her her own.
    When she travels with him we see her constantly defying the Doctor, she has ideas on her own, and she is never fully dependent on him.
    We see her regaining her parents, and we see her getting a family in form of Rory and River.
    Amy’s story is about growing up, and detaching herself from the Doctor - in TPOT we see this struggle - we also so her hanging out with friends, and being normal and domestic with Rory.
    The last thing we see Amy do is choosing a normal life with Rory - she actively leaves the Doctor to have a life on her own.

  • River is an archaeologist and a professor. Melody Pond was forced to become River Song. Her childhood and family was stolen from her and conditioned to kill The Doctor. She paid the price for this and lived her days in prison.  

    The first time we meet River she is leading an expedition - she is a professor, and even though The Doctor was the reason for choosing archaeology she continue with archaeology long after she finds the Doctor again
    She goes on adventures on her own, she visits her parents - and occasionally she runs into the Doctor - but she manages herself perfectly fine on her own. She refuse to travel with the doctor regularly on two occasions. She also mention having dating other people.
    The line “Time can be rewritten” is repeated on show several times - it shows that the characters are perfectly capable of changing the future by making other choices - River is never tied to the doctor due to their reversed timelines - being together with him was always her choice.
    When she says her final goodbye to the doctor, she admits being able to cope with loosing him - meanwhile he admits having grown too attached to her.

  • Clara Oswald. Okay first we will talk about Oswin. She joined the starliner Alaska’s crew as Junior Entertainment Manager to see the universe. But crashed in the Asylum Of The Daleks which of course as we know it she was turned into a Dalek. The Doctor couldn’t save her in time. Now for Victorian Clara. Barmaid and Governess. Now modern Clara. Clara is a nanny and a teacher. 

    Clara doesn’t travel with the Doctor all the time either - in NIS it seems like they only travel together on wednesdays. Clara commits her time taking care of the Maitland kids - as her mother died, and she felt a sense of obligation to her. We actually got an entire episode with Clara protecting the kids- We also get a good understanding of how close she was to her mom - we see that it was her mom who inspired her to travel, and it was her moms memory that motivated her to save the Doctor.

    In addition we see Clara fight Cybermen on her own, she stops herself from getting to attached to the doctor emotionally (“The trick is don’t fall in love - I do that trick every day”) - and sometime between TNOTD and TDOTD she got a job as a teacher. Now most of the fans think that Clara has no character outside of the “impossible girl” that is not true. Clara is more than that.  Clara Oswald is a perfectly ordinary sweet natured girl, who’s compassionate and caring, who has shown herself to be quite independent on several occasions, who takes care of children simply because she knows perfectly well what they are going through, and saved the Doctor on so many occasions just out of the goodness of her heart

    but the fandom seems to think her impossible girl story arc cancels all this out

As for RTD companions? Yes they do have lives outside The Doctor

  • Martha Jones is a doctor and a medical officer for U.N.I.T(I will not mention the freelancing crap for Mickey because leaving her fiance and dropping her duties at U.N.I.T was extremely out of character for Martha Jones)
  • Captain Jack Harkness. Worked for Torchwood ever since The Doctor and Rose left him on that satellite. Since he cannot die he spent decades working for Torchwood. Until one day he was put in charge of Torchwood and decided to make it better in The Doctor’s name and continuing to fight the good fight for the human race.
  • Mickey Smith. Mickey is technically smart, took care of his gran all his life, was Rose’s boyfriend(until she left him for a total stranger in his eyes dangerous and left him without so much as an explanation and fully expected him to stay loyal to her like a lapdog) and he decided that he must stay in the parallel world to take care of his gran and fight in the resistance against the Cybermen. 
  • Donna Noble. Best temp in Chiswick. Hard working girl and the most developed character in all of Doctor Who. You might be asking yourself why am I saying Donna is the most developed character of Doctor Who and why do I not consider her not having a life outside The Doctor? 

    She showed up as a petulant, self-absorbed office worker who had no real ambition and no thought that she could, or even should, be greater than she was. She was just kind of treading water with her life, knew it, and didn’t really think there was a way out. She’d basically given up. She wasn’t everyone’s favorite companion, and her first appearance, “The Runaway Bride”, was fairly meh.
    But by the end of her one and only season, she became my favorite companion of all time and she’d become a determined, well-rounded character who was smart, resourceful and all around great, and not afraid to show it. She’d really come out of her shell, and had done so without bothering to fall in love with the Doctor. She’d had a tremendous amount of growth, and that’s really saying something, given that she had several episodes where she had to share the spotlight with either Rose or Martha, or both, plus Jack and Sarah Jane.
    So in the end, her character’s memories were erased (in a scene no small number of people have compared to rape), and she was reset to being the messed-up person she was at the start, only with a winning lottery ticket, because as we all know, the path to personal development is paved with one-hundred pound notes. When we saw her in the last two Tennant episodes, she basically seemed largely unchanged from how she’d been the first time we saw her, and that was a great tragedy. She deserved better as a character and we in the audience also deserved way better. 

    This is basically everybody. Especially everybody from a certain age and up. Donna is US, that’s why some people don’t like her, because they can’t face the reality of their lives being shown to them. But stick with her and you find that she becomes what we all WANT to be: Better. A better everyman with a voice of our own, a voice that matters, first an foremost to ourselves. Nobody gets looked down upon when Donna Noble’s in the room and her greatest weapon is her voice and her willingness to try and change things with nothing but that.

    …That’s why it hurts so much. She’s a representation of us and that sendoff… just says “all your effort is for naught”. The reasoning behind it doesn’t really help, we don’t care it was for her own good. There’s a point where you wonder, she’d be happier dying with her memories and her new-found dignity than going back to her old life. The futility of her development just hurts.

If there is anyone in all of New Who who does not have a life outside The Doctor, it’s Rose Tyler. That’s right the very first companion of New Who and the one that most of you love and the one I absolutely despise has no life outside The Doctor. Now why do I think this? Now before The Doctor she DID have a life outside The Doctor but her job at the shop ended when the Autons attacked. But ever since The Doctor? Nothing she has had no life outside The Doctor. Oh sure she may go visit Jackie from time to time but other than that? She has nothing. She is clingy and obsessive over The Doctor. In Doomsday she was practically insulting herself, putting down her old life and acted like she didn’t matter till she met The Doctor(and people call Moffat sexist) and she practically told Jackie that the 19 years of life she gave her didn’t matter and all she needed was The Doctor. Hell when The Doctor says two universes would collapse if he tried to go to her parallel universe. All she says is so. That’s right Rose would not care about killing her family and trillions and trillions of people, destroying all the planets everywhere and taking away all the days that never came. All she cares about is her man! In fact in season 4 she practically causes the death of Donna in Turn Left, whines that Martha is there and she isn’t claiming “I was there first!”(like the obsessive  jealous girlfriend she is) but this is not what bothers me about her in series 4. It’s this. She builds a fucking dimension cannon to do EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR TOLD HER NOT TO.  I am 100% convinced that if Davros & The Daleks weren’t involved with series 4, then it would be Rose’s fault that the universes are collapsing and the stars are going out because Rose couldn’t stay put, she couldn’t be content and Rose is so codependent and so sociopathic that she’d be willing to sacrifice trillions and billions of lives just so she could be with her precious Doctor. But anyway, she builds the cannon and jumps back to her original universe. She puts trillions of people in danger, AGAIN, because she can’t live without her man. And then she gets a stupidly undeserved happy ending.