Medicaid is the government health care program for the poor.

That’s the shorthand explanation. But Medicaid is so much more than that — which is why it’s become the focal point of the battle in Washington to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama expanded Medicaid under his signature health care law to cover 11 million more people, bringing the total number of people covered up to 69 million.

Now Republicans want to reverse that expansion, and they want to go much further in cutting back on the number of people covered and federal dollars spent. The legislation they’re contemplating in both the House and Senate shrinks and fundamentally restructures the program.

The report issued by the Congressional Budget Office on Monday estimates that 15 million people would lose coverage through Medicaid by 2026 under the proposed Senate bill.

Here are five key things to know about Medicaid as the debate moves forward.

From Birth To Death, Medicaid Affects The Lives Of Millions

Chart: Alyson Hurt/NPR

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There was something about the way that Levi’s spine curled, a beautiful valley of flesh and bone that just begged to be touched, the small of his back dipping down in such an irresistible line. Erwin dug his thumbs in, pressing and searching as he tried to become even more connected to the man, his fingers gripping at Levi’s waist, pulling the smaller frame against his own hips in a rhythmic dance of desire. Erwin wanted to feel every part of Levi, needed to, his whole life depending on one person alone who called his name in ragged moans, pale hands fisting and kneading at white sheets.

A tinge of sadness tugged at Erwin’s open mouth, his bowed head shining with sweat and effort and he watched Levi’s body react to his motions, carefully observing the further bend and heaving shoulder blades, breaths dragged in and out loudly in synch to their passion. With Levi, Erwin could be anything, do anything, yet he also had to be everything for this individual, a role which he found himself increasingly failing in.

As the humid evening reached midnight, familiar pops and bangs of fireworks filled the air, the couple’s loud climax masked by the cacophonous explosions outside, turned to nothing but whispers whilst the world celebrated around them. Another year ahead. Twelve months which neither of them knew how to live through.

The city’s festivities continued in raucous waves, a single figure standing by an open window, silhouetted by moonlight and flashes of colour and again Erwin observed silently. He took in the naked vision before him, memorised each dip and jut of bone, saved it for lonelier moments as he tightened his backpack, belongings stashed as always.

“I won’t ask when, Erwin.”

Levi blew faint trails of smoke from his mouth when speaking, lazy clouds rising from the cigarette which burned between his lightly trembling fingers.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

The words never graced Erwin’s lips, remained stuck inside and forever mute as he rose, desperate to reach out and touch the most important individual in his life but unable to do so. Every time. Every single time they played this scene out like from a script and when Erwin closed the door quietly, he heard the unmistakeable and unstoppable sigh of despair which crept out from Levi’s chest like a ghost, one that would haunt him.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to blame ‘the Tories’ for the disastrously lax and unenforced building standards which led to the horrific Grenfell Tower blaze.

But what needs to be done is to combat the systemic nature of the herding of desperately poor working-class communities into dangerous, unsafe tower blocks over the past forty years. The vast majority of the 95 high-rises which are now known to have had deadly flammable cladding fitted were renovated in the previous decade - under Labour governments.

This is not a party-political issue. This is an issue at the very core of how modern British capital functions: where housing stock is seen as a commodity to be traded upon financial markets dominated by predatory multinational banks, rather than as a vitally necessary social good to be provided and maintained collectively.


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The Singing Revolution

From 1987 to 1991, the people of Estonia fought for their freedom. By singing. Yes, you read that right: crowds of people, hundreds of thousands large, would gather and sing patriotic songs to show their desire for independence. Even the Soviets couldn’t figure out how to arrest them for just…singing. It started spontaneously. Five patriotic Estonian songs were played during the Tartu Pop Music Festival in May 1988, and people linked their hands and started singing along.  In June another music festival decided to play patriotic songs after the official part of the festival. And a movement slowly began to gain momentum.

Unarmed people facing down tanks; people singing forbidden songs under the eyes of Soviet authorities; incredibly clever parliamentary and street theater maneuvers that vexed Moscow at every turn. By the way, one of those parliamentary maneuvers included working within the Soviet system to officially make the hammer and sickle an illegal symbol in Estonia, implemented while still occupied by the Soviet Union! In 1991, Estonia’s legislatures declared a legally an independent country and a last-ditch coup attempt by Soviet hardliners was stopped. The singers had freed themselves.
Sweden Sterilized Thousands of 'Useless' Citizens for Decades

The victims of the public program were mostly young, and mostly female. One was a young woman whose priest believed she had not learned her confirmation lessons well enough, another who couldn’t read a blackboard because she did not have eyeglasses and was deemed to be retarded. From 1934 to 1974, 62,000 Swedes were sterilized as part of a national program grounded in the science of racial biology and carried out by officials who believed they were helping to build a progressive, enlightened welfare state.