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[I used to take the train every day. Everywhere. It was my only connection to the outside world. To a normal world. Now, as I walk through the abandoned metro station I realize that nothing is normal anymore]
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Signs as The Walking Dead Villains

Merle Dixon: Aries, Leo, Aquarius

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The Governor: Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius

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Gareth: Taurus, Libra, Pisces

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Negan: Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn

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I just found this video and oh man…

It’s perfect.

“Not so barbaric.”

Carl Grimes Fanfiction Series


Readers POV

Running from what you know causes two feelings, not in this order, confusion and regret. I had both feelings at the same time when I entered in the gates of Woodbury. It looked pleasantly too normal. Too normal, it was almost sparked my anxiety how normal it looked. A small southern town, full of pastel colors and tall buildings. Green grass, dogs barking. Getting out of the truck I suspected to be swarmed by people, which never happened. I mean for sure I got some looks, but they knew I was harmless.  I looked at Meryl who was standing next to me.

“What happened?” I asked looking at a couple beginning to cry when they saw me.

“We were attacked by another group, split this place apart. Some people left, some people stayed, and some were eaten.”

I nodded knowing it was my group who took the people. The rumors where very wrong,

‘We found them on the side of the road, all cold.’ I remember hearing, now I knew they were from this town. A man approached me,

“Hello! Welcome to Woodbury!” He said happily and full of excitement.

“Uh, hello.” I tried to return his kindness but I was truthfully intimidated.

“Where did you find her?” He asked Meryl.

“She is a stray, a stealthy one. She escaped Me and the Mexican, I thank twice.” He chuckled patting my back.

“I see.” He nodded and wrapped him and my arms together.

“Let’s get you a bath, maybe some food?” He said walking me away from Meryl. I nodded full of joy,

“Yes please sir.”  I mumble. What happened here, and why do we have thier people?

“Sir?”  I mumbled while looking around.

“Oh sweetheart, call me the governer.” He said with a charming smile.

“What happened to the rest of the people?” I asked trying not to sound timid.

“Well another caravan attacked, released walkers throughout our city, causing a violent uproar. They rescued most of our people, but we were weakened, but yet, with faith, we rebuild.” He said with a smile. He gave off this ‘savior’ vibe, almost like he was a god. I looked up at him and nodded, no one looked happy in this town. They honestly looked white as a sheet, and like a deer in headlights. The town itself was slightly more run down now that my eyes looked for it. Smoke filled my lungs at some points, but before it could take its toll and make me have a coughing spree, the Governor brought me inside a small home.  The home was very modern american, and definitely needed a woman’s touch.

“Hello!.” I heard a pleasent come from behind me.I turned to see a shy looking man with glasses walking up to greet me. I smiled and put out my hand for him to shake.

“Wow, still shaking hands, not so barbaric. I like her. Who are you?” He asked in a excited tone. It caused me to jump with the power in his handshake.

“(y/n)” I squeak. He smiles and nods walking back into a room.

“Sir where would you like our new guest to stay this evening?” He asked bringing a clipboard out.

“My spare room.” He said with a smile. “It is in there darling, please go take a nice hot bath, and lay down, you seem to have had a hard day” He says in a fatherly tone, while feeling the  back of my hair. Walking into the room I already noticed a towel and wash rag was placed at the end of my bed for me. It felt homey in this room, I felt relaxation hit me.

Third Person POV

With the new girl getting the shower, the Governor brought Milton into the study far away from the room. He sat down in his big leather chair, and a glorious smile.

“She looks just like her.” He says looking at the family portrait. He looked at his daughter who had similar features and the same smile.

“ But sir, it isnt her.” Milton squeaks. He just glares at him.

“They took my people away from me, I plan to get them back to me, and she will help us get there.”

“How Sir?”

“By a point of a finger.” He smirked placing the frame back on a shelf. Milton shook his head not completely understanding what he meant, but he of course wasn’t going to argue. He walked out of the study and almost ran flat into Aundrea.
“Is he in there?” She commanded not even apologizing.

“Yes.” He replied respectfully. She ran in and slammed the door.

“What are we going to do about the attack, I hear you’re going to ambush them, you don’t eve-” She said but she was hushed by his lips pressing on hers. She smiled and exhaled feeling some stress being lifted.

“Hush now. I have brought someone to help.” He smiled down at her.  She looked at him questioning every word.

"And who is this person to help?” She asked crossed her arms. He rubbed her biceps in a comforting manner.

“Just a young child from the camp who took our people.”

“Please be reminded that those were my people..” She said with slight upset in her tone. He brought her into an embrace.

“It will be fine dear.” Is all he said while feeling her hair.

“Sir?” They heard a petite voice call.

“Coming.” He announced and dropped their embrace. He left Aundrea without a word and walked back into the living area. The young girl stood with fresh clothes and a wet head.

“May I have something to eat?” She asked coming up to his side. With a smile he nodded,

“Anything you want my dear, is yours.” He walked through a door frame and into the kitchen.

“Here you go darling.” He said sitting at the table.  She walked around the counter top and the island. Look of awh in her eyes, she looks pled in a cupboard and took the box of crackers out and looked at him. She reminded him of a starving dog getting in his garbage, scared and hungry. He smiled and nodded. She opened the box and took out a cracker and nibbled on it.

“Thank you.” She mumbled as she inhaled the rest of her cracker.

“Just like a mouse, you can eat more than crackers monkey.” He said chuckling.

She looked up at him.

“Want me to make you something?” He asked getting out of his seat at the table.

She wandered with a nod. She truthfully didn’t know how to prepare herself a meal anymore. The apocalypse dehumanized her in every way possible. Worst than a convict she was. The man started preparing her soup and some bread.

“We farm here in our town of Woodberry. Did you farm wherever you came from?”

She nodded once more. His voice calmed her down in ways she couldn’t explain, almost like her father did when he was sober.

“We are getting pigs I think I heard someone say.” She mumbled while watching him. He looked at her and smiled.

“So my dear, how many people do you have?”

“A handful.” She said holding out a cracker to him. He smiled and took it from her adorable Palm.

“Thank you darling.” He said with a smile while chewing it.

“Govener.” Milton said peering in.

“We are making lunch. Can it wait?” He glared at him.

“Uh, yes sir.” He said shakily, but not moving. The young girl looked at him quickly, she felt watched. He was observing her, the way her muscles were defined and how beautiful she looked after her shower.

“Milton!” The Governor hollered making the awkward man jump.

“Sit down if you’re going to just ruin our lunchin.” He growled under his breath. Milton walked in slowly then sat at the table. He looked down at his clipboard staring at the sheet.

“What is he looking at?” She asked him.

“Oh he is probably looking at some sort of rationing issue.” He sighed and peered up at him.

She nodded and watched him soon to sit down across from him.

Taking his clipboard and pencil she looked through the papers.

“Hey.” Milton whined like a little child. He receded his hand after reviewing a harsh glare from the governed who was handing her a bowl of soup.

“There you go angel.” He said kissing the top of her head while she doodled on the pages. She hadn’t hold a pencil in almost two years, but yet it was still a second nature to her. She looked up at Milton a couple times just to smile and acknowledge his existence. She seemed happy to be in comfort of their presence. The Governor looked at her while she ate and drew her doodles and decided to ask her,

“Where is this group of yours?”

Readers POV

Everything was fine until that question. Complementive, father - like actions really seemed to calm down my nerves. He honestly felt very safe to be around, with power comes comfort from all who follows. He treated me special, I felt it. BUt then he asked me that question, then I realised I was nothing more that a stupid, hungry girl.

“We moved around alot sir.” I mumbled taking another spoonful of soup. He nodded.

“I hope he didn’t hear my lie.” I thought looking back at the clipboard.

“May I go nap?” I asked looking at him.  He looked at me and nodded. I stood and handed MIlton his clipboard. He smiled and nodded at me as a thank you.

I walked over to the sink and put my bowl in it. Walking to my room I heard him say ,

“Night princess.”


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Secretary of Defense 

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Secretary of Homeland Security

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Secretary of Health and Human Services

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Emergency Dictatorship Council (you know, when shit goes to hell and republic turns over all control to those they can trust to make the tough call)

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Fight me if you think I’m wrong

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