• rick and morty season 1 finale:old mentally ill man being happy with his grandkids for months as they stop time and generally dick about
  • rick and morty season 2 finale:old mentally ill man gives himself up to a governemnt he hates just so his family can be happy without him while everyone but his son-in-law is messed up and needs help
  • president obama:omg hey peasants its barack here ! ive been getting a bunch of anon hate lately so im going to remake the governemnt. message me if you want the new url mutuals only

Lately I’ve been shooting a project on Sikhs in and around the Bay Area. Very excited with the project. I’m trying very hard not to show everything until it’s complete. I look forward to showing the entire project early next year.

I took this image of Jaswinder Kaur Khalsa in her home. She’s holding a photo of her brother who was killed by the Indian police back in Sept 17, 1987. He was part of the movement to achieve political and cultural liberation from the indian governemnts oppressive rule over the Punjabi Sikhs. She now lives in Hayward, CA with her husband and four children. 

If you try to advance reactionary policies through demagogic mass mobilization, you don’t get sober, aristocratic-reactionary good government, you get… a governemnt based on demagogic mass mobilization. The conservative industrialists and Prussian aristos who supported Hitler as a bulwark against socialism learned this the hard way.
—  totalesturns

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the earth isnt flat its shaped like a dick and the governemnt refuses to tell us out of sheer embarrassment

what if everything is dick shaped and the government isnt telling us