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Huelga Nacional

The streets are flooded with citizens asking for government accountability

Puerto Rico is facing dire financial crisis, and we can’t do anything about it. Our government doesn’t care about it (and by our government I mean both PR and USA governments)

So instead the people take the streets 

This is just the one at la Milla de Oro (the mile of gold) 

Keep in mind that there are dozens of sister marches in different townships 

They still haven’t even allowed an audit to the national debt; instead they have increased the cuts to the UPR (our public university system). the cuts started at ~$450 million dollars (half of the university budget) and are now at ~$650 million

And that’s on top of a lot more budgetary restrictions for middle and lower class individuals. oh and don’t forget the implementation of Promesa, which among other things would take the federal minimum from $7.25 to $4.25 (ish) an hour.

My home is fucked up. My Alma Mater is at risk of being effectively shut down. Students have been on strike on a national level for weeks now. They are tightening the noose around our necks. We have no choice but to fight back and demand accountability. 

(also, due to us being a territory a declaration of bankruptcy does absolutely jack shit for us)

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You're 22? There's no way you've published two books and worked on government campaigns and worked PR for a professional league. And if you're so above everyone else why the fuck are you on this website

Not books, papers in academic journals. I have a publication forthcoming in a law review. Come off anon and I’ll send you my citations. I worked on two local campaigns and the HFA campaign. I’m on this website because I like sports and women and my friends. Go lay down.

Brought about by this post and, more specifically, my long rambling tags on it: 

#tiny little darcy yelling a big tall asgardians 
#sitting on the kitchen counter to be closer to eye level
#or Loki: shall we fetch you a box? Or shall I give you a summary of what we just discussed up here?
#Darcy: yes fetch me a box. Now.
#Loki: >:p
#darcy: >:p
#and she spends the rest of the conversation standing on a crate so she can slice through their arguments while looking straight at them

you’d think that having three large posters of Loki on my wall would mean his clothes are easier to draw. Nope. 

So, I was chatting with someone earlier, and it helped me to develop my thoughts on what’s going on contract-wise and why we’re seeing such disparate treatment of the boys, with Harry and Liam apparently free to pursue other work and Louis and Niall tied to Simon’s apron strings. This is all conjecture based on what I’ve observed – I have no specific knowledge of their contracts or anything. I’m just trying to theorize an explanation that makes sense.

  • We have always discussed their recording contract as a 5 albums AND 5 years kind of deal (assuming the two recording contracts as 1 deal and ignoring the issue of the +1 for the moment). So, we thought that when 5 albums had been delivered and 5 years had passed, they’d be free of the contract. Obviously, we were wrong. I think the issue is that we needed to think about the recording contract as a 5 albums IN 5 years deal. It wouldn’t have been in Syco’s interest to have included a clause that essentially says “oh, yeah, and you’re totally free after 5 years, no more obligations to us.” (And Syco clearly drafted this contract with little input from the boys. They wouldn’t have had the negotiating power to push back too much on the major framework. If they got anything, it was in the details.) What Syco cared about was making the most profit from them as possible, and, considering the typical lifespan of a boyband, they thought that they’d have to force them to meet the deliverables requirement in 5 years. Usually, recording contracts are based on deliverables, i.e. a certain number of albums. We have been characterizing this contract as a hybrid of deliverables and time, but if you think of the time as a limitation to maximize profit, not a parameter of the deal itself, what we’re seeing now makes more sense. It’s not a hybrid contract – it’s a deliverables contract with a forced time constraint. The 5 years is irrelevant to the duration/obligations of the contract, but is only a constraint to rush the boys to deliver the albums.
  • So, the boys were required to deliver 5 albums in a maximum of 5 years. They did that, but that’s not the end of a recording contract, because the record company has to promote and sell the album. So, I’m assuming, and anyone who knows please correct me if I’m wrong, that a recording contract includes requirements that the artist also agree to PR and attendant image rights contracts that would allow the record company to promote and sell the album. The recording contract probably has some language that obligates the artist to agree to a host of relevant contracts that will then govern PR and image rights. And they have to sign these contracts. There is probably some negotiation, but, again, Syco had all the power when these deals were signed, especially with Modest failing to advocate the boys’ interest. So, we’re not talking just one contract, but a slew of them, most of which have no relationship at all to the 5-year constraint on deliverables from the recording contract. There may be timelines articulated in these other contracts, but there may not be. They could include something like “Artist will comply with the PR plan for a time period deemed necessary to fulfill the PR plan’s requirements.” There doesn’t have to be a set time period – contracts don’t inherently require one (though certain contracts have to be in writing if they take more than a year to fulfill or are open-ended, but that’s not an issue here). What matters is how the PR plan is drafted and what its requirements are, and, again, how much say did the boys ever have in developing their PR plan?
  • I think this could explain why it seems like the boys thought things were coming to a close in March and then they didn’t. Perhaps, based on previous promo periods, they thought that their obligations for promotion/PR would end around March, because in the past they had. But in the past there was always a tour to shift right into, and while the tour surely has a separate set of contracts involved, it’s still part of promo. Perhaps by March, Syco lawyers had figured out that they could continue to obligate the boys to the PR campaign because, unlike past years, they weren’t getting the promo from the subsequent tour. Instead, that part of the PR plan would have to be satisfied in another way, a way more similar to the traditional Nov-Mar promo campaign. Perhaps this is why Louis’ winter girlfriend became a summer girlfriend – a continuation of winter promo is replacing the promo that would have come from a tour.
  • It also could explain why the boys seem to be treated differently for the last few months, with Louis and Niall more closely tied to Simon and Liam and Harry more apparently free to pursue other projects. If this interpretation is right, the boys as a unit no longer have any deliverables obligations to Syco. (And Simon essentially said this in that last interview by saying they were out of contract. They’re out of the deliverables contract, but maybe not the PR and other contract. But the recording contract is over. I don’t know what happened to the +1: either it never existed and was reported wrong or somehow Zayn is fulfilling it.) The PR campaigns have never been equal amongst the boys – they’ve all bee used in ways that their PR team thinks they provide the most benefit. And now, even though this is ostensibly still MITAM promo, this PR campaign is really about the end of 1D’s connection to Syco and Simon. This PR campaign is about Simon saving face and the boys are merely pawns. Thus the boys are treated differently. Harry is a star and Simon wants to appear to be the generous svengali who has unleashed him on the world. He wants to make it seem if Harry ever says anything against him, it appears ungrateful. And because Harry’s opinion matters to the wider world, he wants to treat him with kid gloves. Liam is less of a concern because he’s less famous, frankly. He gets to represented the disloyal child who turns his back on the man who made him. And I bet that’s how Chiam ends, with Cheryl loyal to Simon while Liam is the wayward ungrateful son. Niall is stuck promoting the golf endeavor, perhaps as a concession to Modest and how much they contributed to Simon’s control over the years. And for as long as he can sustain it, Simon can tout the possibility that Niall will sign with Syco as a way to show that Syco couldn’t have been so bad if lovely Niall, of all people, would consider staying. And then there’s Louis. I think a lot of Simon’s treatment of Louis in this PR campaign for Simon’s ego is personal. Sure, he can present Louis as a loyal protege, which highlight Simon as a mentor and learned elder. But it also tortures Louis to be kept that close. And babygate is a continuance of the winter promo campaign. What should have been over by spring lingers into summer.
  • So, when does it end? A promo/PR campaign can’t last forever – there’s an inevitable limit to how long even Syco’s lawyers can plausibly stretch this out. I don’t know what that limit is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it coincides with the length of a tour. This doesn’t mean every part of it will last that long – it would look totally fake if everything ended exactly on like Oct 31. Anything that fulfills the Simon-is-great narrative could end sooner if it’s serving that narrative. Or things could end if the boys’ lawyers are able to negotiate tradeoffs. Under this theory, the boys may be obligated to a PR campaign for a certain duration, but the details of the campaign are surely negotiated within whatever wiggle room there may be.

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Jasico fic where Nico is fangirling about 5sos and Jason gets them tickets to meet them and nice kisses him that's their first kiss.

Sequel to this.  In which Jason is incredibly hopeless and awkward.

It took two weeks for Jason to get Nico to look him in the eyes again, and an additional month after for their interactions to amount to much more than stilted words and Nico glaring.  Both refused to tell Hazel what happened, but she knew Jason had done something to anger her brother and she’d been happy to level the blond with fierce looks whenever she thought no one was looking.

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“The House isn’t passing bills” is not an argument for the President just taking the law-making power into his own hands 

I was unaware of any Article II Section 5 of the Constitution wherein it states that if the congress doesn’t pass laws the president wants, that he is thereby immediately granted the legislated powers enumerated in Article I Section 8 so he can pass them himself.

If we’re going to pretend that the U.S. Government is a restrained by law, and operating under the Constitution, then that process matters.

Otherwise, we should just openly admit that the U.S. Government is not bound by any law and the people who hold power in it are just doing whatever it is that any one or group of them feel they can get away with at any given time.

Personally, I say let’s just admit that this is the case and that the U.S. Government is just criminal organization with good PR.