if u ever reblog posts alll ur doing is suckling at the teet of socialized posts created by govermnet run blogs and not wanting to stimulate the blogosphere 

A quick note as to why government spying by any agency does not protect us against terrorist threats.

Would be top tier terrorists who would do some actual damage to society in anyway are smart enough to communicate in secure means via encrypted emails, VoIP conversations, files, and, if it has to come down to it, they will meet up in person among their fellow conspirers. These open source and free tools are readily available to you, me, anyone. They include, but are not limited to: TrueCrypt, PGP Emails, Jitsi, RedPhone..The list goes on and on. 
So with the use of these secure means of communication, there will be no difference in terms of safety for us. Therefore, the only real effect of these government spies harm us and our civil rights and liberties our founding fathers fought for. Don’t give into any BS about how spying keeps us protected. It makes us FEEL protected (for some people), but it does not actually protect us. 

To stop terrorists, go to the root of the problem and not after some ever changing leaf or stem. 


PS: Just because you use these tools, it does NOT label you as a terrorist. By that logic, using a hammer to fix a house would label you as a killer. All you are doing is being an informed citizen by standing up and enforcing your own rights.