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Dear followers and not followers,

Tumblr community I know you love to be involved in every global/social/human rights issues. So here is the story of what my country (Mexico) is living now a day.

On April 4th our country got the news that our president Enrique Peña Nieto and our goverment is trynig to flunk the internet in all the republic. 

Yes, this is not a joke. Our government in order to stop strikes, government jokes and riots between the population will create filters in the internet. And they will shut-down the internet in complete states if it’s necessary so people don’t gather together and try to do something against the government.

This new law that is trying to be part of our constitution is not only going to benefit our government with their definition of “security” but it will help the biggest tv channel in our country “Televisa”. How? Emlio Azcárraga (Owner of televisa, the 2nd richest man in Mexico and the 589th richest man in the world according to forbes magazine) is going to create packages of internet in order to give population freedom. Yes, we will pay for internet like if we were on pay-per-view and adquire apps and websites to use on a daily basis.

I’ll give you an example because it sounds complicated…it’s going to be more or less like this: 

If we want to get on tumblr, we will pay around $50 pesos/$5 dollars in order to use it 100 minutes. Or youtube 10 videos for certain amount of money. 

They want to make the rich people richer while the poor people becomes poorer.

What we want is that people spread the word all over the world. Because we need to stop this. Mexico is just the beginning of a list of countries that will come afterwards.

If we can stop this together, we will be able to stop things world wide.

This law is approved in Russia, North Korea and Cuba. Let’s not make this list any longer and try to revert all this.

Your help will save, long distance relationships, familes, your country, teenagers, human rights, freedom of speech and most important lives.

I know if problems like this one right here continue in my country, people will start a civil war or a small revolution. And we all know that war is not the answer. Violence will only make more violence.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for caring. 

Please spread the word, sorry if this massive text post doesn’t look cute on your gore, hipster, pale, indie, funny, gamer, psych, seapunk, soft grunge, skins, fandom, NSFW, bubbly blog but this information needs to be spreaded.

Let’s show our courage and let’s raise our voices and end with authoritarism.

Trillion-Dollar Jet Has Thirteen Expensive New Flaws

“Now that cost is expected to grow, owing to 13 different design flaws uncovered in the last two months by a hush-hush panel of five Pentagon experts. It could cost up to a billion dollars to fix the flaws on copies of the jet already in production, to say nothing of those yet to come.”

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Photo from Lockheed Martin

A quick note as to why government spying by any agency does not protect us against terrorist threats.

Would be top tier terrorists who would do some actual damage to society in anyway are smart enough to communicate in secure means via encrypted emails, VoIP conversations, files, and, if it has to come down to it, they will meet up in person among their fellow conspirers. These open source and free tools are readily available to you, me, anyone. They include, but are not limited to: TrueCrypt, PGP Emails, Jitsi, RedPhone..The list goes on and on. 
So with the use of these secure means of communication, there will be no difference in terms of safety for us. Therefore, the only real effect of these government spies harm us and our civil rights and liberties our founding fathers fought for. Don’t give into any BS about how spying keeps us protected. It makes us FEEL protected (for some people), but it does not actually protect us. 

To stop terrorists, go to the root of the problem and not after some ever changing leaf or stem. 


PS: Just because you use these tools, it does NOT label you as a terrorist. By that logic, using a hammer to fix a house would label you as a killer. All you are doing is being an informed citizen by standing up and enforcing your own rights.