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About Meicoomon

I totally think Meicoomon was created, by the organization with the super long name where Meiko’s dad and Maki and Daigo work. She isn’t a normal Digimon, that’s pretty obvious considering how OP she is and the whole infection thing, duh. 

 But let’s not forget she freaking shares her name with her partner. THAT’S FREAKY AS FUCK. It’s so weird because Meiko calls her “Mei-chan” and it’s sort of talking to herself idk. That’s 100% abnormal and makes zero sense. That’s much more than a coincidence. 

 So I think Meicoomon was supposed to be a weapon - remember how the organization peeps were talking about some powerful weapon?? They wanted a powerful weapon, one to fight against Digimon. So they decided to start working on her after Parrotmon and Greymon had their iconic fight. Perhaps right after the original Chosen Children came back to Earth. 

They’re some sort of government organization, the goverment wanted to make sure they could defend themselves from some monsters, so what better way to fight a monster? With another monster, of course!!! 

They decided to use Meiko as part of the experiment, because it had to feel normal somehow. They probably thought Meicoomon would work better if she had a partner as the rest of the kids. The infection wasn’t on purpose, it was something that went wrong as they created her. 

It’s 1am and I’m just rambling but this is some theory I’ve had on my mind forever. Thoughts?

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Three dangerous words.

A while ago Captain Rogers spotted you running aroud DC. After SHIELD fell you didn’t know what to do, you were born to be an agent and join the CIA or the army wouldn’t fit you. Your place was at SHIELD not in a Goverment organization. 
At first you let him join you, he was faster but he slowed down so he would be able to talk with you. You dind’t tell him who you was and what you knew about him, you waited a little. Steve was surprised when he heard your story, but kept running (walk, actually) with you.
Quoting the Beatles: Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on (bra), so Steve invited you on a date and then many others came. You two became a couple and you finally find a job: new SHIELD needed agents and you still belived in the agency aim.

Steve and you were on your morning run, lately it was one of few thing you two could still do together. Both of you had a busy schedule and the world needed help, now more than ever.
Steve was talking about the last Avengers mission and how everybody was mocking him for the “language” thing. He was telling you about Thor’s hammer and the theory of the lift.
“Oh my godness!” you laughed, almost in tears “This is why I love you!”
Steve stopped, he’s happy face replaced with his shocked one. He seriously looked at you: “Whaaat?”
You froze realising what you just said: “Oh. Umh… I… I think the lift– It would still come up, it hasn’t feelings or…”
“(Y/N)” he calmly said “What did you say?”
You looked around panicking: “I said “oh my godness” and I stopped talking”
He nervously chukled: “No, you said the three little words. I wanted to be the frist one to say those words!” he was disappointed “Sam was right…” he sighed.
“Falcon?” you asked surprised, since Bucky was away (and couldn’t remember him) you tought he would’ve asked agent Romanoff or at least Stark for help. 
“Yeah, I talked with him about us, when and how tell you I love you… he said I shouldn’t wait since I am pretty sure you’re the right one and that men don’t say “I love you” first anymore” he explained “I wanted to say I love you first though, I’m old fashioned, y’know”
“Okay, okay. Slow down Cap, you said those three dangerous words three times in the same sentence” you scoffed him.
He grinned: “Because I love you, too”
Steve pulled you against him, kissing you.

i’ve heard that some countries have actually BANNED the new mockingjay movie

like ????

dudebro if the government is so scared of their people acting up against them, to go as far as ban this particular movie, then you know you’re doing it WRONG