Maggie Smith as Mary Gilbert - Capturing Mary (2007)

What appealed initially was the fact that she is a long way from the things I’m usually required to do, endless school teachers and governesses which all merge into one! But I was also attracted by this woman because I felt she was someone we could all relate to. She really struck a chord with me. All of us know that if we’d taken a different path, our lives could have turned out quite differently. Her sense of disappointment also rang a bell with me. We all know people who start out with amazing innocence and incredibly high hopes that inevitably get whittled away over time. - Maggie Smith

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Haides, mighty son of Kronos and Rhea,
Hear my call to you!
Come and listen to the hymn which I have made ready,
And enjoy my lyrical praise!

God of wealth,
Each coin and gemstone holds your gift within it.
Each crystal is formed by your sacred patterns,
A different formation for each, filled with your blessings and made by your gentle hand.
All affluent mines are your sanctuaries,
And have been swept over by your fertile cornucopia.
I cannot help but be grateful for your abundance of the Earth,
And to raise my voice and say,
Great Pluton, gover of wealth, I offer my praise to you!

In your kingdom,
Gold blossoms forth from every fountain.
Your throne and crown glimmer with jewels,
And your palace is paved with precious metals.
Not an inch of ground is left unmarked with cascading treasure,
Save the gardens of your lilting Queen,
Even the bones of mortal men lay gilded in your cavernous halls.
For your plentiful domain,
I praise you!

Your loving wife and faithful hound sit beside you in joy.
Persephone plucks pomegranates from her special grove,
And brings them to you with nostalgia,
Forever yours and you forever Hers.
Kerberos nuzzles you with his snouts,
Licks you with his three tongues,
And brings light to the otherwise dark demesne during the spring and summer months.
Glory to you, god with such love!

Khaire my lord,
I finish my hymn and promise to sing of you in another song, too!


Amarantos Argyris

Hymn to Haides

Made for @gyhldeptis

if you’re going to be historically inaccurate

you should still learn the accurate version

because your changes have an impact on the story

you want a woman wearing pants in 1760? go for it. that wasn’t the norm, but it certainly happened sometimes

however be aware of how people would react

what does it mean for your heroine to be wearing pants? how does that differ from/challenge the status quo? what would the reaction be from her family? people on the street? the goverment, if they know about it? how does the rest of the world interact with your anachronism?

if you’re creating an alternate universe or a new world entirely, go wild. do whatever you want. but if you’re working within this world’s history, it’ll make your writing ten times more believable and interesting if you know the rules before you break them

I want to talk about something really important

Okay. I never imagined having to write something like this before in my life. But please spend 5 minutes of your life reading this. Because I need someone to see this. I need people to see. I need people to know.

I’m 15 and I live in Turkey. And over half an hour ago our goverment was overthrown by the military.

We still have internet and our right to live, and our right to express our feelings and ideas even though we were ordered not to leave the houses until an opposing order was released.

This actually happened when my parents were kids too in the 80s. It’s something every Turkish knows and ocassionally makes a bittersweet joke about it. You know what they say about humor being the cure of many things. I think that’s kind of like that.
I can’t seem to understand or with a better word forsee what will happen next because I never lived through anything like this but they always talk about what a hard childhood it was. This isn’t as bad as the previous one but that doesn’t change the fact that it will take all of us back a few years in everything.

For now I just want to talk. About myself, my dreams, some plans and wishes.

You know I’m just enjoying the fact that I can be as selfish as I want for a while since all I can hear is gunshots out of my house. I’m not scared. I’m terrified but it has a weird sweetness in it. I will explain why later.

So when I was 5 I wanted to be a car racer, I never told this to anyone actually because they would say that I’m a girl and laugh at it probably. Then at the age of 7 I decided I would be an archaeologist and I was pretty ready for it until I realised that my sensitive skin would kill me if I stayed in the sun for so long. I was 11 then. I decided I would be a forensic anthropologist because Temperance Brennan from “Bones” was pretty damn cool doing it and it was just like archeology, only focusing on humans and didn’t have to be outside all the time. But I quickly got over this too and decided that I actually had always wanted to be someone who could do anything and saw it all as side quests in a game. Then I decided that I would be a game developer in Korea. This is still my job goal actually.

Well even though I’m not a very popular blogger here. But I have 300 followers and that means a number of friends who appreciate my work and spend their time for me even without seeing me before and that makes me so emotional that I feel like crying sometimes. I am so grateful to you all, even though I’m not the best writer around since I’m a virgin writing smuts and all, you have spent your time for me. That is all I could ask for actually from you. Thank you.

I actually am a better writr than this when I’m not all lovey dovey because I was always considered like a boy. Not that I’m blaming anyone for it though. I just was like that. I like writing books like Haruki Murakami does and I think I’m pretty good at it despite I can’t write anything as good as he does yet. I also have a talent for art, math and physics. I draw at least one drawing a day. And as long as my friends brag about the drawings I made for them it makes me feel like I am a great artist. That makes me happy too. I actually want to be a game developer because like this I can put everything I’m good at in one thing and make something that people would like to spend their time playing. I want them to enjoy a part of their life with something I made.

I want to go to Korea, to hear the language I admire, to see how they develop games in Nexon and to find myself someone. I want someone with cute eyes, a great smile, warm hands and a voice that will make me feel safe as he speaks when I turn to the other side of the room while a war goes on outside the door. Not that I want a war though. I hate it now. I want this person to like my cooking even when the food is burnt and we have nothing to eat pther than the ready meals, someone that won’t mind it when I play a 70s love song after a hiphop song and continue with a classical piece on a road trip. I want this someone to love and respect me both physically and mentally. I want him to be as proud of me as I will be of him. This is my dream.

And I want everyone to know that I will achieve this dream. I would even if this didn’t happen. Even if I weren’t crying and even if there wasn’t gunshots and tanks outside right now. And I will make this happen. I believe this and I belive in myself. That’s all I need for now.

But I also want everyone to know that this happened because our gobermwnt was okay with risking our lives, they were okay with giving citizenship to terrorists to get their votes for the next election, they felt safer when we were too scared to do anything and they didn’t mind destroying the roots of this country for their good. This is why the soldiers are fighting their country now. I actually feel happy that they are gone. Because our “freedom” wasn’t more or less before either. I mean what is the difference between being tied to a tree in the backyard with not being able to leave the house. A few meters isn’t something I mind. But this happened because of their tolerance to the terror. France or Turkey or Syria. It’s the same thing. Terror corrupts us all. You should not tolerate it. You should not feel relieved when there are 10 people dead instead of 100. Those 10 people had dreams. they had a past just like mine up here. Maybe nothing bad will happen to me after this. But I. I don’t wanna die here. I don’t want to die like this. I don’t wanna die for this. I have so many dreams so many plans. I don’t want to die. The windows are breaking. And there are bombs here. I don’t want this. I hate it. I hate it all. I hate everyone included in this. Please don’t support anyone who is okay with this. Please don’t let them. Please don’t be one of them. This is all I ask from you. Please share this with everyone you know. and I want you all to know. That I love every single one of you even though I don’t know you. I love you. You are my friend. My very dear friend who listened to my story. I’m glad. So glad. I might not be around or be able to post anything for a while. Please bare with it. Im sorry for that. If I will be okay, I promise that I will be a better writer I willa achieve my dreams. And i will make a few hours of your life better. I promise.

As a Turk girl, I can’t stay silent in this fucked up situation.

In Turkey every single sane person is aware of the fact that Erdogan is a fucking dictator. Some believe that the coup was a real attack to the goverment but it’s nothing but an act. If it was a real riot we wouldn’t have TV or internet or electricity anyway and the goverment would be arrested.

Erdogan himself made up this so called coup and he ‘stopped’ it and since last night he’s a hero in some’s eyes. But people are so blind they just can’t see the holes in this senario. He was using people as meat shields by telling them to go outside. He killed 47 people with his own hands. He also said F16 planes attacked to his plane. Those guys are professional soldiers, they wouldn’t miss a shoot to his plane. He did all of these things just to stay at the top.

The ones who are in charge right now don’t give a fuck about what’s going on about the country or democracy, they are just playing a power game. They just wanna prove they are stronger than the other. We can’t even trust our own leaders. What Turkey needs right now is new, young minds. We need a second Ataturk. Someone who will wake up the country and make serious changes. It’s not possible though cause nearly half of Turkey blindly worships Erdogan so even if he’s arrested or executed, his effect will continue. He carved himself into people’s minds.

Our future doesn’t seem bright. Pray for Turkey.


- Cinderella is trying as much as she can to buck the system in an abusive environment: one that isolates her from others and in an era that doesn’t offer much opportunities for women other than housekeeper and governess. Her sarcastic rant at a bell ringing, the fact that she frees mice from traps and dresses them, and her arrival at the ball are acts of rebellion. [X]

-It is often extremely difficult for a victim of abuse to be able to confront their abusers or leave them … and Lady Tremaine has done everything in her power to make sure Cinderella can’t meet someone and get married.

Her assertion that she is able to attend the ball as well is an assertion of her rights as a woman. Despite her marginalization and abuse from her family, she is, in this invitation, considered an equal. [X]

What's going on with Turkey:

I don’t know if I will get arrested for this but I don’t care. I just wanna tell the truths.
First of all, I am not supporting coup and Erdogan. I am writing this for you to know what the hell is going on here, in Turkey.
Last night, the bridges were taken over by military (or at least we know like that). Then our first channel, TRT, was taken over by some soldiers. They said TSK aka military took over the country and if we go outside, we will die.
So it means coup. Erdogan facetimed with CNN Turk because he was in holiday. He said we should go outside and defend our democracy. Right now, they’re saying that the goverment has taken over and coup failed.
Let me explain the real things.
First of all, Erdogan send his people to outside because he needed a flash shield. It was not a fight for democracy. Those people killed soldiers who didn’t even know what the hell as going and was in theirs 20s. They cut the soldiers’ head off, torture the surrender soldiers with their belts, break their necks. The soldiers didn’t even know what was going on. They just took orders. I heard one of the soldiers went to cops, asked about what the hell was going on. So many of them did.
Second, it wasn’t the military’s attack. The source is still unknown -there are rumors but not clearity. People think Erdogan did it or some other forces.
If that was a real coup, we wouldn’t have internet or TV or electricity. Which we had, don’t believe if they say a didn’t, because we had. I was in Twitter and watching CNN -which took over by some soldiers don’t even know what that were doing there, sent by the orders and people who Erdogan sent but not goverment people.
The coup should be in earlier times, not night, when everybody is sleeping so there were no chaos. But it was about the time where eveybody was awake.
It was not planned thing. Nobody, even the people who got orders to do it, knew what was going on and they still don’t know.
They only attacked TRT for announcing the coup, not any channels were attacked at first.
The attacks happened only in Istanbul and Ankara, not anywhere else. If that was a coup, it should be in everywhere, soldiers should be in every streets.
Erdogan wasn’t even suprised or scared at all. The man who stood with him were smiling at cameras. He was sending his own people to death and his flight which should be like 30 munites was more like 6 hours. So he only came when do many people were dead.
100s of people died. 1000s of people injured and 3000s of people for arrested. There were so many war planes that they break the sound barrier which made terrifying voice and everybody woke up in 5-6 in the morning. The mosques are praying all the time and calling people to streets.
I’m 16 so I am not too old to say it but I never ever scared this much in my life. We’re still terrified.
People wants death penalties but for whom? Us, the goverment, the leaders, the polices or for the soldiers?
If you want real peace, you should stop Erdogan and everybody who is leader in this country. You should protect those young souls that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Don’t kill soldiers or polices. Don’t kill innocents. Don’t go outside because our prime minister says so. Stay in your houses, safe. Because those people who are outside are killing innocents or dying innocent.
Don’t believe everything you hear. We’re in a world that not even a single life matters for people.
Stay safe, my friends.

Human is the worst thing that could happen with this planet

“if humans were let to live how we would naturaly it would be chaos and anarchy and the human race wouldnt probably last that long, but hey guess what, thats how its supposed to be!!!!! society and goverments are only created to have order and calmness, which is exactly the opposite of pure human nature. take away all your laws and morals and just see what you can dо…..”

Eric Harris 

“Since russian translation of Jailbreak came out, I was happy - “They didn’t censor Ruby and Sapphire! There is still hope!” And then I’ve seen confession claiming that Ruby uses male pronouns. I couldn’t believe it and dicided to check myself. There was only one time, someone used her pronoun and it was “He” Now they censored entire “The Answer”, while the only thing that our goverment does - tries to pull us back into Soviet Union.
There is no hope for this country.
#AmericaPleaseInvadeRussia #EuropePleaseInvadeRussia

Bad english cause I’m russian”


Zombie Apocalypse:

and how it’s going to happen. Whats your theory?

My friends theory: Some asshole scientist trying to find a cure for bitten zombies before the infection sets in. Even though there are not any zombies, asshole creates them trying to stop them..blah blah blah.

My theory: Simple. Population control. Over populated planet, decreasing resources, what do you do? A simple way for the government to find a way to kill off people they think is useless (i.e people in poverty etc). There’s more to it, but I don’t feel like going in depth.

I will never tolerate the derailment, defensiveness and bizarre anger toward #blacklivesmatter.

It’s a movement to end voilence and racism/discrimination, based on peaceful protest and community and awareness-building. It came from the desperate and critical need to draw engagement and advocacy.

In its most pure form, BLM is a rallying cry to reinforce that black men, women and children are worthy and deserving of their civil rights and protection under the law.

It is not a terrorist threat or anti-white or anti-goverment movement, rather, protesters are grateful for allies of all colors and are eager to work with their elected officials to take a stand on issues such as gun control.

It’s disgusting that the travesty in Baton Rouge and the fallen officers are now pawns being used to illegitimize BLM. I am ashamed but not surprised that the trump/fox/conservative contingent have found a way to link an anti-violence movement to cop killing.

For fucks sake, I haven’t seen anyone celebrate this shit. People like me are tired and angry and fragile and emotional. Everyday is another blow to humanity.

I am DONE with being told that we are using the “race card” to “play victim”. I am tired of my voice being twisted as “thuggery” and “terrorism”.

It’s 2016, and
Flint Michigan is real.
Police brutality is real.
Racial profiling is real.

Every time people minimize, mock or sensationalize #blacklivesmatter is just more proof for the dire need of the movement in the first place.

The final episode of season 3 of Hannah Montana is about Miley posibly moving to Tennessee, in the end she just looks back to her old home as she leaves for the Malibu ranch…

The final episode of season 3 of Wizards of Waverly Place literally ends in a cliff hanger with the Russo in a goverment lab…

The final episode of season of Jessie is about Jessie’s wedding with Brook, after the wedding she was going to move to Africa with him, but then she says no…

The final episode of season 3 of Liv and Maddie ends up with the Rooney’s moving to California…

None of this shows was certain to have a season 4, so they played a ~fake finale~

Disney waited until the very last second to tell the Liv and Maddie people they were getting renewed for a season 4

Girl Meets World it’s the highest rated Disney Channel show, it’s been nominated for an Emmy Awars twice (and I’m pretty sure they are gonna win this year)

If Disney said yes to a show about a boy with a talking hand, they are so gonna say yes to the best show they got

Don’t panic just yet