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Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime – July 1, 2016 (HBO)

Bill Maher and his guests – Gov. Gary Johnson, Louise Mensch, Ari Melber, Rep. Barbara Lee and Jim Gaffigan – answer viewer questions after the show.

Gov. Gary Johnson Commends Rand Paul for “Waging the Good Fight” for Liberty

Rand Paul is the latest to find that there is no room for the Liberty Movement in today’s Republican nominating process. I’ve been there. With his departure from the presidential race, there is no voice remaining to challenge failed military interventions, mass surveillance of Americans by their government, or real cuts in the size and cost of government.

Sen. Paul and I have some differences on issues, but he was the one candidate on the Republican side who was not afraid to talk about civil liberties, the perils of endless war, and the principles of liberty. His departure leaves a great many voters, especially among America’s youth, without a home in the two ‘major’ parties. To them, I say, come be Libertarian with me.

Rand Paul is to be commended for waging the good fight, and I look forward to his continued work for small government and greater freedom in the U.S. Senate.