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Fight erupts among Democrats for control of party in crisis
Battle to lead the DNC begins as progressives and centrists throw names into the ring. By GABRIEL DEBENEDETTI

Swept from power, Democratic leaders in Washington and the states are increasingly nervous that the best-case scenario fight for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee will be a long, ugly redux of the Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders primary.

But an even broader, more vicious factional scramble may be looming.

A group of high-profile liberals and establishment figures is moving swiftly to nip such a tussle in the bud by coalescing around Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison — who has not formally announced his bid, but who appears prepared to on Monday after receiving backing from Sanders, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, progressive groups like, and kind words from Sen. Elizabeth Warren. But a former chairman, former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean — a Clinton backer and serious Sanders critic during the primary who is a favorite of state party chairs due to his pioneering a 50-state strategy that would empower them — also jumped into the race on Thursday, making the picture far less straightforward.

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Your’ Honor(s)’: I want to acknowledge the living icon that will be leaving the presidential office, Barack Hussein Obama. He said during his Tuesday January 10, 2017 Fare Well Speech that Americans made him better. I am honored to be one of his constituents; over the years, he has shown me what true...

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ap gov poll!

ap government and politics- poll assignment

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the description of the poll is as follows:

“This is a poll made for an AP US Government and Politics course. Questions focus on various political topics and subjects of debate. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.  If your optimal response is not provided, please choose the answer which you identify best with.”

i would really appreciate it if y’all could participate in the poll! all participants will remain anonymous. the only information about yourself you need to disclose is your gender (assigned at birth), your race/ethnicity, and your opinion on various political topics which are hotly debated in the USA today

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Gov. Palin and Senator Clinton address the nation

still my favorite skit ever

If D.C.’s builders put parlors into overpriced luxury apartments and condos — and, we guess, if people played games in them — the city’s current favorite parlor game would be figuring out who likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would pick for their running mates.

Right now, bettors on online market PredictIt are leaning (ever so slightly) toward Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine for Clinton and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich for Trump. That would be one VP candidate from a battleground state (Virginia) and one from what some are saying could be a new battleground state (Georgia).

That would line up with conventional wisdom, which says that candidates will try to pick running mates from battleground states in hopes of swaying voters in those states. But multiple studies suggest that doesn’t really work. And either way, recent candidates haven’t really chosen mates from those states all that often.

So how do they pick? Geography still plays into it, but it’s all part of a bigger balancing act of picking a complementary candidate that sends a perfectly (or, as it sometimes turns out, imperfectly) calibrated message.

How Might Trump Or Clinton Pick Running Mates? Here’s What The Data Say

Chart: Danielle Kurtzleben/NPR