I just found the solution how Phoenix and Franziska can team up, remove Fulbright from Blackquill’s side and that shock device from his self, and have Simon and Phoenix as bickering investigation partners.

:D Combine all these ideas into one big AU!

Franziska demands Phoenix’s help in investigating the phantom’s presence / whereabouts as she investigates for Interpol. Of course they come across Simon and Fulbright, who are also looking for the infamous spy. The former ace attorney and the shackled prosecutor butt heads - the latter doesn’t trust the former, and the former quickly sees through and gets annoyed with the latter’s ‘Twisted Samurai’ shtick.

Then Fulbright makes the mistake of shocking him in front of Phoenix because he underestimates him. He can’t believe what he’s seeing at first, while he winces from a phantom (HAH!) shock that makes his skin prick and his heart clench. He hears Maya’s scream, and Manfred von Karma’s smug voice promising pain if not obeyed. Shock and fear then flip to anger.

A quick phone call, a talk with Franziska, and some politics later, and Fulbright receives a whipping just as he tries to shock Simon again.

She is furious that the law system and the government have fallen so much as to allow such practices. And how dare a police officer abuse his position of power! It doesn’t matter if Simon is deemed a dangerous criminal - if the police have to resort to such things, then they are useless!

With her sway in Interpol, she pulls Blackquill under her custody and kicks off Fulbright. She will report him to the police about his conduct and make sure he gets the punishment he deserves.

It’s only later that Simon realizes - he’s at first too caught up in the dynamic between Prosecutor von Karma and Mr. Wright and how they verbally mow down anybody moronic enough to be excessively uncooperative, which he morbid-cheerfully helps with; the glimpses he sees through his mask and wondering if he’s the spy; and his own bickering with the ex-attorney, reluctantly acknowledging they work well together; how they restrain each other from going too far - that his colleague doesn’t allow anybody to insult her assistant based on his disbarment. Or that Mr. Wright always stands subtly between him and Fulbright when they encounter him, with Prosecutor’s von Karma’s whip raised.



Rinko from When They Knit Seriously (2017), played by Toma Ikuta.  This trans woman falls in love with the uncle of Tomo, a young girl left behind by her mother, and becomes her mother.

12 Trans and Intersex Characters from Japanese Movies and Dramas (2001 - Present)

(Click on the captions for more information.)

Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 90 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!!)

Here is the promised translation summary for Chapter 90.  Once again, this was a very jam-packed chapter full of dialogue and new characters, so it took a long time to write up.  As usual, sorry if there are mistakes or typos.  And SPOILERS!

Ao no Exorcist 90:

The title for this is difficult, but it’s roughly ”Congratulations - First Night (or Bridal Night)”

The group arrives in Kyoto.  It’s a big family reunion as we start meeting more brothers and sisters of Renzou, including Yumi, his younger sister (who has a huge crush on Konekomaru) and Gouzou, who is working as an exorcist overseas.  Renzou is frustrated but Rin says they are lively.  Yukio thanks Juuzou for Inviting them, but Juuzou thanks them for the help.  Sugaro’s dad shows up and the gang starts making marumochi…of course, Yukio is terrible at it.  Rin starts thinking about Yukio’s reaction from the last chapter.  Rin is stunned by Yukio’s outburst, and asks him why he suddenly blew up at him.  Rin asks him what he would do if he knew, and why he wants to know so badly.  It looks like Yukio might tell him for a second, but then Yukio bursts out laughing in an almost maniacal manner.  He says “it’s not like I could change your mind.  Both of us are right and wrong.  We are brothers, but we’re nothing alike.  I had forgotten that.  I’m sorry for yelling.  Good night, Rin.  Forget it.”  Back in the present, Rin says that Yukio’s acted normally since then, but that something is off.  “This feels different from usual”.

Later, everyone is celebrating while Suguro is sitting in the hall talking to Lightning about the data files.  Suguro sort of nags him, telling Lightning to not sleep so much and to get something to eat (Lighting replies in English “Yes, Ma’am”).  Finally Lightning tells him “Happy New Year’s” and hangs up.  Lightning sits up and says “it’s about time to move” and calls someone.  He asks for Dr. Dragesk’s (spelling is uncertain here) New Year’s schedule.

Back with Suguro, he’s looking at his phone just as Yukio appears.  Yukio asks him if he’s working and Suguro says he just finished.  Sugaro walks away saying he’s going to relax, but Yukio gives him a very suspicious look.  We see Renzou hanging outside in the cold, clearly tired of his family and the commotion.  He remembers “The Sylph Bell is attached to you” and gets upset while thinking “with this, I can’t go back…!”  He asks Yamantaka if there’s anything he can do, but it replies back that the person employing it is more skilled than Renzou. They talk some more, and it’s obvious that Yamantaka has no respect for Renzou and begrudges being his servant.  Konekomaru interrupts their conversation and says that it looks like Renzou has learned how to handle Yamantaka and asks him when he learned, and Renzou says “uh, recently?  but I still can’t use it at all!  I’ve always skipped out on practice so I have no stamina at all” and Yamantaka thinks “That’s very true”.  Konekomaru replies “After you fainted during the very first training session, you’ve stubbornly run away from training”.  Renzou says he inherited the power by chance when his brother died, but that the Illuminati accepted him because of it.  He then admits that was jealous of Konekomaru as a child, because he could have left this “annoying place” and lived as he wanted to.  Konekomaru is shocked, saying that HE was jealous of Renzou because he had a large family and was talented, and that as the successor of Yamantaka, he would protect everyone of the Myouda sect.  They both sit in shock and say “Were we switched at birth?”

Just then, Kinzou slams the door open and says that it’s time for Juuzou’s bachelor party.  Juuzou then asks him if Renzou wants to fight him on his last night of bachelorhood.  Renzou starts to protest, but Yamantaka thinks “perfect” as Juuzou comes after him.  Juuzou trash talks Renzou and later we see Renzou laying on the ground.  Konekomaru asks him if he’s okay and Renzou replies “are you jealous of me now?” and he says “yes”, telling Renzou that it wasn’t by chance…he’s special.

It’s now past midnight on New Year’s and everyone is gathering around the shrine.  There’s a large crowd, and Kinzou is calling out everyone’s name (except that he’s messing up a lot of them, calling Izumo “Bear-chan” and Rin “Satan”).  Rin and Shiemi find each other and wish each other happy new year.  They start talking about when they were in Kyoto before, when Rin thought everyone hated him.  He says he realizes now that it was because he was distancing himself from them.  He then says “Now you’re the one who won’t tell use anything” and she apologizes, and says “I’m making you feel the same way…”  Rin says “Yukio, too…” and she asks what happened.  He says he doesn’t understand Yukio anymore, that he doesn’t know what he’s thinking at all. “Even though he’s my little brother.”  Kinzou shouts for them (using the wrong names again).

New Year’s Day has arrived and everyone is saying that Mamushi is beautiful.  The overlay says “The time for celebration draws near-“

A thing that the writers for AA5 got wrong-

Phoenix would have never been calm about witnessing or hearing about that Fulbright has the right to give Blackquill electrical shocks.

Phoenix and Maya were tazed by Manfred von Karma. And Fulbright is a police officer- who is thus directly under Miles’ influence.

There’s no way Phoenix didn’t at least stomp over to Miles and demand that Fulbright gets kicked off of watching over Simon, that the prosecutor gets a different officer to watch over him, that the shock device is removed, and the people who had this idea get fired. They’ve been working to weed out the corruption, so who thought this would be a good idea??

(Seriously, what the hell-?!)

Uncle Renzou:

Originally posted by lawlu

  • At first he’s just casual about it
  • He loves his new baby niece/nephew 
  • He totally uses the baby’s cuteness as a way to pick up girls
  • Mamushi is pissed at him for it
  • Juzo too but less so then his wife
  • He constantly fights with Kinzou and Gouzou about who will be a better uncle
  • He loves squidging the baby’s cheeks
  • Snapchatting the baby
  • Because it’s so cute and because girls will pop up
  • Once the baby is older he has fun taking it out
  • Pushing he/she on the swings at the park
  • Having the toddler on his knee and going down the slide
  • Teaching it curse words behind their parents back
  • Being kicked to shit by Mamushi and Juzo after they find out
  • If it were a boy, teaching him how to pick up girls at an early age, if it were a girl, warning her about boys 
  • Then realising they could be gay
  • Then he decided too show the baby two different pictures and see which it prefers
  • Probably not the best way
  • Spoiling the kid constantly 
  • Like on birthdays or christmas’
  • Or when he’s been at school for a while so he hasn’t seen his niece/nephew in a while
  • Always bringing sweets for them
  • He gives them piggy back rides everywhere
  • Although he moans he secretly loves playing Horsey 
  • He gives the best hugs
  • Sticking his middle finger up at Kinzou when the kid immediately goes to his arms instead of his older brothers 

Question: I can’t wait to see baby Shima!! Do you think Mmaushi and Juzo will have a boy or a girl?

Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 91 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!!)

So here is a rough translation summary of Chapter 91.  This chapter…wow, shit really hit the fan.  It’s been a long time coming, but there’s really no going back now, I think.  Anyway, please forgive any typos or mistakes.  And spoilers, of course.

Ao no Exorcist 91

This chapter is entitled “Longevity (or Felicitations) - Late Night to Early Morning” 

Preparations for the wedding are underway.  Sugaro recites a sutra and then helps his father get ready.  His father comments that it’s been a long time since they had a wedding there and that he would hold onto the day ‘tightly’.  He tells Suguro that he has the appearance of an ‘unsheathed sword’ since he became Lightning’s apprentice.  Sugaro is surprised he knew, but Tatsuma says he learned it from Shima’s son (we see a little graphic of the Shimas going crazy over finding out).  Sugaro starts to bring up something about Shirou Fujimoto, but thinks better of it and says “nevermind”…just at that moment, Yukio comes in and says that the landlady is calling for him.  He starts to say that he’s with his father right now, but then Gouzou says he’ll take over for Sugaro.  Tatsuma thanks Gouzou and Gouzou says after the ceremony is over, he would return back to work and mentions the “matter just now”.  Tatsuma asks him if they were able to capture something after that, but he replies no, and that they are investigating the underground library at the Endo branch HQ but that they haven’t found a way to forcibly summon Karura when it possesses a person.  He says that Karura can adapt to a body, and concludes that they may not be able to exorcise Karura when the time comes.  Tatsuma asks him to continue looking into it.

Sugaro joins everyone in the main hall and sits down next to Yukio.  Yukio asks him where everyone else is and he replies that he doesn’t know.  Yukio replies that he was told to sit there, and Sugaro says that’s because he is their teacher.  Suddenly Yukio asks Sugaro what he knows about their father and what Lightning is investigating.

It skips over to Bucharest, Romania, where a man is getting into a car.  He hears “Happy New Year, Dr. Dragresk” just as Lightning punches him in the face.  He knows who Lightning is by his reaction, and Lightning says “I was waiting for you to go to work alone, you’re the type of person who goes to work early on New Year’s…so am I”.  Lightning says he’s connected with the Illuminati.  Dragresk asks him if he’s serious, but Lightning replies “You’re going to keep up that act?”  Dragresk tries to deny it further, asking Lightning how he could be connected to the Illuminati.  Lightning says “if I can figure that mystery out, it’ll be perfect…and anyway, you are very close to the image of the traitor that I had in my mind.”  Lightning continues, “There’s no doubt that a person who keeps killing people for more than ten years would continue such a job.”  Lightning then starts attacking Dragresk, and asks him “Do you know my other popular name?  ‘Head Torturer’…”  Dragresk screams “Stop!!” and then we see that there’s a mark across Dragresk’s neck.  Lightning says “I knew it, it’s just like I thought.”  Then he says “I’m going home, I accomplished my mission”.  Dragresk is stunned that Lightning would do something like that and then stop.  He yells that he will report him to the top brass, and that Lightning is in danger.  Lightning says “Then I’d better hurry, I’ll report you, as well.”

Back at the wedding, Yukio is explaining that an old man named Misumi died immediately after Lightning came to visit the monastery.  He asks Sugaro if there’s any connection, and Sugaro says he can’t talk about it.  Suddenly Yukio looks normal again and says “I’m sorry for trying to get you to talk against your will.  It’s obvious that you can’t talk about the contents of a secretive investigation at a moment’s notice.”  Just then Rin and the others arrive and the ceremony begins.  We see the wedding and then get to the party afterwards.  Suddenly Sugaro gets a call so he takes it outside while Yukio looks at him suspiciously.  It’s from Lightning, and he wants Sugaro to come back the next morning.

Suddenly Yukio comes up from behind Sugaro and points a gun at his chin.  He says “Excuse me, please tell me about the birth of my brother and me.”  Sugaro is shocked, and Yukio asks him what he knows and to ‘please’ tell him (the most unsettling part is how polite he’s being here, honestly).  Sugaro thinks “What kind of face is that?” and asks Yukio “Are you going to shoot me…!?”  Yukio looks shocked, then looks a bit crazy.  He says “What am I doing…” and then says “I’m sorry, I made a mistake…it might be the alcohol.  Please forget it” and walks off.  Sugaro grabs him from behind and starts yelling at him (I mean, who wouldn’t?).  Yukio says “I’m sorry” again, but Sugaro isn’t having any of it.  Then Yukio says (with a creepy smile) “I’m your superior, please let me go.”  Sugaro does, but he still looks shocked.  Yukio keeps walking until Renzou stops him and says “You need to cut this out.”  He then tells Yukio to discuss it.  Yukio asks “Discuss…with whom? Sugaro?  You?  My brother?  PUHA HA!”  “Discussing it won’t lead to a resolution.  Because I’m different from everyone.”

Yukio gets a call from Shura, telling him and the ex-wires to come back immediately, and to turn on the tv.  Renzou asks him what’s going on, and they join everyone watching something on the tv (btw, Rin gives Yukio a very knowing look when he walks in here).  On tv, there’s a cyclops attacking a train station.

That’s it for this month.

anonymous asked:

can i request the exwires & yukio, shura, Angel, and mephisto's fave anime please?


He’s a huge fairy tail fan, he got into it in middle school after finding the manga lying around in the locker room. Although he loves Lucy and Mira, his favourite character is actually Natsu. Other then attracting the attention of girls, Natsu is also the reason he dyed his hair pink.

Of course he likes the harem and yuri genre, anything slightly dirty he loves. High school DxD is his other favourite - his best girl is Akeno.

Renzou is also a fan of shoujo anime, he started watching it to appeal to girls, but actually got super into it. His favourites are Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (kiss him not me), and Ao haru ride (blue spring ride). He’s also a fan of love live (not sunshine - sunshine sucks) his favourite girl is Nozomi.

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When Koneko was younger he was really into pirates, so he really likes one piece. Bon and Shima also liked it and they’d always play pirates, often forcing Kinzou, Gouzou and Juuzou to play as well. He also loves Naruto and has a Sasuke keychain clipped to his school bag.

Originally posted by shiemii-s

He is also a fan of one punch man, Renzou forced him ti watch it with him and said, ‘Koneko-san, I promise you’ll like it, you can study later! Oh plus it has a bald guy in it! It’s your twin haha!’ Despite the taunting Konekomaru ended up loving the show.

Konekomaru spends Sunday’s curled up at the kotatsu watching a studio Ghibli movie.


Bon only really watches shonen anime, his favourites are Ansatsu Kyōshitsu (assassination classroom, Bleach and Boku no Hero Academia (My hero Academia).

Originally posted by osakaxkobe

He also has a gengar plush that lays on his bed with him each night, he doesn’t cuddle it, just shoves it at the end for display. His dad bought him it because it’s both their favourite Pokemon so he really treasures it.


Rin likes any sort of supernatural type shonen anime, despite not believing in demons and such growing up, he still thought they seemed pretty cool. He likes Shingeki no kyojin (attack on titan), D.Gray-man and he not too long ago got into Tokyo ghoul as well, he also likes Durarara.

Originally posted by anima-posts

Ever since he was young he has loved the dragon ball series, he has a t-shirt with the main characters on and the pictures crumbling slightly. He seems to wear it a lot and Yukio always insists he should throw it out. Rin didn’t like his tail at first until he was rematching DB and he remembered Goku had a tail, and since then he’s loved his tail. He actually named his tail Goku.

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Izumo likes a lot of animes, she also has a lot of cute march from the series she likes, stuff like plushies, keychains, straps, cups, cosplay items (but she hasn’t cosplayed, she just wears the items casually).

Originally posted by chiihayas

She really likes Love Live!, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (my little monster), Free!, Yuri!!! On ice,Kimi ni Todoke (From me to you), and Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the boundary)

Originally posted by dyx

She grew up watching sailor moon with her little sister, to this day it’s still her favourite anime. She doesn’t know but its Tsukumo’s too.


Izumo introduced her to anime’s like Hatsukoi monster (first love monster) and such, and although she is throughly enjoying learning about life through anime, she did watch a few classics when she was young. 

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Her favourite was Chi’s sweet home, it was also her grandmas favourite to watch with her. She called Shiemi her ‘mini koneko’ and for months she would only respond to the name ‘Chi’.


Yukio enjoys anime about solving crimes, or supernatural hints amongst  the common police force. He likes mystery/suspense because he likes guessing theories before he watches more episodes.

Originally posted by kulfoncozciebiewyrosnie

His favourites are Death note, Mirai nikki (Future diary), Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (Parasyte -the maxim), Boku dake ga Inai Machi (the town where only I am missing), and Psycho-Pass.

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Mephisto has watched way too many anime to list, and his favourites are always changing, but he has march from every show he’s ever loved, he’s otaku level infinite. 

Originally posted by kinbari14

He loves supernatural themed anime and thinks some of the ideas humans get about the demon world and demons in general is ‘adorable’.

Originally posted by datgeek

Mephisto is the demon king version of Freid.

Originally posted by nikforovs

He also loves kawaii type anime, stuff like Sailor moon, Onegai my Melody (Please my Melody), and kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon.

Originally posted by magical-idol-pastel-yumi

Kanna is his fave moe girl atm.

Originally posted by sugoihentai


He likes high school of the dead and Yu-gi-oh, he has a few figures from other anime he likes too. He also plays video games in his spare time, he started playing Pokemon and Yo-kai watch DS games and it inspired him to watch/re-watch them.

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Shura likes anime but doesn’t watch it obsessively, just ‘whenever’, she doesn’t have a particular favourite genre, they’re mostly quite mixed though. She enjoyed Kill la kill, and Keijo!!!! She also likes big titles such as Attack on titan, and Kobayashi-san

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Originally posted by zerueru

He doesn’t watch anime, he’s one of those people who says anime is for kids. He has only ever seen a few, from his time in Japan when there is nothing else on TV. He liked parasyte, Death note and Soul eater. He thinks the Japanese are very extreme with everything and he appreciates all the detail they put into everything. He often goes on about how great the shows he watched are, but still claims he isn’t an anime watcher. 


Drawings for the Pokemon AU that i’m working on with @jake-marshall :D

After moving to the Alola region in the hopes of bettering the area as an officer, Bobby Fulbright begins to investigate after a certain moon rock (in the hands of the interdimensional research lab) becomes a special interest to the disbanded team Plasma and the mysterious foundation known as Aether. 

Along the southern end of Akala Island, Simon Blackquill opens a pokemon sanctuary in the hopes of caring for the injured flying types that come his way, his sister also aiding both the research lab to the north and the newly established pokemon gym in HeaHea City.

Both live completely different separate lives until an injured Wingull takes to following Bobby along his patrol route one late afternoon.

This was something that we both decided would be cool to post at the same time, so if you wanna go check out their latest fic (which is also blackbright, though unrelated to this AU), the link is [here]!!

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