gourry gabriev


Slayers 25th Anniversary Exhibit at GoFa Set 1: Unchanging set 1

An amazing show with Slayers art by Araizumi Rui. The exhibit had 3 stages with unique art, concept sketches and cels in each. It was a very narrow space and all the art was in glass frames so most of my shots were at awkward angles as to minimize the glare and reflections. It’s taking a while to do all the distortion correction to make the images “normal” again so bear with me.

The first few sets will be the unchanging art (the stuff that has been there through all 3 stages.) Enjoy~


This only took a few million years longer than It was supposed to lol. I still feel like the colors are a little off, but I’m too tired to mess with it anymore. 

Slayers is probably my favorite anime, so I’ve thought a lot about gt scenarios in that universe. <3


Back in the 80s, there was this anime called Slayers which was a Quest comedy. It’s about Lina Inverse, a sorceress and Gourry Gabriev, an idiot swordsman whom she meets along the way, traveling around on various quests to save the world from whatever magical disaster occurs along the way.

Just recently, the series Mighty Magisword popped up. It’s about a brother-sister team that collects ridiculous magical swords and are “warriors for hire”?

Based on character design alone, I am like….99.99% sure that it’s a parody and nobody knows about it.