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Pouring the mint garlic dressing over the Rubik’s cube salad. Cubes of cucumber, watermelon, feta cheese, and croutons.

“I made a turducken for Thanksgiving but nobody wanted to take any leftovers home…”

TITLE: TURDUCKEN À LA MONSANTO ©2014 www.Sarina-Brewer.com Sculptural concept protected under registration number VAu1-236-832.

This is a taxidermy sculpture I created two years ago for “Fruitful and Multiplying; The Overpopulation Exhibit” curated by @InstinctMpls and hosted by the Bloomigton Center for the Arts. The piece is a commentary on the absurdity and entitlement of gourmet foods, the privilege of being able to allocate food for the purpose of art, and the disconcerting technology of interspecies grafting performed by the bioengineering industry. The strain on our planet’s resources has become immense as the population of Earth crests 7 billion. With a tipping point looming, genetic engineers are creating hybrid species of livestock and crops designed to produce the highest yield possible while using the least amount of resources. The reality is many developing countries do not have the means to utilize this controversial technology. An elite portion of the Earth’s population will profit from these so-called advances. We live in a country rich in all resources. It enables us to use food towards a myriad of frivolous ends, including our entertainment, and we make designer foods that are more about status than they are about sustenance. While we enjoy our luxury foods, for much of the world just having food is the luxury. I was feeling very thankful yesterday. I hope you were as well.

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From Gastroposter Fouad Makadsi Yousif, via Instagram:

Homemade hummus platter. Scoops of homemade hummus in spoons of crispy mint, beet, and orange/ginger flavoured pittas. This appetizer is so healthy, easy to make, colourful and cheap! I will be sharing it on the blog soon :)

From Gastroposter Fouad Makadsi Yousif, via Instagram:

Another picture from tonight’s dinner: Jerk seasoned pork rib chop sandwich with cilantro mayo, avocado, tomatoes, lime juice, and Granny Smith apples. The pork was marinated in the spicy jerk seasoning mix and I added some ginger beer as well.

From Gastroposter Fouad Makadsi Yousif, via Instagram:

One more presentation of the Salmon and Fig Bruschetta. To make the balsamic reduction, heat 1 cup of fig balsamic vinegar in a pot and slowly added 1tbsp of brown sugar. Whisk until you get a dense syrup.

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Writing with chocolate was easier than I thought. 1) print your design on a piece of paper 2) cut a piece of parchment paper and tape it on top of the printed design 3) melt the chocolate by heating it in the microwave 4) fill a Ziploc bag with the melted chocolate, cut the tip off 5) squeeze and go over the printed letters 6) let it cool and then put in the fridge. They will come off very easily after they become solidified.