gourmet plate

This is Dill Pickle. He wanted to say hi to the stickies and give them a treatie. He like sitting in the sink and in the bathtub. He hopes the stickie friends have their own sink and tub to lounge in.

Hi Dill Pickle! 😊🐱😊
Thank you for the treatie! 🐸
The Stickyfrogs can see you are very relaxed having a lovely bath! They like your soft jacket with whiskers and sticky-up ears!
Jens also likes to relax in the spa after a long day of napping!
He sends you a big kissie and a plate of gourmet cat treaties!

goldcaught  asked:

THESE PROMPTS LAINE HOO BOY kc + “I bet I can dance/move/act like that and I don’t even have to be a dancer/stripper/actor/whatever wait are you turned on?” sex

I Like Your Style

When his doorbell rings at 8:17 PM on a Wednesday, when he’s not expecting a soul, Klaus decides to ignore whoever thought that dropping by - uninvited and unannounced – was a good idea. His phone hasn’t made a sound all evening and surely, if there were some sort of emergency, someone would have tried to call first. He shifts on the couch, sinking deeper into the cushions, and continues with his Netflix surfing.

He cannot concentrate, idly scrolling without really absorbing anything, as the doorbell will not stop ringing. If anything his guest becomes more persistent, making the irritating ringing infinitely more so by tapping out a melody of short chimes and long clangs that are familiar. And not in a good way.

Klaus is given a brief reprieve, a moment of blessed silence, and he thinks he just might have managed to out stubborn the doorbell maestro.

Only to be immediately treated to another, equally impassioned, performance. Which just about pushes the limit of Klaus’ patience.

He tosses his remote aside and pushes himself to his feet before stalking towards the front door. A passing glance at the mirror in his hallway tells him he’s probably not fit for company, he’d already showered and hadn’t bothered with a shirt, but since he’s reasonably certain he doesn’t actually like his visitor – he might not be able to place the song but it was awful – he doesn’t feel the need to make himself presentable.

An impulse he regrets upon first opening the door. Caroline Forbes might not have been invited but, standing on his porch in a yellow sundress, her blonde curls loose about her shoulders, she’s far from unwelcome. Klaus is already fully aware of her questionable taste in music and, since it had been a boon to him just last week, it’s in no way a deal breaker. Her lovely blue eyes widen, her sunny smile dimming slightly as her eyes drop, raking over his torso. There’s a hint of shock, no healthy amount of interest, and more than a dollop of heat as her gaze lingers over his shoulders and flickers lower.

Perhaps there’s something to be said for not being presentable. He might even flex a little as he crosses his arms and leans against the wall just inside the doorway, silently waiting for Caroline to realize she’s quite shamelessly objectifying him and failing to be subtle about it.

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anonymous asked:

hi! i don't know if you take suggestions but i've been searching for gourmet food plate pixels, like things you might see at an actual restaurant (spaghetti, meat with side dishes, ravioli, fish & chips, salads, etc) to no avail and i thought that as the queen of pretty pixel food it might be something you'd have fun with! i absolutely love your work!

I’m busy these days with commissions so I usually don’t take requests, but I’ll put it on my radar, that sounds fun!

I’ve made a few feast pixel art images actually let me reblog those for now!

licensedbootyhunter  asked:

Kurapika pointing out to Leorio that even tho hes a big dumb hes actually a good father figure for gon and then leo getting flustered. a ha haha. u gotta use ur magic writin fingers to turn that into leopika for me

licensedbootyhunter OKAY SO….

This drabble is like 1.5k alright, and it’s got no context either. In my head they are in a cabin thingy on some camp place provided to them by the hunters association idk. You can decide why the hell they are there or what they are doing there because I have no idea.

I would also like to add that I dropped English lessons at 16 so forgive the grammar mistakes… itworksforpigs is teaching me, but I still have a long way to go.

gonna put it in a readmore but I’m very sorry mobile bloggers…


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I get a kick out of cooking shows where the chefs have to feed regular humans and they all complain about how plebs don’t have the palette to understand that their food tastes good.

It reminds me of an episode of Hell’s kitchen where Gordon Ramsey made food for all the chefs and they were analyzing what made it delicious and he was like “psyche I just gave a Michelina’s frozen dinner gourmet plating”. Which mostly just makes me think “clearly I am not educated enough about food to get anything at all out of eating gourmet anything.” Which is kind of interesting, because when you think about it it’s sort of like chefs are in this arms race to make food that only other chefs can enjoy. like “wow amazing only the 200 top people in your field and a handful of billionaires who are hobbyist weird food eaters find this dish palatable in the slightest, you are a master of your craft, have all the gold stars.”

And that kind of makes me wonder how this applies to other fields. Is this what my dad feels like when I tell him I saw a great Don Hertzfeldt short at an animation festival?

I read because:

the adventure feeds my curiosity’s hunger;

the romance between two characters quenches my daydreamer’s thirst;

the beauty of seamlessly woven prose gives my bland sight colour;

the feel of heavy pages full of words promising me anything gives my dulled senses an escape;

the scent of worn bindings and yellowed edges eclipses the every day smells;

the taste of author’s metaphors and alliterations and dancing phrases blend together on my tongue, like a plate of gourmet food;

I read because life begs to be a blend of reality, fiction, and imagination.