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DIY Safe Cookie Dough Recipe and Printables from Sprinkle Bakes.

Make this gourmet DIY Safe Cookie Dough to gift, knowing that it won’t make you or your food recipient sick with salmonella poisoning (because nothing says “happy holidays!” like food poisoning). 

This is an eggless recipe and even the flour is toasted. The cookie dough is made with high quality ingredients - no skimping here. 

Gourmet Gift, Jakarta - Product Review!

I am the kind of person who is always excited about getting mailed gifts. Mainly because I love receiving love (if that makes sense), but also because it has become quite rare to receive mailed gifts, especially with the convenience of e-gift cards and e-vouchers and all. Because of the rarity of mailed gifts, receiving them becomes a special thing. Now imagine this: MAILED FOOD GIFTS. How epic is that???

A few weeks ago, I got approached by someone from Gourmet Gift to try out its products. Gourmet Gift is a little food and drinks gift delivery business based in Jakarta. I checked out its Instagram account (scroll down the bottom for more contact info) and was immediately intrigued by the simple/cute/rustic design and especially curious about its pre-made, microwaveable lava cakes. They were kind enough to send me some packages that they are selling for the Chinese New Year celebration. This is how they look:

Drinks packaging.

Some info on the back of the card.

What’s inside.

You get two pairs of Green Tea Latte and Thai Iced Tea bottles.

Packaging for lava cakes.

My attempt on food styling. This is basically how the cake looks like when you remove it from the foil cup (and add some orange decor).

I received two cute brown boxes, one box is filled with two pairs of Green Tea Latte and Thai Iced Tea bottles, all decorated with red fabric and rustic strings, another box is filled with four mini chocolate lava cakes. The drinks were good, although I especially liked the Green Tea Latte, because it is less dense than the Thai Iced Tea and it was more refreshing. I was really fascinated by the lava cakes, because you are supposed to microwave them for 30 seconds before you eat, and they are just magical because I never experienced any microwaved cakes that are actually good! Even though I didn’t get to take a picture of the melted chocolate inside (it was so beautiful I couldn’t resist eating it!), i can assure you that it is as good as a quality restaurant’s lava cake. 

Overall, I am very impressed by Gourmet Gift. Even though I got the products for free from the business itself, I think that the prices are very reasonable for such quality products (Lava Cake box is retailed at Rp 75,000 and Drinks box at Rp 125,000).

So if you are thinking of being generous to friends and family for this upcoming Chinese New Year or even any kind of special occasions, definitely try sending these out!


Gourmet Gift

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