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GOT7 as Valentines 💕

Jaebum: all day long you think he forgot. He texts you normal things like, “we need paper towels” and “Jackson is so loud.” Then he shows up unannounced at work to sweep you off for something crazy romantic. A gourmet dinner he made himself or a helicopter ride or some shit

Mark: says for months that he hates valentines day bc it’s a hallmark holiday & means nothing & he’ll celebrate his love for you any day, thank you very much. Then he buys you that bracelet you’ve been looking at, writes a super sappy love note and takes you to dinner overlooking the ocean. But HE’S NOT A ROMANTIC, OK?!

Jackson: has never celebrated valentine’s day with a gf and is SO EXCITED. Gets you a teddy bear, a heart shaped box of chocolates and a dozen red roses bc he wants to buy every single cliché. Tries to make you dinner but burns everything and you end up eating pizza rolls

Jinyoung: wakes you up to breakfast in bed. Makes you go to work but leaves notes in your bag, car, jeans saying things he likes about you. Pouts beyond belief when you give him his gift first but spends the rest of the night playing with it. In between the homemade five course dinner he’s whipped up for you, of course

Bambam: sends you on a treasure hunt where the final destination is him. Sprinkles heart shaped confetti throughout the apartment – pieces of which you’re still finding next August. Would be super romantic if he didn’t suck helium from a heart shaped balloon prior to your arrival and greet you in a chipmunk voice

Youngjae: has literally been stressing about this since Christmas. Asks all of hyung line for advice and only ends up more confused. Decides to write you a song, you start tearing up and spend the rest of the night convincing Youngjae that yes, this is a GOOD thing.  

Yugyeom: crushes on you before gathering the courage to confess this v-day. Polls everyone he knows on how to do it, ignores bambam’s suggestion of a sexy dance, and ends up just blurting it out at the wrong moment. When you return his sentiments, he acts like it was all planned and tells the story for years

*by special request, thank you anon*


Gourmet Burgers 

These burgers were inspired by the amazing, organic bison burger I had last week at Yeah!Burger when I went home to Atlanta. The burger I had was an organic bison burger with goat cheese, fig jam, caramelized onions, and arugula on a whole wheat bun. These are beef burgers but with a delicious twist. 


1/3 lb ground chuck 

1/3 lb ground sirloin 

1/3 lb ground beef 

Burger seasoning: 1 tsp of each: black pepper, kosher salt, chili powder, granulated garlic, granulated onion, smoked paprika, and ½ tsp mustard powder. 

Small amount of olive oil 


Caramelized onions - recipe here: + 1 tbsp sugar 

Goat cheese 

Organic peach jam 

Buns of your choice - I chose French Brioche 


Heat a cast iron pan over medium heat. Also, preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit 

In a large bowl, mix together the three ground meats and the seasoning blend.

Form patties – you should be able to form about 4-6 burgers. 

Once formed, place into pan and sear both sides to develop a nice crust. 

Finish in oven to your desired temperature. 

Toast your buns with butter and assemble! 

Be forewarned that these are incredible. 


LA from above 🚁✨
I recently Teamed up with @Airbnb #Airbnb to experience Los Angeles from above with @robin.at.tam! We started by getting some background on Robin & his work over at Tomorrows Aeronautic Museum, enjoyed a gourmet dinner, and enjoyed the rest of the day above Los Angeles in the best seat in the Air! Thanks again @Airbnb & @robin.at.tam for the amazing #AirbnbExperience!


It’s a soup kitchen fit for kings and queens.

And that is exactly the way internationally famous chef Massimo Bottura wants it. The aim of this new venture, though, is different: It’s a gourmet soup kitchen that uses leftovers to feed the less fortunate.

When you walk into Bottura’s latest culinary temple, it would not be out of place in his home city of Modena, Italy, the location of his Michelin three-star restaurant Osteria Francescana.

“This is not a charity project, but a cultural one,” Bottura says. “It’s involving architects, artists, designer[s], to create a space full of beauty and culture.”

Master Chef Turns Leftovers Into Fine Dining For Brazil’s Hungry

Photos: Joao Velozo for NPR