gourmet cakes


Un très bon Samedi gourmand à tous 😀!!!! #mrandmrsrenou #carouge #ruestjoseph39 #geneva #switzerland #pastry #chocolate #saturdaymorning #jourdemarché #mof #instafood #instagood #instamoments #passion

neil’s bday hc

  • nicky gets him clothes because even after years neil still needs help in the wardrobe department. neil doesn’t mind too much, especially not when he gets those lingering looks from andrew
  • matt is that one friend who makes sure he’s the first person to wish neil a happy bday at midnight (you’re not gonna beat matt boyd on this one so dont even try)
  • he and dan sing him happy birthday. sometimes they visit neil on his bday and take him out to dinner
  • always gets some sort of fox paraphernalia from dan
  • a call from kevin and the call just slowly spirals into exy talk
  • birthday card with a small trinket of sorts (his favorite has been a small fox key chain that he puts on his key ring)  from renee
  • aaron sends him a text…sometimes. this one time he sent him running shoes (he’s sure katelyn had something to do with it)
  • allison is so extra. she always sends some sort of lavish gift just because she can. whether it be some sort of fancy fruit basket, some gourmet cakes(which andrew ends up eating), edible arrangements, etc.
  • andrew, well, andrew still doesn’t think birthdays are a big deal. just another day. but on the occasion, he makes him breakfast. and it’s more often than not a lazy day. naps with of them both curled up in bed with the cats. drinking coffee. smoking cigs. yeah, it’s a good day to be alive and be neil josten