One of the thing I love the most about to live in a middle age fortress is the fact that streets were made for people and horses but not for cars, so most of them are just too tiny to allow them to have access here… No noises, no gasoline smell, just the sea surrounding each side of the bulwarks… I just sometimes feel like a King without crown…;)

© S. Goupillot, 2012

This is my mother’s cookbook, filled with some recipes handwritten by her on little leaves of paper…
She gave it to me few years ago, after my father died…
I am a chef now. Like for many other chefs like me, all started with a loving mother spending hours in the kitchen to prepare daily meals. I was just a child playing and flying around in the kitchen, not really taking care of what was happening there, just sometimes driven by greediness I was picking up a little bit of something to taste it, but I do know now that it is in this little kitchen that I learned the most important, that I learned to taste and enjoy food, that I learned that to spend hours to cook for others is giving them a lot of love…

It is time now. It is the right time to go somewhere over your dreams and wishes !
Time to not wait the time because now is the right time. I wish you to make all your dreams becoming your reality, to live all you ever wanted to live, to try, to experiment.
Life is a one shot moment. There is no way to regret your time on earth unless you are a cat living one of his seven lives. So, I wish you to live fully every single day of this new year deeply, for you, no matter of what this world is expecting you to do or to be. Be you, do what you want to do and your happiness will make the whole world a little bit more happier.
Happy New Year my friends !


© S. Goupillot, 2013