“You promised me to come back…”

-Saeran Choi

(base from this picture comes from"Tokyo goul" :) but I don’t know the name of the character, so if anyone knows, please tell me :))

Raindrops full of laughter (On AO3):


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Days until... August 14th 2017

September 🍃 18
Autumn 🍁 40
October 🦇 48
Halloween 🎃 78
November 🍂 79
Thanksgiving 🦃 101
Black Friday 🏷️ 102
December 🎄 109
Winter ❄ 130
Christmas Eve 🤶🎅🦌
Christmas 🎄🎁


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Middle Schoolers and DnD

Context: So we are all beginners. Today we just started coming up with characters and I thought some of the stuff that was said by my friends was outrageous. Can’t wait to DM for these dorks…

“My gnome is racist and wants to kill every human.”

“Hey Allie, don’t we live in the same box?”

“Just imagine my orc as those dudes that live in their mother’s basement, but without the mom. I means he’s got a neckbeard and all!”

“I bet she heard my SoundCloud albums and wanted me to join.”

“His name is Gabe and he is known for his ridiculous eyebrows!”

“Can I name him ‘Peanut’?”

“You guys are my parents, now.”

“My character has a habit of sleeping on top of moving vehicles.”

“I’m fixing to Tokyo Goul my Tiefling up!”

“So many tieflings… I’m scared”

ɪ sᴛɪʟʟ ᴍɪss ʏᴏᴜ…