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Hey guys look at this cool group I just discovered! It’s an Eddsworld group that is “dedicated to making the world a better place in honour of Edd Gould.” These people seem super sweet and they’re already becoming popular on Instagram, but they need some love and support on Twitter!

And considering all of the Bad Times™ the fandom is going through again, this is quite a rain of sunshine for all of us.

Please spread the word!!!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/for.gould.not.gold/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/forgouldnotgold

how far we’ve come - a make-you-laugh-make-you-cry legolas/gimli fanmix that follows our two favorite in-love dorks through their beautiful relationship (starts out pretty silly, gets pretty shippy, then you’re totally gonna cry)

What Is This Feeling? - Wicked

  • (As soon as Legolas and Gimli meet each other, it’s hate at first sight. “The other guy is so…BLONDE.”)

The World Was a Mess But His Hair Was Perfect - The Rakes

  • (Gimli’s pretty miffed all the time because how is Legolas’s hair still so perfect after every battle? They’re fighting orcs, for God’s sake)

Belief - Gavin DeGraw

  • (Legolas and Gimli keep saving each other during battles. They both think about it a lot.)

Must Have Done Something Right - Relient K

  • (Gimli and Legolas suddenly realize that they make a really fantastic team. Also, “It’s so very obvious to everyone watching us that we have got something real good going on”)

Flaws - Bastille

  • (Legolas and Gimli put aside their differences and the history between their families.)

You’ve Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman

  • (Now that Legolas and Gimli have gotten that pesky enemies thing out of the way, they’re pretty much instant BFFs.)

Black and Gold - Ellie Goulding and Starsmith

  • (Legolas thinks about how he’s lived for hundreds of years and has seen the world changing all around him – but he realizes that Gimli outshines everything he’s ever experienced.)

Hesitate - Steve Moakler

  • (Dwarves love once, and once only. Gimli is terrified – but falls head-over-heels for Legolas, anyway.)

Animal Love I - Charlene Kaye

  • (“This crowded room has a hundred ghosts, but it’s your pretty green eyes that please me the most.” In the Paths of the Dead, among the ghosts, Legolas and Gimli have some important revelations – that they must act upon. This gives them the courage to survive.)

Marry Me - Train

  • (Legolas and Gimli realize they never want to be apart.)

How Far We’ve Come - Matchbox 20

  • (Legolas and Gimli think back on how far they’ve come – from blind hatred to BFFs and now to husbands because they’re totally married)

Baby, It’s Fact - Hellogoodbye

  • (Legolas and Gimli introduce each other to their fathers. Thranduil and Gloin are angry and skeptical of their love – but of course Legolas and Gimli know their love is for real. And, in the end, their fathers are reluctantly accepting.)

The Trail We Blaze - Elton John

  • (Legolas and Gimli explore the world and the Glittering Caves and the Forest of Fangorn and have lots of fun adventures and are totally in love.)

The Only Exception - Paramore

  • (Legolas is the only person that Gimli can ever truly love. Gimli is the only person that Legolas can ever truly love. And if the other happens to be an elf, or a dwarf – well. There are always exceptions to every rule.)

A Room With a View - Ben Barnes

  • (Legolas and Gimli find a nice place that’s partly underground and partly above, close enough to both their people, where they can both be happy, and live in domestic bliss.)

Kiss With a Fist - Florence + the Machine

  • (Just ‘cause they’re living in domestic bliss doesn’t mean they stop arguing all the time (don’t even ask about the time Aragorn came to visit and found their tent on fire.))

Lucky - Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

  • (They might fight, but they do think a lot about how lucky they are.)

Friends Never Say Goodbye - Elton John

  • (Legolas hears the gulls and so badly wants to follow his heart’s longing to go over the sea, but he doesn’t want to leave Gimli.)

I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Death Cab for Cutie

  • (Gimli is like, “Just go, I’m gonna die anyway” and Legolas refuses.)

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

  • (Gimli is granted special privilege to go to Valinor with Legolas. They sail off together, and there, Gimli dies.)

(listen here)

four elements presented in as many movements

act i: water
what the water gave me  florence + the machine  |  après moi  regina spektor  |  riverside  agnes obel  |  harbor  vienna teng  |   the water  feist  |  dead in the water  ellie goulding  |  the cold, the dark & the silence  sea wolf  |  the ocean  dar williams  |  the water  johnny flynn feat. laura marling  |  the diver  gravenhurst  |  lost at sea  eisley  |  lighthouse  the hush sound  |  bottom of the river  delta rae  |  everything floats  dessa feat. cecil otter

act ii: air
into the spin  dessa  |  float on  modest mouse  |  break the sky  the hush sound  |  take to the sky  tori amos  |  devils don’t fly  natalia kills  |  planes fly  angel haze  |  dernière danse  indila  |  falling  florence + the machine  |  landsailor  vienna teng  |  girl in the cage  barnaby bright  |  icarus  the staves  |  breathe  telepopmusik  |  breathe in  frou frou  |  two birds  regina spektor  |  keep breathing  ingrid michaelson

act iii: fire
dark doo wop  ms mr  |  burning pile  mother mother  |  matches to paper dolls  dessa  |  yellow flicker beat  lorde  |  your ex-lover is dead  stars  |  streets of fire  the new pornographers  |  grapevine fires  death cab for cutie  |  this fire  franz ferdinand  |  my songs know what you did in the dark  fall out boy  |  mirrors  natalia kills  |  burn  ellie goulding  |  fire n gold  bea miller  |  burning gold  christina perry  |  fire fire  flyleaf  |  fire meet gasoline  sia

act iv: earth
pressure  my brightest diamond  |  the sticks  mother mother  |  under the earth  yeah yeah yeahs  |  my boy builds coffins  florence + the machine  |  when i grow up  fever ray  |  follow you down to the red oak tree  james vincent mcmorrow  |  metal & dust  london grammar  |  in keeping secrets of silent earth: 3  coheed and cambria  |  black dirt  sea wolf  |  teeth in the grass  iron & wine  |  dune buggy  the presidents of the united states of america  |  tunnels  johnny flynn  |  down to earth  peter gabriel  |  new slang  the shins


M·A·C Ellie Goulding


With pop’s most radiant singer-songwriter.

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For my babe, britishwreck, Happy late Valentine’s Day!

01. Haven’t Had Enough :: Marianas Trench || 02. Kiss with a Fist :: Florence + the Machine || 03. Super Love :: Charlie XCX || 04. 7 Things :: Miley Cyrus || 05. Magic :: Coldplay || 06. The Mighty Fall :: Fall Out Boy ft. Big Sean || 07. She Will be Loved :: Maroon 5 || 08. Nicotine :: Panic! At the Disco || 09. The Only Exception :: Paramore || 10. Stay With Me :: Sam Smith || 11. Pompeii :: Bastille || 12. Still Take You Home :: Arctic Monkeys || 13. Black and Gold :: Ellie Goulding || 14. Sex on Fire :: Kings of Leon 

Change of Weather // Happy Fall Tunes

By: Hannah

Often times a change of weather can cause a change in self, here are some tunes to lighten the mood. Grab a warm scarf and a cup of tea and take a stroll outside. Soak up in light and embrace this beautiful season. Explore the changing colors and dark gray skies. Grab a best friend and blast these tunes while making an apple pie or carving pumpkins. Hope you have a happy fall! Enjoy babes xx

Listen on 8tracks here!

  1. Emmylou//Vance Joy
  2. Play with Fire// Vance Joy
  3. This Love (Egokind edit) // Julia Stone
  4. The Grand Optimist (City & Colour Cover)// Jake Tinney
  5. The Wolves Act I & II (Bon Iver Cover)// Ellie Goulding
  6. From Gold// Novo Amor
  7. So We Drift// Novo Amor
  8. Kusagani// Odesza
  9. Always This Late// Odesza
  10. Sun// Sleeping at Last
  11. You are Enough// Sleeping at Last
  12. Love Lost (acoustic)// The Temper Trap
  13. Australia// Conner Youngblood
  14. Creature Fear// Bon Iver
  15. Bull Ride// Robby Hunter Band
  16. Little Grace// Hippo Campus
  17. Long Way Down (demo)// Tom Odell
  18. Best Friends (Palma Violets cover)// Tom Odell
  19. The Girl// City and Colour
  20. Snaggletooth// Vance Joy
  21. Wait (Kygo Edit)// M83
  22. Bones// Josh Record
  23. Dancing in the Moonlight// Alt-J
  24. Shed Session #1// Shannon Saunders
  25. Big Eyes// Matt Corby
  26. We Don’t Eat// James Vincent McMorrow
  27. If I Had A Boat// James Vincent McMorrow
  28. Faux// Novo Amor & Ed Tullett
  29. Amelia// Conner Youngblood
  30. Bonnie Hathaway// Bon Iver

Photographer: Lee Ann