==>Goulas: Go for a run

The stage was set, any and everywhere was your playground. Tonight you will start with a stroll through town. No matter where they come from, trolls don’t look up. Scaling rooftops is the most difficult part of the event. Once you get to the top, keeping the momentum is simple. Just move. You don’t have to think about anything….. Wait, who is that? 

==>Goulas: Take action

You are….. a random lowblood in the background and you did not want to attract too much attention. For once, you wanted the notice of a troll in particular. You went out in more casual clothes, black dress pants in a simple gray collared shirt. 

That tall guy was alright. Plus, maybe you could be…mutual friends even? Hopefully he doesn’t despise you for the shenanigans that happened last time. Hold on, something isn’t right. You spot some larger trolls so there might be trouble! You suit up in a secluded building before tailing the brutes.

Tercer domingo del mes: Mercadillo Creando Redes

Tercer domingo de mayo. Cita obligada. Mercadillo Creando Redes en calle Canalejas.

Como siempre hemos pasado una buena mañana en el mercadillo de Creando Redes. El ambiente es fantástico y hay cositas chulísimas que hacen los artistazos que se dan cita cada tercer domingo del mes. Esta vez no hemos podido evitar hacer alguna comprilla y nos hemos traído a casa una pulserita de @menkandaigual (podéis buscarla así en instagram) y unos pendientes chulísimos en acero de Limón y Fresa.

Como novedad tenemos unos sets para coser muñecas. Ya lo llevamos la Noche de los Tenderos Creativos y hoy hemos repetido. Son muy graciosas y ayudan a los niños a aprender a dar sus primeras puntadas.

El resto de las fotos como siempre están en nuestra cuenta Instagram, buscadnos como @thehamaproject y podréis ver todas las cosicas que vamos haciendo.

==>Goulas: Make your debut

It was an oddly noisy night. Tremors around this part of the planet never were one to be predictable. Ahh well, it was time to take that device for a test run. You hop in your vehicle, shining blue with golden highlights. This will definitely stand out, but you would fly past them too quickly to be bothered.

You had business with an associate to participate at a fighting ring. After hiding the vehicle in an obscure cavern, you make your way inside the sketchy building. “Turk sent me.” Neither of them noticed your garb, which mimicks your ancestor’s. Outside of the outer rim planets, that was not so common knowledge. The ‘Turk’ in question instructs you on a fight against a green blood.

==>Goulas: take care of business

You had just got through another round of challenges. Ever since the debut at that arena, you’ve been sought after by everyone claiming to be the fastest or strongest. Each of them you would rather not cross again. Luckily you have metal arm guards for blades and those psiioniics of yours. Your face had its fair share of bandages and it hurt to move your arms.

 It was fun up until the point you got hit. Your racer makes for the best getaway, but it won’t for long if you don’t keep it hidden! Despite changing into your usual dress, others could tell you were beaten up. One glance is all it took for smirks to emerge. ‘Easy prey’ was practically written on their foreheads. Good going goulas. Your sponsor isn’t going to be happy about losing their racer. Going outside, the other trolls follow you into the bazaar where you start to run.