gouache paint

Bill Nye
Gouache on canvas

Sorry for the shitty cellphone pic
I got so tired of working on this one I’m just calling it done here.
Knowing me I’ll go and try to fix the things that bug me about it 6 months from now and completely ruin it…

I think this is the first traditional painting I’ve ever done that I’ve been 100% legitimately proud of. I want to do a million more paintings like this one :’0

Done with gouache, white gel pen for a few finer details. The gold parts are accented with sparkly gold gel pen but the scan didn’t really pick it up, looks super pretty in person ;)


It has been a long time since I painted a proper anime background by hand, so I did one for practice from a random Tumblr photo. This time I used acrylic gouache (by a company called Turner) instead of the usual poster colours.
I find the gauche a lot easier to use. When dried, they become waterproof so even if I paint over something the colours don’t bleed at all.  I have a set of 24 standard colours and bought some bonus ones - there are more than 200 hues from the Turner brand!